Krishna Janmashtami festival is celebrated with pomp – Harda News: Krishna Janmashtami festival is celebrated with pomp

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Windows. All India Marwari Mahila Sammelan celebrated Janmashtami with great pomp on Friday evening. During this, bhajans were performed and children were decorated in the form of Radha-Krishna. The swing of God was decorated at the house of treasurer Heenu Agarwal. All the members of the Mandal celebrated Janmashtami with great enthusiasm. All the sisters and their families participated enthusiastically. He enjoyed it a lot. During this Vijaya Ranka, Sona Sharma, Maya Aggarwal, Kalpana Heda, Kavita Aggarwal, Payal Aggarwal, Anne Aggarwal, Reena Agarwal, Ritu Aggarwal, Ranjita Agarwal, Meenu Aggarwal and other members were present.

Lord Krishna’s palanquin brought to the village of Nausar

Do On the occasion of Krishna Janmashtami in Nausar village, a palanquin of Lord Krishna was taken out in the village on Saturday. A tour of the village was conducted placing the idol of the child Krishna on a palanquin. The palanquin was removed from the main roads of the village. Worship was held in various places by the villagers. Aalki’s palanquin, Jai Kanhaiyalal’s applause rose. Pandit Anil Parashar said that the palanquin of God is taken from the Radhe Krishna temple of the village and by the Rathore family of the village.


The birth anniversary of Shri Krishna is celebrated with joy

Sodalpur / Timarni. Shri Krishna Janmashtami festival was celebrated at Knowledge Public School Timarni. Lord Krishna was worshiped by teachers and children by rocking his cradle and showering flowers. In which the school children gave beautiful performances in the form of Lord Krishna and Radha. The students also presented a drama based on the life of Lord Krishna. After these presentations, Kanak Singhal of Rose House, Manasvi Mishra of Tulip House, Priyanshi Rathore of Lotus House, Muskan Sarraf of Lavender House organized a blindfolded Matki blast program of the four houses of the school. At the same time, a program based on patriotism was organized. The chief guests of the program were President’s Awardee Professor Satish Shukla, Ashwini Gadre Mayura Gadre, Principal of the Institution Ankush Aggarwal, Principal Chanchalika Agrawal, Principal of the Institution Jainish Tiwari, Vice Principal Vaibhav Jadham and students, teachers and teachers were present.


Shri Krishna Janmashtami celebrated with pomp

sirali The festival of Shri Krishna Janmashtami was celebrated with great pomp in the area including the city. In which the temples were decorated. The women decorated the small children in the form of Krishna. At the same time, a special puja was organized at the Radha Krishna temple in the city. Bhajan-Kirtan was organized here. Similarly, the picture of Lord Krishna was also decorated in the Sai temple premises. Alki’s palanquin, Jai Kanhaiya Lal’s… shouts went up. At 12 pm Radha-Krishna temple after aarti, Chhappan Bhog was distributed.


Matki pho competition organized on Janmashtami festival

practical Ramsatta was organized on the holy festival of Shri Krishna Janmashtami at the Ram Temple of Lodhi Mohalla in the city. A matki phod competition was organized on this occasion. A large number of people participated. Suresh Verma of Lodhi Samaj said that the festival of Lord Krishna’s birth was celebrated with great pomp. Apart from this, the festival was celebrated in the area including Krishna Janmashtami, Mangarul village at Shankar temple located near the old police station.


Krishna Janmashtami celebrated at Saraswati Shishu Mandir

Timarny. Janmashtami festival was celebrated at Saraswati Shishu Mandir Railway Gate Timarni. In which the brothers organized the Matki Burst competition. KG-2’s brother and sister came to school as Radha-Krishna. Those who received a tour of the city in the form of a painting. At the end, after performing their aarti, gifts were given by the school. Meena Nitin Sejkar, Neha Sonu Raghuvanshi and Kishorilal Lowansi were present as guests.


Bhajan night organized on Krishna Janmashtami

Timarny. Navdunia news

The two-day Shri Krishna Janmashtami Festival was celebrated with great enthusiasm by Shri Ram Darbar Timarni on 19th and 20th August. Singing artist Akhilesh Jain, Jai Pujari, Pankaj Khanderia presented melodious hymns in the two-day programme. Artists like Sharan Patel, Abid Shah, Ramnivas Rao, Ritesh Gohia etc. they married musical instruments. Shri Krishna Janma Utsav and Maha Aarti, Krishna Jhula and traditional worship, Rasleela and Matki Burst were organized on this occasion. The head of the family, Ramkrishna Balwate, carries on this ancient and glorious tradition of the Timarni region with great enthusiasm. In recent years, an Indian level artist, Doordarshan Artist has given his performance in Bhajan Sandhya at Ram Darbar. In which celebrities like Saregama winner Abhas Joshi Mumbai, Nanuram Dogne Mumbai, Anup Jalota’s disciple Prabhanjay Chaturvedi Chhattisgarh, Kirti Sharma Bhopal, Raju Rao Bhopal and TV channel music talent show winners have given their performance here For the characteristic of social harmony, the district unit of Sanskar Bharati honored the head of the Balbate family, Ramkrishna Balbate, with a Shriphal shawl. The organization president GP Shandilya presented the framing photo of Lord Nataraja as a souvenir. Music Composer Prasad Kashiv Charkheda, Treasurer Arjun Singh Rajput, Rashtriya Swayamsevak Sangh Awardee Rajendra Upadhyay, Rashtriya Swayamsevak Sangh Navneet Ratre, Engineer Shivdayal Yadav, Dharm Jagran Samiti Provincial Officer, District Provincial President of NJ Parang Ja Mandain, Na JJ Parang Rural District President J. , MLA representative Sunil Dubey Adit were present.

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