The father, Chief Qazi, says: don’t wear burka, this is a prison. The father was the chief Qazi, used to oppose the burqa, he traveled alone 2 lakh kilometers

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“After two girls, when everyone in my family was expecting a son, I was born. Seeing the unwanted daughter, everyone’s face fell, but it was a happy occasion for my father. He left no stone unturned in my education and made me a better and independent person.I have a different identity today because of him.

In a conversation with Woman Bhaskar, Dr Kainat Qazi said that her father taught her the Gita. Despite being a Shahi imam, he does not keep us in a burka. Abu Burke called himself a moving prison. Kainat Qazi is a photographer, blogger, travel writer, researcher and writer.

I was an unwanted daughter

I was born in Firozabad. It was not a city then a village. My father was Shahi Imam. We were three sisters. When I was born after two sisters, everyone expected to have a son. But fate did not approve. Even after waiting for a child for 9 years, I had a daughter in my home.

Importance was given to home education

At home there was always a good study and writing atmosphere. It is said that the servants (slaves) are also educated in the house of the Qazis. That’s why my studies were good. Although I was an unwanted child so up to the fifth standard I did my schooling in a government school where English was not taught.

Childhood picture of Kainat Qazi with father.

Admission was made to the university in 6th grade. There were subjects like Sociology, English and Mathematics. We used to order books from passed out old people and take notes.

Tasted photograph and diary of father

The father was very fond of photography. He would tell us in detail all the details related to the camera like the camera, the angle. Since then my love for the camera was born. In the rest of the houses, the children used to fight over the toys. But the 3 sisters would fight for the newspaper. In the afternoon, the father read us the editorial column of the newspaper. Ammi says this man is absolutely crazy, he is teaching children the knowledge of great columnists instead of Champak and children’s literature.

buy glasses instead of jewelry

It was important for me to study and be financially strong because I knew that I could only make my decisions if I had money in my hands. I was passionate about learning, so I bought camera lenses instead of jewelry. I traveled for 5 years with my initial income.

Unlike other girls, Kainaat used to spend money on camera related accessories.

Unlike other girls, Kainaat used to spend money on camera related accessories.

Stories written during childhood were broadcast on All India Radio

I took art part in 8th standard. We all did a job consulting with each other. I took Hindi Literature and Social Science in graduation. I wrote stories from a young age. My stories came and liked AIR Agra through my elder sister.

First time traveling from Firozabad on AIR

I was 13-14 years old in class 10 when I left home for Agra Akashvani for the first time. My father made me a road map and gave me directions. My father used to share all his learnings and hobbies with the children and tell us everything related to travel.

Dad got cancer, ate favorite food, listened to songs

Father graduated in Islamic studies from Aligarh Muslim University. Apart from music and cinema, good food was my father’s life. When I was 22, she had stage 4 cancer. During that time she lived life to the fullest. Eat your own food and listen to the songs of Suraiya, Noorjahan, Shamshad Begum. It would have all the details of the movies. After uploading, my only regret will be that my music won’t accompany me.

Father Qazi taught Kainaat the art of living life through Gita.

Father Qazi taught Kainaat the art of living life through Gita.

Kainaat herself will choose Humsafar

People tell Abbu to find the right match for the girl in the last phase of life. Papa says Kainaat is educated and intelligent. I will not impose my choice on her, she will choose her own husband. I inherited courage, honesty, hard work and patriotism from my father. The father said in the last few days that I am dying, it does not mean that I should tie my daughter to anyone. He is intelligent, he will choose his own good and evil.

My father clashed with superstition,
Kainat recalled that it was a matter of that time when girls used to tie votive threads in the dargah to pass the exam, blow pens, make amulets, at that time my father taught me karma through the Gita. I had hung a large poster of the Gita’s teachings on the wall of my room. He also pasted the essence of the Gita in my writing pad, so that I would not always forget the teachings of the Gita in life and apply it in life. My dad used to get magazines like Cosmopolitan and Femina for my older sister. He had a very open mind.

Unconcerned about society, he made his own way

I never cared about society, from wearing the clothes of my mind to choosing a career and marrying my mind, every decision was mine. My father always supported me. The teachings of the Gita are the essence of my life. My father, who was the Chief Qazi, had put up posters of Shrimad Bhagavad Gita in my room.

Kainaat Kazi tries to put the baby to sleep.

Kainaat Kazi tries to put the baby to sleep.

leave work for passion

I was doing work and studies together. After that he came to Delhi-NCR and did mass communications. This is where the hobby of photography became a passion. After working at the company, I realized that this job was not made for me and I quit the job. After that I learned small details of photography from OP Sharma. I began to express my feelings through writing and photos.

He traveled alone for more than 2 thousand kilometers

I have always wondered why all the passengers that have come through are men, why the women don’t come forward. That’s when traveling made a place in my heart and I started traveling. In geography class, where everyone would have problems after seeing the map, I used to fill in everyone’s map. In the past few years, I have covered more than two thousand kilometers of the Bharat Darshan journey on my own.

Kainat's father's upbringing made him strong.

Kainat’s father’s upbringing made him strong.

Career is more important than marriage

Right now I am teaching culture and arts in Uttarakhand. I also studied architecture. My husband was also very supportive. 20 years of my life were full of struggle. When I look back, the other girls in the class are busy with homework, while I’m the only one with my own identity. There is always this thought about girls who pursue career later and marriage first. But for me the race came first.

married by own will

I got married of my own free will. The husband is a civil engineer. He was very supportive, that’s why I chose him as my life partner.

Apart from photography, Kainaat also won awards for blogging, travel.

Apart from photography, Kainaat also won awards for blogging, travel.

There are many prizes in the bag

Kainat Qazi received the special Pride of Nation Excellence Award in 2021, Mahila Achievers Mahila Shakti Samman, Sattva Iconic Wellness Award, Paryatan Ratna Award in 2019, Nari Shakti Puraskar in 2017, Media Excellence Award in 2016 (International ICMEI, Chamber of Media and Entertainment). He won the National Achievement Award in Photography from the industry, NAI (Newspaper Association of India) and IJC (International Journalism Centre), Best Bloggers Award for ABP News, Young Journalist Award in 2015 and Excellence Award in 2014.

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