Saanvi’s family members were also betting on their marriage, after the marriage of the two sisters was decided first. Saanvi’s family members were also betting on their marriage, after all the marriage of the two sisters was decided first.

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“Ma’am, you understand the chronology. My fate is not a simple miserable one. I was born in a small town after two sisters, all girls, had only sisters. I studied at the boys’ school, the university from which I engineering total two There were girls that too in another branch Our toilet used to read boys toilet and Suman Madhu toilet Never met a girl even in bus train or the shared taxi. And you’re saying, what’s the big deal.”

“Oh, you’re sitting so full, you’re so disappointed. Looks like I made a big mistake.” The girl cursed.

“Do you look like an idiot or a moccasin?”

“No, it was when I got close. But things seem to be working out now.”

“No, it’s not like that, in fact I have very little time.”

“Oh, what happened to you? Cancer? How many days left, to live?” The girl was shocked.

“As of now, no illness has been diagnosed. But there is no more guarantee. I have actually come to Bangalore to attend a friend’s wedding. Leaving in two days. Strange city, strange people. If I slow down, where will I meet you?” Arul said quickly.

—And why should I look for him? The girl’s eyes were on her face. Arul rolled his eyes.

Nine to six one… Save it with the name Saanvi, not Srivalli. My taxi has arrived. Bye.” He smiled and walked towards the cab and Arul hurriedly put the number away.

Abdullah used to be mad in Begani marriage, today Saanvi has gone mad. While handling the pallu of the sky blue and pink combination saree, she was nervous and in Arul’s mind “You what I saw, you have what I knew, what were the senses, is gone.”

“He started wanting hai, the wedding of a childhood friend of mine. First, meet in a public place with enough privacy, don’t disturb him so that you feel comfortable, and second, the food is excellent

“Hmm smart move. Scarce and making perfect use of MBA education.”

“Hey lady, you have to spend all your body, mind and money. Just give me one chance.”

“Ok Diya. Will you remember me too?”

“The truth…!! We’ll never forget a single moment, so there’s no need to remember, trust me.”

“Trust made”.

“I don’t know what to say. I know, it’s too soon, I still say, “I love you Saanvi.” No rush to answer or say yes, no pressure, just me….”

“I love you Arul.” Saanvi cut off her chatter and put her hands on his hands.

Arul came back but stayed there. Saanvi was neither a beauty nor a heroine. Duvli-Saloni was an ordinary girl, but what made her special was her confidence, her sense of humor, her intelligence. Arul had only seen his mother, sisters and Naina at home.

Naina, as soon as she remembered the name, her mouth became astringent. Simple, a picky braid, government teacher and her fiancee with books in her hands.

His grandfather’s family and Arul’s grandfather had come to India together at the time of Partition, and since then they were bound in an unbreakable relationship. Their son’s friendship means that Arul and Naina’s father was also more than that of real siblings and they see luck, both of them wanted their children to have a relationship with each other and one had two daughters, one son, the other two sons a daughter. . The two friends also died in the same traffic accident and the wives of both had performed the marriages of the children, respecting their wishes.

Arul’s sisters were very happy, Sudarshan with government jobs, educated groomsmen were found and sisters-in-law too. But Naina could never make a place in Arul’s mind. I hated this small town, the small thinking here, where boys and girls, even husband and wife, could not ride their bicycles with their hands on their waists. She always liked the fast-paced, ambitious lifestyle of big cities and modern, fast-paced girls who move with the times. But because of the mother and sisters, he can’t speak anything. Similarly, after doing engineering and MBA, I was doing private work with much less salary. If the father’s pension is not available, it is difficult to manage the house. Then the boys didn’t even want dowry, they were also bearing the wedding expenses, so Arul was free from all worries.

But Saanvi created a ruckus in his life. The two were thousands of miles apart, but they were in contact for almost 24 hours. From breakfast, food, clothes, office routine to sharing information at every moment. If there was no response for a while, the heartbeat would increase and the restlessness would increase.

