Congress avoids opportunists Congress must avoid opportunists!

Today the situation is that there are those who call a meeting in the name of civil society. huh In which Rahul is invited. And they go and them There it is narrated that what mistakes the Congress made in the past! Even in the 8 years during which only Rahul fought, he said this One knows what mistakes Congress and Rahul made in this era! and said It is known that Congress and Rahul should apologize for this.

Rahul Gandhi’s journey

Covering is necessary for those who are afraid to reveal themselves. Rahul Gandhi is not afraid of anyone. So what need is there to expose these confused people in civil society?

RSS and BJP put Anna Hazare first in 2011. And under his guise the entire anti-Congress movement functioned. There was no RSS in front of it, so Left also supported Anna’s movement a lot. He was a socialist. They would have supported him even when he came before the Sangh. When the Sangh and Jana Sangh were openly supporting the student movement that began in 1974, the socialist Jayaprakash Narayan came with it. And he declared that the Sangh and the Jana Sangh are not communal. To add weight to the matter, he also said that if they are communal then so am I.

And even before that, the ideological leader of all these Ram Manohar Lohia had given the slogan of non-Congressism because of his blind protest of Nehru. Under which he participated in the Legislative Assembly elections of 1967 along with the Jana Sangh. And in other states like Madhya Pradesh, Uttar Pradesh, Bihar, Samvid (Joint Legislature Party) governments were formed. From then on the mass base of Jan Sangh started to increase. And in 1977 he formed the first non-Congress at the center with the help of these allies. managed to form a government.

2019 was the first election for the BJP and the Sangh when it did not need any support, disguise and won the election on its behalf. Otherwise, the 2014 elections were earlier won with the help of Anna Hazare and Left, Socialists, Civil Society who supported him. Similarly, the previous elections, whether it was 1989 elections of VP Singh and before that 1977, 1967 elections, everything was won by keeping the so-called liberals, leftists, socialists, casteists in front.

But Congress is not BJP. It has a proud history of leading the freedom movement. There are stories like miracles of rebuilding India after independence. There is a story of bravery of Indira Gandhi changing the geography of the world. What is needed in an epic is with Congress. The only shortcoming is that there is a lack of people who have the ability to narrate them, explain them or even understand them. Senior Congress leaders including Rahul himself have said many times that we could not publicize our works from 2004 to 2014. but why? Don’t think about it.

And today this is the situation that some call a meeting in the name of civil society. In which Rahul is invited. And they go And there they tell them what mistakes Congress made in the past! Even in the 8 years during which only Rahul fought, it says what mistakes Congress and Rahul made during that period! And it is said that Congress and Rahul should apologize for this.

The whole scene is created as if Congress needs these tired, confused and opportunistic people. Complete program done. Bharat Jodo Yatra convener Digvijay Singh, Congress general secretary in charge of communication Jairam Ramesh and Rahul Gandhi were questioned throughout the day, after which people involved in the meeting say we will decide whether do we join or not

Hey bro, what’s the point of this whole day of exercise if I didn’t want to support you? It has become like a meeting of the Tomohalla Reform Committee where only conversations are held and blame is kept on others. And the funny thing is that there was a long debate about whether to include or participate with the trips. He also said that why the visit of Congress? Why not all? Now congressmen we are more than decent in many issues, they could not say that brother, you all were involved in the Anna movement. It was your move. And if in these eight years you felt something wrong, a problem happened, why didn’t you make a move?

Why didn’t Anna, whom he called such a great Gandhiana, bring him? Congressmen are not even asking that when Yogendra Yadav told Rahul in the meeting that, Rahul fight, put your life on the line, Rahul has left no stone unturned to put his life on the line in these years. His and Sonia Gandhi withdrew Priyanka’s SPG security. On his way to Hathras, Rahul was hit and fell. Priyanka, who went to Lakhimpur Kheri to protest against the trampling of farmers, was arrested. And where did those who say Rahul fought against himself go to Lakhimpur? BJP workers home. to express sympathy to them. Trying to break it into the middle peasant movement. Farmer organizations had expelled Yogendra Yadav from their group. He had called this meeting.

Many people, including the media, have the impression that the meeting held on Monday at the Constituent Club was that of Congress. this is wrong Congress leaders were invited. guest And the guests were asked to apologize.

new tradition From Atithi Devo Bhava to the guest apologize!

Well, that doesn’t affect Rahul. He is also a strong man and also generous with these people in excess. But Congress workers make a difference. When they see that their leaders spend all day with people of such double character, useless, who are profiting from the media, their morale is broken. They know that out of 100, 125 people who came to that meeting, not one of them voted for Congress. All of them are not only anti-Congress but people who blame Nehru for all the problems of the country and the world.

But that will happen with the journey. At the beginning. You will see how successful you are. Do they have all the advertising or not? He will also act in between. He will also raise questions about Congress. It will also help BJP indirectly. These people don’t have jobs nowadays. Let’s talk about mass movements. But never connected with the public. These people run their store with the help of advertising. It is his compulsion to support Rahul. And no one asks them. But the question is, what is the compulsion of Congress?

Rahul leading the ride. Qualified tour operators like Digvijay Singh and Jairam Ramesh. Thousands of Congress workers across the country are eagerly awaiting him. And in a situation like inflation, unemployment, the poor hoping that someone will come and listen to them, where does the Congress need some external and illusory force? Especially not the ones who said why isn’t Congress dying? Yes, this is what Yadav ji said in 2019. The journey is political. This year it is to win the elections in Himachal and Gujarat.

The coming year is setting the stage for assembly elections in many states. And finally in 2024 to compete with Dum. There should be no doubt. Everything is political in a democracy. What the rest say is pretense, and this pretense, symbolism, disguise suits a right-wing status quo party like the BJP. Nor a party inclined towards the weak, the middle or the poor like the Congress. It must be clear, transparent.

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