Kamya Punjabi was horrified by the threat received by her daughter, said: don’t let her go alone

Well-known television actress Kamya Punjabi has been in the world of entertainment for over two decades. Kamya Punjabi is known for her bravery and outspokenness. These days it is again in discussion because of the TV show ‘Sanjog’. An exclusive conversation with him:

What are your thoughts behind joining this program?
I am very happy to get this role. Very strong paper. My character knows how to live life. My own line is that I am not afraid of anyone’s father, so my character of Gauri is like that. Gauri can go to any extent to fulfill her dream. She is stubborn, loves her family and also has a romance. He also works, he also takes care of the family. To be honest, for all the roles that I have landed so far, there is so much gratitude and gratitude that I cannot say. My hunger is that I get good roles. I can’t sleep if the scene isn’t good after doing it. I am very passionate about my work. I don’t know whose prayer is there or the hand of the top is on the head that the characters keep running back. It is the result of hard work that I have come to ‘Sanjog’.

Just like your roles, you also express your opinion freely in your personal life. Where does he get so much courage?
Whenever I see something going wrong, I automatically get that courage. But when it comes to my daughter, then I am afraid. There was an anecdote like once, when I raised my voice for someone and received threats that your daughter goes to school from here. I was only a mother when it came to children. Then I was very afraid.

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what kind of mother are you i mean hard or soft
This is a challenge. I think this is a constant struggle. The requirements of the child change with each age. Now, as soon as 4-5 years ago, you need to tell him the bad touch and the good touch. They have to tell him that no one should kiss him, not to touch him here and there. Then, if you are a bit older, everything has to be explained. All mothers are protective of their child and I have been a single mother. I would never let him go alone. Sometimes he goes with his friends, sometimes with his grandmother. At the age of 12, he will have to explain the changes in his body.

The show ‘Sanjog’ is about the relationship between mother and daughter, what did you learn from your mother?
My mother has been a strong woman. She never gave up in her life and that’s what I learned from my mother who never gave up. I remember when I was little, I was very sick. I used to get scared because of vomiting and told to take me to the hospital. If not, something will happen to me. At that moment, I would have reminded my mother that you are very strong, you must not lose under any circumstances. His lesson became the core of my life. It was her courage that got me out of my first marriage, got my sisters married. I have done all the responsibilities well.

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What was the moment you separated from your first abusive marriage? Was it a difficult period?
It wasn’t hard at all. It was very clear to me at the time that my daughter would not grow up in this environment. I gave my marriage every chance, I had seen everything after marriage, but there came a time when I felt this was not right for my son. My daughter is most important to me. The most important. When I make a decision after thinking about it, it’s easier.

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Does she feel complete now after marrying Shalabh Dang for the second time?
I never feel incomplete. My daughter and I complete each other. To me, the definition of complete is not marriage and children. Yes, I am happy that love has arrived, in life. If there is a partner, who is good and supportive, this feeling is good. Now there is love in the true sense, at first it was probably childish. When he met me, he had seen my lifestyle. I had also seen my boss strong attitude. He is ready to fight anywhere. People who take all these things negatively. That’s what he liked. With his arrival, life has stopped. I had never had this belief that no matter the circumstances, there was one person who would always support me. Now believe it.

What do you think is every woman’s greatest strength?
The biggest problem with women is that they fit in, they don’t take steps on their own. They keep silent for the dignity of the marriage that the marriage has taken place, and now what? Not only marriage, it is also like that in many homes, what will a daughter do after studying. He doesn’t raise his voice at all. Whether it’s marriage, work or studies, she feels that she alone is not enough. Together they need to understand that only they are enough. No one else fights for one who does not fight for himself, you are capable, you must fight for yourself.

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