5 years ban on triple talaq: those who are neither married nor divorced

  • Niyaz Farooqui
  • BBC, New Delhi

image source, Getty Images

In 2017, when the Supreme Court declared instant instant triple talaq unconstitutional, one of the petitioners in the case, Afreen Rehman, was happy that the unilateral and instant triple talaq granted by her husband a few months ago is now clear. illegal

But contrary to his expectations, the situation did not change much. Her husband refused to reconcile her. Five years later, today they don’t know if their marriage is permanent or if they are divorced.

Afreen Rahman is not the only Muslim woman in India to face this Surat-e-Hal. Activists who work for women’s rights say that the five petitioners in the popular case of triple talaq are still “divorced”.

These activists say that unlike triple talaq in the past, there has also been an increase in cases of men leaving their wives without divorcing over the past five years.

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