Deewar: This hero, not Amitabh, was preparing for victory

  • Rehan Fazal
  • BBC correspondent

image source, Roli Books

‘Deewar’ was released on January 24, 1975, after completing 50 weeks of ‘Roti Kapda Aur Makaan’. As soon as the film’s director Yash Chopra heard the story of the film, he realized he had a blockbuster on his hands.

Yash Chopra later said in an interview, “At first glance, I felt this story was influenced by ‘Mother India.’” But Salim-Javed’s script was strong and even more powerful were his dialogues.

It was a complete script that I didn’t even have to take any dialogue out of after making the film. I don’t think Salim-Javed has written a better script than this in his entire career.

As for the script, the script of ‘Deewar’ was better than ‘Sholay’. It was an emotional film and not an action film.

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