Tarakchand left Bhanwar Padi Kusum but Tai’s efforts filled Kusum’s life with happiness. Bhanwar leaves Kusum in Tarakchand, but Tai’s efforts fill Kusum’s life with happiness.

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  • Bhanwar leaves Kusum in Tarakchand, but Tai’s efforts fill Kusum’s life with happiness.

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  • Tarakchand left Bhanwar lying on Kusum. Tai sent Jugti to Lalpur and Kusum became Nakatura’s bride.
  • When the procession returned, Jugti put a piece of news in Tai’s ear. Tai was full of happiness. There was happiness in what he said.

The procession had left. Now there were only women in the house. Entangled in the rituals of marriage for two consecutive days, the wrinkle of exhaustion was evident on almost every woman’s face. Some women spread themselves on the bedspreads placed in the pavilion, some started shaking in both, taking Motichoor laddus and sev salat sitting near the pavilion. The children were jumping all over the house. There were two beings who bore the name of man. A Dina Kaka, who carried water from the river full of pots throughout the day and kept it in the clay pot. At least twenty wings had abominations. After all, the wedding house was full of guests. It doesn’t need water. The second man was Jugti. It was two days, he had returned from Lalpur. Gopinathji’s elder brother’s wife, whom the whole house called Tai (except Gopinath and his wife) sent Jugti a letter to Lalpur. Jugti is a slim, slender and plain looking creature, who used to do the household chores ranging from field watch to Gopinath ji, the Zamindar of Dixitpura. The daughters-in-law of the family did not veil themselves with Jugti. Sometimes if required I used to get bindi, kajal, mahavar, hair kilips from haat-bazar. It started to get dark in the evening. The light from the lanterns spread. Sanjha’s lamp was lit in Tulsi Chaura. Dina Kakà made her camp in Dachhatti. Jugti also came there. I didn’t go to the loft today. There was an order from the owner. If the zamindari has disappeared, what is the status? In the month of Chait, there is a whisper in the night air. Wanted hookah. The body is warm. The gurgling should ease the hissing. The cook’s aunt has turned on the stove, the pan has risen. Pure Ghee is heating up, Bilded puris are waiting for the way, to dip in Ghee, to roast. The banquet is ready. Poori in leaf, succulent potato sabzi in both, boondi raita and balushahi. The fragrance that spread, that women’s laziness was broken. ‘Oh, stand up all of you. don’t bother The procession would have reached the gate of Samadhiyane. Don’t be late now Eat and drink and get ready. Tai’s voice alerted the women. Jalaun, Orai, Kannauj, Unnao, Auraiya, Etah came from everywhere, the younger ones, elder aunt, maternal uncle, aunt, aunt and sisters stood up immediately. Sitting Amidst the laughter, there was retirement. The leaf was also given to the dachshti. The party is over. Now we prepare for the naktaura. Who will become what? Tai got ready and came. Dhoti-kurta, pancha on shoulder, cap on head, tilak on forehead, he became a pandit. Etah’s sister-in-law wore dress boots, tied sehra, put a dagger on her shoulder, looked like a groom. The women were divided into two parts. Half from the groom’s side, half from the girl’s side. Who now became the bride? Tai delivered the verdict. ‘Kusum will become the bride. Gopi Lala’s bride, wears Kusum’s ornaments, and God takes it.’ He ordered his godmother. Kusum, Gopinath’s wife and Tai’s shared daughter. Last year on the same day, at this place, the mandap was built, for Kusum’s marriage. Kanyadan was made by Gopinath and his wife. He turned around. It was time to leave. Suddenly Kusum’s father-in-law Tarak Chand asked Gopinath a question, “Samdhi ji, please tell me the girl’s clan-gotra?” Gopinath was shocked. Which enemy sowed seeds of poison in Tarak Chand’s ear? He said calmly, “How are you talking about Tarak ji? Whatever our clan-gotra belongs to the same daughter. “Gopinath, you are deceiving us. Virgin is not of your clan. And we cannot make a daughter of a nameless clan be our patriarch. When Kali Mai’s wrath descended on Tai. She said, “Tarak Chand, O unjust one! Girls are the embodiment of power. They have no clans of clans. They keep the clan-gotra in their womb, they are known as Janmati. ‘Tai, say what you want, I can’t play with my lineage. Well, the distinction is open. Gopinath hid everything from us. “You are very ignorant Tarak Chand. It is not right to leave the little girl who was stunned in her mother’s house like this. You will do a lot.” Tai’s tone was a little softer, firmer. ‘What has been said s ‘ he said. Get up Kamal, come. Tarak Chand ordered the son to become the groom. Kamal tried to oppose the father’s order. But he could not succeed. Kamal used to work in Lalpur, BA pass, he was the only son of Tarak Chand. Tarak Chand, who was ignorant, could not understand that there was a gotra above clan and gotra. Love-gotra. That was absorbed in the eyes of the lotus like safflower , and the lotus blossomed in Kusum’s heart. All the women filled their part of Naktaura. Tai was looking at Kusum. Seventeen years ago a new-born girl was found wrapped in cloth near the bund of Gopinath’s field. I don’t know whose fate the girl had left her love to die like this. Gopi Lala took him home. Kusum grew up in the shadow of my girlfriend and Gopi’s. ‘Tai , what were you thinking? Let the work begin. Jalaun’s maternal aunt, currently brought Tai. The battle begins. Whatever happens in the procession there, it will also be played here. The porter of the procession, the meeting of the people, the welcome of the baraatis. Exactly what is happening there. The dholak was playing, the songs were resounding, the bride and groom were sitting in the pavilion. The singing took place. There was also a daughter donation ceremony. The feet of the bride were worshipped. Lots of laughter, jokes, songs, giving life to the feeling of our traditions. It seems that women claim the right to the freedom to express their feelings. You want to dissolve the fragrance of your existence in the open air, away from the stove. “Now the bride and groom should be ready for the rounds,” Tai announced in a Pandatai voice. At the same time, two bursts arrived and stopped in front of the pavilion. Three masked men entered the pavilion. One pointed the gun: “No one will move from his place.” We do our job.’ Everyone’s breathing stopped. It’s funny that you can also hear the sound of someone’s heartbeat. Dina Kakà had some doubts. He woke up. Getting up to go down, Jugti took his hand, ‘Stop, uncle. Don’t download This is also part of Nakatura. One of the masked men stepped forward. He took Kusum’s hand and pulled her towards the pavilion. His companions also followed him. The sound of applause came and it was over. There was silence in the pavilion for a long time. Some women were panicking. Some, who were in a close relationship, could understand the problem. Even so, the hussar-pusar continued with various speculations among women. Tai was sitting in the worship hall in front of her Kanhaiya. Gopinath ji’s wife Rasoidarin was giving cooking related information to aunty. At noon, the procession brought the bride and groom. welcome daughter in law The door stopped. Neg happened. The new daughter-in-law entered the house. Jugti said something in Tai’s ear. Gopinath asked Tai, ‘Bhabhi, what happened?’ Many questions were involved in this question. Tai answered everyone by just saying, ‘No, Lala. Kanhaiya’s blessings have showered upon us today. A daughter has come to his house and a girl has gone to his house.

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