The fate of this farmer shines because of the unique cultivation of drugs, millions of millions of profits, but why do farmers not know?

Cultivation of opium

He should not get tired after working for four days because the seed needs time to become a crop. Examples of this are Bhagwat Sharma, a farmer from Madhya Pradesh who grows onions, soybeans and opium (opium cultivation). He said that in the cultivation of opium one takes care like a child, the fruit of which is available after the crop is ripe.

Farmer Bhagwat Sharma
Farmer Bhagwat Sharma

Cultivation of soybeans and onions

Sharma explains that he chose the soybean crop because it is a Kharif crop, which is liked by many farmers in Marwa and Rajasthan and also contributes to food security. On the other hand, onion is a commercial crop that has a good price in the market. Sharma plants soybeans during the monsoon season and prepares his nursery for onions, which are planted in the fields as soon as it rains. If there is no rain, they adopt irrigation methods.

Certified seed for better performance

Sharma suggests farmers that it is better to use certified seeds for soybean cultivation as the germination capacity of soybean is comparatively less. It should be noted that the production depends directly on the germination capacity. Sharma himself prepares the onion seeds that are planted in the fields after sowing.

opium cultivation time
opium cultivation time

License to grow opium

Interestingly, Sharma, while talking to the Krishi Jagran team, revealed how opium is grown. Cultivation of opium in India is prohibited by Section 8 of the NDPS Act, 1985. In the states of Rajasthan, Madhya Pradesh and Uttar Pradesh, farmers can only practice it after obtaining a license from the Bureau Central Narcotics under Rule 8 of the NDPS Rules, 1985.

When is opium cultivation (opium cultivation season or time)

Farmers licensed by the Central Narcotics Bureau sow the crop in the last week of October and the first week of November.

opium cultivation method
opium cultivation method

Opium cultivation method

Sharma said that the seed bed is prepared after the field is prepared. After that, DAP and fertilizers are supplied to the soil. Poppy seeds are very small and you have to be careful with the amount of water. Sharma says that growing opium requires as much care as raising a child.

Why is the use of pesticides necessary?

Sharma further says that due to climate change, a farmer faces many difficulties. In this situation, it is impossible to do any farming without the use of pesticides and a farmer has to go around his field at least once a day to check it.

If a field is left uninspected for even two days, crop disease is certain to occur. In addition, insecticides and fungicides should be sprayed on the fields every 8-10 days. Sharma mainly uses the bed irrigation method, but he also says that the drip method is gaining popularity these days.

benefits of opium cultivation
benefits of opium cultivation

What is the price of opium in India (What is the price of opium in India)

Its price in India ranges from Rs 720 to Rs 2,100 per kg.

Where is opium grown in India (Where is opium grown in India)

Opium cultivation is limited to Rajasthan, Madhya Pradesh, Himachal Pradesh and the northern states.

What is the benefit of opium cultivation in India

Opium growers say they get a direct profit of Rs 25,000 to Rs 1 lakh per hectare.

The largest producer of opium in India

According to some media, Arunachal Pradesh has become the largest producer of opium in the country.

opium cultivation in India
opium cultivation in India


For your information, we tell you that many farmers are benefited by the subsidy given by the government and Sharma is one of them. But that hasn’t solved all his problems. Most of the problems in agriculture arise due to unfavorable weather conditions. Crop diseases are not a minor threat either. The onset of the pandemic and the government-imposed lockdown have exacerbated these problems, as farmers are unable to sell their produce on time and are unable to charge the right price for it.

Farmer Bhagwat Sharma
Farmer Bhagwat Sharma

Sharma’s message to all people is to embrace agriculture and give it more priority than jobs for self-sufficiency. He says farmers are the backbone of the Indian economy and should be respected and encouraged.

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