“Now there is only one solution for this, first the two sisters get married, only then anything can happen.

But if they harass my sisters later.” Arul’s concern was justified.

“Both Ajay and Anoop are very kind, understanding and love Neeru didi and Shivi didi very much. They will understand that there is no point in forcibly tying their only sister to someone else’s dead boys.” And that is what Arul did. The marriage was postponed to stay until a better job was found. Two years passed like this. Meanwhile he came to Bangalore four times. Now the distance was beyond tolerable. Saanvi’s family members were also after her marriage. Finally, the marriage of the two sisters was decided.

When she saw Naina upon the arrival of the two sisters, she couldn’t recognize her for a moment, Naina, who always wore a simple saree, today looked like a real nymph in gray white lehenga choli, delicately done makeup and hair curly. “You were living in the stars before now, somewhere you have been brought down to earth.For me, that was the first thought that came to Arul’s mind and scolded him harshly.

He wanted to call Saanvi immediately but he was so busy that he couldn’t even if he wanted to. For the first time in two years, when he didn’t hear Saanvi’s voice for the whole day. Although I had told him that the two days would be very busy, he was still restless. Her phone was about to be discharged, meanwhile, Saanvi received three calls but kept silent at the hospitality of the guests.

Because of all the farewell and farewell rituals, night passed into morning. He was so tired that he fell asleep under the empty pavilion.

Saanvi’s message rained as soon as the phone charged the next morning. He smiled at her longing and passion, but as soon as he opened the message, his senses were blown away.

“Arul please take the call it’s urgent.”

“Arul it is a matter of life or death please speak once”.

“Arul, I am at the airport, now I have to take a bus ticket to your house. I have left everything, mom and dad are forcefully marrying someone else. I will give my life but not i will marry no one else.come get it.or say the address i don’t know your address.

“Arul, I will wait all night. If you don’t come, it will be my last night.”

With trembling hands, he dialed the number. The switch was going off.

Shaking her head, she grabbed her car key and got out, when a message from another number appeared on the screen.

“You are a killer, Arul. You took my best friend’s life. That’s what you told him to believe. It was love. I had heard a thousand things from the family in your confidence. Now he is always silent. He is not wanted. for to make a show of his death, to discredit after death. Therefore, by giving me your number, I expressed my last wish that you never bring his name to your lips. I also have no contact now.”

Arul collapsed there. The next day, when he regained consciousness in the hospital, he was no longer the old Arul. He had become a living corpse. He felt like he was walking on hot coals. There was no peace for a moment. What happened to Saanvi, he kept trying to find out from her side. The last place was the airport closest to his city.

Now, with this regret, he had to die until death came. He had taken the transfer from Bangalore. In the city of Mehboob of Mehboob. Where he used to breathe, now he had to take his last breath.

He had put all his resources into it. He finally succeeded, when the girl matching his description was spotted at the airport and his friend in Bangalore, who was in the police department, gave him the full report.

“Your Shama’s parents are thousands, not only in this city, but in different states and countries, sir. You were so eager at the first meeting that he thought he was the right candidate. Sharif, living a thousand miles away, winning. But The affair took too long and the heart fell on a prince of Bombay, that’s why he made a plan to get rid of you, I can’t give any reason. That’s why he came to you the same day he your sisters got married fly to mumbai direct from the airport now i am in california i got married i spoke on the phone i was folding my hands not to tell you not to spoil his life i asked the airport at first, I just wanted to get to the bottom of the matter. Tell me what to do now…”

“Whatever I had to do, she has done. What can I do. Pray, be happy with whoever you are.”

—Since when did you start believing in prayers, man?

“When I first saw her message, I prayed that she was alive and well. And from today, when I feel that the blessings of my mother-sisters and an innocent girl are upon me, that I save from life imprisonment. . and has brought me back to life. The sadness of his passing has overshadowed his happiness in his own world, no complaint, no anger, no regret. Now there is peace. I walk, the true ones lovers are waiting It’s also good luck. that someone asks you in prayers Where is everyone’s luck…


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