Worried about lack of sleep during pregnancy? So the maternity pillow can help, knowing when to use it

Maternity Pillow Benefits: During pregnancy, a woman also needs to take care of her unborn child. The most common problem that women suffer during pregnancy is the lack of restful sleep.

With the help of the pregnancy pillow, it can help you sleep well.

Pregnancy pillow: Being a mother is every woman’s dream. The post-pregnancy experience is one of the happiest experiences in any woman’s life. During the nine months of pregnancy, new changes occur every day, in which everything changes from the way you dress, eat, get up and sit. Being a mother is both a joyful occasion and a difficult time for a woman. During pregnancy, there are many different types of changes in the woman’s body, with which special care must be taken to harmonize it.

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During pregnancy, a woman must take care of her baby and fetus. The most common problem that women suffer during pregnancy is restful sleep, because it is very difficult to turn over or sleep comfortably after lying in bed.

Bollywood actress Kajal Aggarwal recently shared a picture, in which she is seen enjoying her pregnancy a lot. Kajal Aggarwal said that the secret of her happiness when sharing this photo is the Quilt Comfort pregnancy pillow (Quilt Comfort), thanks to which she can complete sleep comfortably during pregnancy.

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Kajal Aggarwal wrote: Introducing my dear friend during my pregnancy. This pregnancy pillow relieves common problems such as neck, shoulder and back pain. It reduces acid reflux and leads to sound sleep. I can sleep, lie down and work comfortably and this pillow always gives me the most comfortable position.

If you also face the same problem during pregnancy, you can also use this special product, in which you can sleep very comfortably without causing any harm to the baby. You can also sleep very comfortably with the help of a pregnancy pillow, as well as take care that there is no harm to the unborn baby.

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So we know what the pregnancy pillow is?

We also know the pregnancy pillow as a maternity pillow. It has been specially designed taking into account the changes in the woman’s body during pregnancy, so that the pregnant woman can have support to sleep properly. This pillow is bigger and more comfortable than the regular pillow. It helps to sleep in the right position and sleep well during pregnancy. Pregnancy Pillow is a new product that helps women sleep comfortably during pregnancy.

Benefits of the pregnancy pillow Benefits of the pregnancy pillow

1. To sleep well

It is common for women to have problems sleeping well during pregnancy. This problem can be greatly improved by using pregnancy pillows. A lot of research was done on this, in which it was found that using pregnancy pillows leads to better restful sleep.

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2. Relief of body pains

During pregnancy, due to the weight gain of the pregnant woman, there is pain in different parts of the body. The pregnancy pillow also helps a lot in reducing this pain. In fact, with the use of this pillow, the baby’s back, hips, tummy, knees are fully supported, so the pregnant woman gets full comfort. In addition, it can also relieve pain in different parts of the body.

3. Improves gold position

If you do not sleep well during pregnancy, there is a risk of premature birth. The pregnancy pillow helps to improve the sleeping position, which can reduce the risk of premature birth.

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5. Useful even after delivery

Another advantage of the maternity pillow is that you can use it during pregnancy, as well as it will help the woman after giving birth, as it will help you keep your baby in the right position during breastfeeding.

Mubashir Nasir, co-founder of pregnancy pillow startup Quilt Comfort, said pregnancy pillows provide sleep and relief from pregnancy pain. Along with this, it also eliminates problems like gas formation in the stomach.

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When to start using the pregnancy pillow?

By the way, there is no fixed time to use the pregnancy pillow. You can use it anytime when you have a lot of trouble sleeping. Around the 20th week of pregnancy, the woman’s stomach begins to grow, so she begins to feel pain in the ligaments and other parts of the body due to the weight gain. You can start using pregnancy pillows during this time.

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