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Birth Death Registration Rajasthan:- If you want to know the services of making birth and death certificates online. Hence, the detailed information provided in this article will be very helpful for you. We want to tell you that the registration of births and deaths is done by the Chief Registrar, Directorate of Economics and Statistics, Department. upon the birth of a child Birth certificate registration Why should it be done after a person’s death? Death certificate registration Why is it necessary? The detailed information about it will be known today in this article. by the government Registration of the birth-death certificate Efforts are being made to write in detail what preparations have been made and their requirements and utilities. by department Birth and Death Registration in Rajasthan The official portal has been launched by Applications for birth certificate and death certificate can be made online on this portal and can also be downloaded online.

Let’s move on to the details of benefits and registration procedures for birth certificate and death certificate. First we will know why the birth certificate should be made and what are its uses and benefits.

Birth and Death Registration Rajasthan

In the event of the birth of a child or the death of a family member, the Births and Deaths Registry of the affected area must be notified. So that the registration of the birth or death certificate can be done by the Registrar and documents can be prepared in this regard. The birth certificate is an important identity document in a person’s life and the death certificate is an essential document for the family to deal with property and insurance issues. The birth certificate must be registered before 21 days after the birth of the child so that it can be used as an identity document. Birth certificate can be given The Government of Rajasthan prepares a database of details received about the birth of a child and the death of a person. This is how the census and birth and death data can be estimated. How many people have died in the state? Your reason and your data can be analyzed. At the time of birth, the child can get the benefits of government services and programs. That is why the data is analyzed by the Registry of Births and Deaths.

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Benefits of birth certificate registration

Benefits of Birth Certificate Registration:- 21 days after the birth of the baby Janm Parman Patra can be requested. If a child is born in a public or private hospital, the birth certificate application form is filled out immediately after birth. So that the child can obtain the birth certificate before 21 days. The benefits of the birth certificate are as follows:

  • The student will need a birth certificate to access the school.
  • To register the name in the ration card.
  • to get a passport
  • to obtain a driver’s license
  • To add a name to the voter list
  • to get an insurance policy
  • To make Jan Aadhar Card
  • to make an aadhar card

Birth certificate is required for age verification in various regimes and cases. Therefore, the need to have a birth certificate is understandable for every individual.

Benefits of registering the death certificate

Benefits of Death Certificate Registration:- After the death of the person, the family can get the benefit of the property, insurance amount and other services of that person as applicable, so the death certificate is necessary. Death certificate that some benefits can be brought to the assessment such as:-

  • Requirement of the death certificate for the hereditary transmission of property.
  • To resolve pension insurance matters.
  • To resolve property claims.
  • for the transfer of land
  • In order to obtain the benefits of government programs as applicable,
  • The family can receive benefits from social security schemes

Birth and death registration period

Birth Death Registration Deadline:- If a child is born in a public or private hospital. then immediately B by the hospital administrationthird certificate registration form it’s full Apart from this, the deadline for free registration has been set until 21 days after the birth of the child. The deadline of 21 days for the death certificate has also been set. If a person’s death event continues to be normal. So the family member should go to their nearest gram panchayat or registrar to register the death within 21 days.

Registration fee for birth and death

Registration fee for birth and death: – Government of Rajasthan has prepared a guideline for free registration for 21 days for registration of births and deaths. If for any reason family members request registration for 30 days. So they have to pay ₹1. But after more than 30 days, the nearest registrar does not give them the possibility to register.

In case of non-registration of birth and death for 30 days or 1 year, an affidavit can be registered with the authorization of the competent official/district registrar and after 1 year, the executive magistrate of the same area will obtain the permission to record the incident. I could. Which is a complicated process, so every citizen should consider it mandatory to register births and deaths within 21 days.

how to get birth death registration

Residents of Rajasthan can also apply online for registration of births and deaths. Also, by the department rural area Facilities for registration at Gram Panchayat Headquarters and Primary Health Center / Community Health Center have been made available. People in rural areas can get a birth and death certificate within 21 days by contacting the hospital and gram panchayat.

urban area People from the municipality / City Council / Municipal Corporation Headquarters and Public Information and State Board Referral Hospital Community Hospital Health Center can also register births and deaths. Apart from this, the department has launched an online portal. Online application can be done on this portal.

How to get birth death registration online

Online by Rajasthan Department of Statistics Registration of birth and death You can visit the official portal of How to register births and deaths online. In this sense, we have already written two different articles on this website. If you want to apply online for birth and death registration. So the direct link to the detailed article is in the index below. You can read the detailed information by clicking on it and follow the provided information carefully.


To apply for birth death registration marriage certificate online by rajasthan govt official portal has been launched. The services available on this portal are the following.

  • Pehchan web portal can also be used as a mobile application and can have the facility of online form filling.
  • You can check the status of the birth and death certificate.
  • There is a system of prohibition of double registration. Therefore, once the registration is done, it will not be possible to register again.
  • Installation of free numbers.
  • The chances of error in the certificate are very less.
  • Saving time and labor in financial proof.
  • All information related to application registration and chat board facility written by email.
  • Facility for safe keeping of certificates in the state e-wallet and DG cashier
  • Facility to download certificate through OTP
  • The function to verify the certificate is available online.

Frequently asked questions Birth Death Registration Rajasthan

Q. Can births and deaths be registered even after 21 days?

Ans. Yes, it absolutely can be done. But after 21 days to 30 days, ₹1 will have to be paid as fee for registration of birth and death. If 30 days have passed and within 1 year or even after 1 year the application for a death certificate must be submitted. So, for this, you will have to go through a complicated process, you will have to submit an affidavit with the permission of the authorized officer, the District Registrar.

Q. How much does it cost to make a birth certificate?

Ans. A free guideline has been prepared for birth certificate registration for 21 days, after 21 days for 30 days, a fee of ₹ will have to be paid.

Q. How long can I get the death certificate?

Ans. A time limit of 21 days has been fixed for the death certificate, after 21 days up to 30 days a fee of ₹ will have to be paid. After more than 1 year, special permission will have to be obtained by writing a letter to the authorized officer, District Registrar.

Q. Why is the registration of births and deaths necessary?

Ans. Birth and death registration helps the state government to prepare the details and database of the citizens. In case of death, the family must submit a death certificate to claim the assets and sum assured of the said person. The birth certificate is necessary for the child to develop an educational career, etc.

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