Purva Ashadha Nakshatra: Purvashadha people cannot remain outside the influence of common man, there will be danger of getting caught in the web

Poorvashadha is the twentieth constellation of the zodiac extending from 253 degrees 20 minutes to 266 degrees 40 minutes. He lives entirely in the constellation of Sagittarius. It has two stars and looks like an archer’s bow. Jupiter is the lord of Sagittarius.

Poorvashadha Nakshatra.

Poorvashadha is the twentieth constellation of the zodiac extending from 253 degrees 20 minutes to 266 degrees 40 minutes. He lives entirely in the constellation of Sagittarius. It has two stars and looks like an archer’s bow. Jupiter is the lord of Sagittarius. Venus is the lord of this constellation. Purvashadha means invincible star. The Vedic deity of this constellation is Apas, meaning the god of water. Its basic quality is Sattva, at the second level there is Rajas, i.e. purity with action and at the third level is Tamas, i.e. inaction. The basic inspiration of this constellation is salvation, the symbol of this constellation is the trunk of an elephant.

The legend of the constellation and its shape

Purvashadha provides a beneficial spiritual environment for the soul to reside. The symbol of this constellation is the elephant’s trunk, in which many secrets are hidden. The elephant is such a happy animal that it is completely oblivious to its surroundings. If the right direction is given and the hidden powers can be released, then he can go to the middle of the battlefield and take the news of the opponents. Similarly, if a person gets the right kind of spiritual environment, he can also know the true nature of the soul. The actual symbol of this group of constellations is the trunk of an elephant. An elephant’s trunk is much more valuable than the entire body of an elephant. Even if the trunk is cut, it can grow back.

This is a kind of wisdom, which develops under the influence of Purvashadha and is also very important. The Vedic deity of this group of constellations is Apas, meaning water. Vedic sages have given great importance to water. Apart from the life force, water has many functions on this planet. It has the ability to destroy dirt, disease and all kinds of toxic elements scattered around the environment. It is considered an eternal source of energy.

The Sun and the Moon are two such living planets that produce the energies of this polarized energy. That conserves water and provides food for all types of fauna and flora, etc. Similarly, Purvashadha also creates a suitable environment for a person to grow, stay alive, nurture and become more creative.

The lord of the constellation is Venus, who is the lord of demons, while the lord of this zodiac is Jupiter, who is the patron deity of gods. Because of their largeness, the planets Venus and Jupiter appear to be separated in the sequence of planets. Because of its hypersensitivity, Venus leads a person towards luxuries. On the other hand, Jupiter is the planet of spirituality. Here you can see the huge conflict between materiality and spirituality. If a person becomes a victim of the nine impulses of Venus, he falls. If the ego focuses on itself, it blinds the person. He does not see the potential of his superiority or spirituality.

properties and driving force

The basic quality of this constellation is sattva and lightness. On the second level there is rajas, meaning action with purity and on the third level, tamas, meaning inaction.

Sattva means that the individual’s motivation is pure externally and internally. A person’s thought is absolutely pure and there is no negativity at this level, but at the second level, the quality of Rajas dominates which shows that externally and internally he is eager to achieve something by exerting his full force . .Is. Tamas guna shows that inaction is active on the outer level. But at the disguised level, the person goes to work and stays busy fulfilling his negativity. If balance is maintained at the level of the three gunas, then spirituality can flourish in such situations. The main inspiration of this constellation is salvation. If the initial conditions are good, the pace of spiritual development accelerates. If the nine powers of Venus dominate the others, the whole process is reversed.

Characteristics and personality of the constellation

your strength

Poorvashadha-Venus-Jupiter coordination means you want to remain invincible even in adversity. Because you think you are a person of the invincible category. You have such pride and attraction that the common man cannot remain apart from your influence. There is an inner desire within you to become part of the force of the universe or to regulate it by becoming one with it. You want to spread your name and fame around the world. Laziness can dominate you externally. But with the help of the right environment, you can do brave things. Sometimes you reveal your inner abilities to accomplish even seemingly impossible tasks. You have a consciousness that helps you at the right time at the speed of light.

You have the divine power to reveal your inner potentials. With their help, you are engaged in the purification of your ego throughout your life. You can present your arguments perfectly and no one can refute your arguments. You are always eager to learn. That is why you keep experiencing on different levels. That is why you are complicated in the eyes of others. But you think you also need to know the different sects and philosophies in order to form your own opinion. You find this job challenging, but you also believe there is no shortcut to success. Contrasted and parallel paths sharpen your awareness and from here the light of intuition begins to spread.

your weaknesses

The danger of becoming stubborn or falling into the trap of too much ego always hangs over you. You can become a victim of unnecessary pride and self-deprivation for no reason. Sometimes you start showing your negative qualities. In this situation, they start to exaggerate them unnecessarily. Your overestimation of yourself makes you fall in the eyes of others.

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