Delhi is still too far for Nitish Kumar. Bihar politics Delhi is too far for Nitish Kumar


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Posted: Saturday, August 20, 2022, 2:12 p.m [IST]

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It all happened in an instant in Bihar. Change your friend immediately. The resignation took place. There was a fight with the leader of the opposition. Surprised, the BJP did not create any initial ruckus. The Chief Minister was again sworn in as the master of the new government. No shock No noise. No money power, no muscle power. Nor is it the game of taking MPs hostage in this day and age. Neither rebel, nor rebellion.

Bihar politics Delhi is too far for Nitish Kumar

However, signs of new tornadoes have begun to appear. It seems that the cheaper the change of power has been made, the more complicated the future will be for Nitish Kumar. Rajya Sabha MP Sushil Modi has said that in the new government, more than half a dozen ministers drawn from the Rashtriya Janata Dal quota have criminal records.

Sushil Modi’s entry into the field has created a stir. Ailing Lalu Prasad Yadav has decided to move from Delhi to Patna to come to the rescue. Amid all the rescue efforts, how Prime Minister Nitish Kumar’s image of good governance will survive in the absence of ministers with criminal records is a challenge.

Kharmas’ fear was also shown by the rush to form a secular government under the BJP’s ‘Operation Lantern’. There is special recognition in the month of Sawan in Bihar. After that the itching starts. The trick is that the work done in Sawan is fruitful and the work done in Kharmas is more laborious. Hence, the work of meeting the Governor regarding the resignation, presentation of the claim of the new government and the swearing in of the Chief Minister and the Deputy Chief Minister was done on Sawan himself. But it was not easy to immediately form a comprehensive cabinet of the new seven-party non-BJP government. Finally, on August 16, the task of administering the oath to 31 ministers and forming the government was completed in Kharmas himself.

Now Chief Minister Nitish Kumar has to get on with the job. To fulfill your dream you have to travel to Delhi in Kharmas. Now he does not hide from anyone that his dream is to be the prime minister in the future. To fulfill the dream, he will start a campaign to unite the opposition. It is natural for Kharmas to rule given the opposition constellation condition of the planet. Prime Minister Narendra Modi’s luck is that in the last eight years, the United Progressive Alliance is getting weaker day by day. Now it languishes and lies dormant. Whether the disintegration of the opposition is a miracle of the prime minister’s strategic prowess or his strong fortune is a matter of debate.

Those who expect the helm of the opposition in the hands of Nitish Kumar at the Center believe that the condition of the Congress is tenuous. He is going through his worst phase. Apart from the Congress, who became a transit in Prime Minister Narendra Modi’s Raj Yoga, their state is in bad shape. The opposition is scattered everywhere. The result of the last election in Uttar Pradesh is a case in point. The BSP was marginalized by opposing the SP.

The Congress, despite losing on all fronts, remains a mockery of refusing to recognize the SP as the main opposition party. Efforts by Akhilesh and Jayant Choudhary to take advantage of the strong mobilization of the peasant movement were in vain. The results were completely in favor of Yogi Adityanath. The history of Punjab went in favor of Kejriwal. Bhagwant Mann got the direct benefit of the split between Congress and Akali Dal.

Arvind Kejriwal’s dream of becoming the Prime Minister has been boosted by Punjab’s victory. Strongly, he is trying his luck in the arena of the upcoming Himachal Pradesh and Gujarat assembly elections. In Bihar, Kejriwal had so far avoided expanding the Aam Aadmi Party, giving indirect support to Nitish Kumar. But Kejriwal is bound to be wary of Nitish Kumar’s increased demand. Despite good relations with Mamata Banerjee, AAP left no stone unturned to challenge TMC in the Goa elections.

Not only Kejriwal, but in the hope that Chief Minister Nitish Kumar is keen to enter the Delhi arena, big stalwarts are already present. Congress’s Rahul Gandhi, Maharashtra’s Sharad Pawar, West Bengal’s Mamata Banerjee, Tamil Nadu’s Stalin, Uttar Pradesh’s Akhilesh Yadav, Telangana’s Chandrashekhar Rao are in the prime ministerial race. If given a chance, a dozen names like Chandrababu Naidu and Jaganmohan Reddy from Andhra and Hemant Soren from Jharkhand can also be included.

In this, the victory of the opposition can be assured only when there is a massive mobilization against the BJP and a collective campaign is launched to remove Prime Minister Narendra Modi from the chair. First, the Congress must understand that it is no longer fit to lead the opposition. But Bihar Congress President Madan Mohan Jha’s new statement presents a fresh challenge to Nitish’s wish. He has said that in 2024, Rahul Gandhi is the prime ministerial candidate of the Congress. While in the conversation with the Congress high command before switching sides, Nitish Kumar raised the hope that the command of the Congress campaign to unite the opposition would come into his hands. Like NDA convener George Fernandes, Nitish Kumar is expected to become the UPA convener. Nitish Kumar returned to the BJP fold in 2017 with that hope dashed for the last time.

The split between the opposition and the internal insistence by the Congress not to give up the prime ministership to Rahul Gandhi under any circumstances had formed the basis for Nitish Kumar’s return to the BJP. Because of this, not only Nitish but many veteran leaders including Sharad Pawar, Mulayam Singh Yadav, Mamta Banerjee, Chandrababu Naidu had decided to change course and join the BJP directly or indirectly.

It is possible that in the new situation, the Gandhi family will back down from its insistence on being the prime ministerial candidate in the future and create many alternative possibilities. Nitish Kumar wants to play more political tricks to take advantage of this possibility. But with this desire, an army of leaders is in the same opposition.

Akhilesh Yadav has frustrated the prospect of Nitish Kumar by saying that three people from the opposition are working on the possibility of 2024. In this, he named Chandrashekhar Rao, Sharad Pawar and Mamta Banerjee, but Akhilesh Yadav does not see any possibility in 2024 so does to Nitish. In this situation, Delhi is still far for Nitish Kumar.

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Bihar politics Delhi is too far for Nitish Kumar

First story published: Saturday, August 20, 2022, 2:12 p.m [IST]

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