Adoption law should be reformed, because no child is illegitimate

Sorry Sharma. Recently, a parliamentary committee headed by Rajya Sabha member Sushil Modi to look into the adoption law has submitted its report. It also talks about giving LGBT (lesbian, gay, bisexual and transgender) and resident people the right to adopt a child. The report said that there should be no discrimination on the basis of religion, gender, caste etc. under the law. It should be the same for everyone. LGBT people and residents should also have the right to adopt.

LGBT couples can still adopt as single parents, but the most humane thing the report says is to remove the word “illegitimate” next to a child from adoption laws, because any child is not illegitimate , whether born out of wedlock or out of wedlock. . Those who have been working for children for a long time feel the same way. Children of single mothers are often neglected for fear of social pressure and stigma in their country. Although there was a time when such helpless children grew up in the trust of neighbors and relatives, but nowadays this generosity is disappearing.

After all, what is the crime of a child who is thrown into the garbage as soon as he is born? He is not even responsible for his birth. The kind of misbehavior with children in many orphanages is also not hidden from anyone. Much has been written about these children. Movies have also been made. The child who has no parents, who is his in the world, because all relations like grandparents, aunts and uncles, aunts and uncles, maternal grandparents, maternal uncles, aunts and uncles are mothers- Only for the father. When there is no family, there is no relationship either. These children also have to suffer various types of social bullying. When these words are used in the adoption law itself, who cares about the honor of these children? After all, what is illegitimate? Not that which is not in accordance with the law or that is against the law. After all, how can anyone be against the newborn law?

In these days when so many couples live at home why don’t they have the right to have children or adopt them? Simply because they did not take the marriage certificate. See, that’s not the case today. The Karna-Kunti episode in the Mahabharata is the greatest example of this. When Kunti goes to Karna, he expresses his displeasure that she has now come to claim her right to be a mother, even though he had abandoned her at birth.

The great poet Ramdhari Singh Dinkar has given a very emotional description of this incident in Rashmirathi. Kunti had abandoned Karna as soon as he was born. A thread raised him, so he was called Suta Putra. It is interesting to see that the incident where Kunti became a single mother was known to everyone, but this did not stop Kunti’s marriage, nor did her sons, i.e. Pandavas, ever harass her for this reason. While the common single mother still has to face what she doesn’t know in her country. This is why children are discarded at birth.

What is the pain of abandoning a mother, it can be understood from all the statements of Karna, but the point of thinking is that why is the mother alone responsible for sacrificing the child? What would be the reasons why a mother has to do this? Obviously, no relationship would have worked. Someone must have cheated. The great Bangla story writer Saratchandra has written extensively about these relationships. The story of the movie ‘Ek Phool Do Mali’ made decades ago is also similar. Where the boy leaves the girl and returns to the city. The boy’s whereabouts are unknown. The girl is pregnant. In this situation, a person proposes to marry her, so that the child and she do not have to suffer any harassment. Although this marriage is to show the world. There is no relationship between the two. Later the story turns happy. The boy returns from the city.

Such pleasures usually happen in movies, but this is not often seen in life. This is why children born out of wedlock have to endure the humiliation of being considered illegitimate throughout their lives. Today the technology is so advanced that with the help of DNA test one can prove who the father of the child is, but once upon a time children used to deny that the child was theirs.

In fact, the proof of the father’s absence is linked to the birth of the child. Whereas currently single girls become mothers through IVF and surrogacy. Despite not being married, she is adopting a child. Now the mother’s name is enough to gain access to school or work related to the child. The child’s father’s name is no longer required. These laws had long since put an end to the use of the term illegitimate in relation to a child. So why should it also be in adoption law? The Parliamentary Commission is to be congratulated, which has taken a significant initiative in the interest of women and children.

(The writer is a writer)

Edited by: Praveen Prasad Singh

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