Meet Syed Abdahu Kashaf, the Islamist who raised ‘Sar Tan Se Juda’ slogans against T Raja

On August 23, BJP leader T Raja was arrested by the police for his comments about the Prophet Muhammad. Earlier, AIMIM influencer and former social media chief Syed Abdahu Kashaf raised slogans of ‘Sar Tan Se Juda’ against Raja. While Raja was arrested for “hurting religious sentiments”, Kashaf walks free despite standing up and making death threats against Raja.

Who is Syed Abdahu Kashaf?

Syed Abdahu Kashaf is a graduate of Jawaharlal Nehru University and works as a digital content creator at Crimson Media Company. According to his online profile, Kashaf has worked as the social media head of AIMIM and its chief Asaduddin Owaisi from 2012 to 2019.

Kashf calls himself a political strategist and social and civil rights activist. The “young and energetic” political strategist was described as “influential” by several media outlets after threatening to kill BJP’s T Raja. Interestingly, the more people tagged him and condemned ‘Sir Tan Se Juda’ slogans, the more he was delighted with the comments and happily retweeted the posts that were against him.

The forceful and unpleasant attitude does not arise by itself. This attitude is only shown by a person when he is sure that no one can touch him. Recent incidents including Nupur Sharma where a former BJP spokesperson had to hide from the public eye for a comment he made during a debate, killings that occurred simply because the victims supported Nupur Sharma, such as No coercive action was taken against the likes. Munawwar Farooqui, Mohammad Zubair and other Rahmani panelists who instigated Sharma are some of the reasons why anti-social elements like Kashaf are openly issuing death threats. Even past incidents like the court’s acquittal of Akbaruddin Owaisi in the provocative speech case have fueled this attitude, in which he had urged the police to remove him for 15 minutes.

Here are some of the posts we found on Kashf’s social media accounts.

On August 22, Kashaf rounded up hundreds of Islamists following T Raja’s alleged derogatory remarks against the Prophet Muhammad. During the protest he raised slogans of ‘Sar Tan Se Juda’ and incited Muslims against T Raja. The video of the speech delivered by him has gone viral on social media. He not only posted the videos from his social media account but also retweeted the post in which he shared the video with slogans of ‘Sir Tan Se Juda’ and condemning him. The blunt display of the “I don’t care” attitude shows that he knows no one will follow him.

On August 20, he shared a photograph with controversial comedian Munawwar Farooqui, who used derogatory language against Lord Rama and Mother Sita. Expressing happiness at the gathering, he said, “Reminder: This is #Hyderabad, not Bhagyanagar! No place for outsiders and haters here. I welcome Munawwar Farooqui to our city. Regards to the organizers Azhar Bhai and Nisar Most importantly Cyberabad Police Commissioner CP Stephen Ravindra Sir IPS Thanks for the trust in police.

In July 2020, Syed gleefully informed his followers that he had been booked under sections 153, 504 and 505 (2) of the Indian Penal Code for making derogatory remarks against Prime Minister Modi and SM Shah.

In February 2020, he hit out at Prime Minister Narendra Modi and said, “When Modi gets scared, he hides behind an impostor.”

In January 2020, when anti-CAA protests were on the rise, Syed published false information that the central government was fueling anti-minority sentiments. He called Prime Minister Modi a liar and said, “Prime Minister Narendra Modi, you are a liar, you have divided the country by bringing the CAA bill, your representatives are speaking anti-minority language. He also condemned the killing of 25 innocent people protesting peacefully under democratic rights? You are a big mistake, we hate you.”

In December 2019, he shared a highly derogatory video of an elderly woman from Hyderabad who was clearly misinformed about the CAA and NRC.

Crimson Media, a company founded by Syed

In March 2020, Syed left AIMIM as a political strategist and started his own company called Crimson Media Company 2021. According to the company profile, it helps clients in formulating political strategy and offers a variety of services such as campaign design, surveys, polls. even more.

A look at the company’s blogs gives a clear picture that the company is looking for anti-BJP and anti-Modi customers. Their experience with a party like AIMIM and their posts openly provoking Muslims is a clear indication of what to expect from the campaign Crimson will create for the client.

While Syed Abdahu Kashaf, Mohammad Zubair of Alt News, alleged comedian Munawwar Farooqui, controversial influencer Faizu and others walk free even after inciting Muslims, insulting Hindus and indulging in anti-India activities, the Hindus hide (Nupur Sharma) trying to defend dharma. he can save his life or he is already dead (Kanhaiya Lal, Umesh Kohli, Kamlesh Tiwari).

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