‘Lal Singh Chaddha’ teaches boys how to love

How is that hero of Hindi films, in which women sprinkle their lives. Dev Anand used to be in the 1960s. Raju from the movie ‘Guide’, who shows Rosie the path to freedom by breaking up a loveless and disrespectful marriage. Dev Anand was doing this when Hindi film heroes like Raj Kapoor and Rajendra Kumar sometimes fought each other to get a girl and sometimes became bigots sacrificing love for friendship. But two heroes who are in love with the same heroine never bothered to know who the girl is in love with. There he had no sense of the girl’s desire. His destiny was to be sacrificed on the altar of friendship and sometimes enmity between two great men.

Then came the era of Shahrukh Khan and women started showering their lives on Shahrukh. Symbol of love and romance, the most wanted hero of Hindi cinema who spread his arms and embraced all the lovers in the world. But what exactly was that hero? That fear was the stalker of the film, for which it did not matter whether the girl was yes or no. He was a suspicious, possessive, stubborn, arrogant, possessive and controlling hero of the girl, who could go to any degree of madness to get her love. The man who was supposed to be the psych ward of the mental hospital, became the larger-than-life lover boy of the Hindi audience.

Kabir Singh was the culmination of all the suspicious, arrogant, violent, possessive, controlling and bullying heroes in Hindi films. The most sought after hero in Hindi films of the last decade. The one who considers the girl as his personal property, the bladder and considers himself great by doing all this.

All these are ideal heroes of Hindi cinema. On seeing Kabir Singh, the boys whistled in the cinema hall and the girls also heaved a little sigh. Girls also begin to spread their lives to the boys who control them considering them as personal property and possessions. What girls consider love, in the language of psychology, is called a traumatic bond.

Currently, after all these samples of Hindi cinema heroes, another hero is in front of us – Lal from the movie ‘Lal Singh Chaddha’. The film is a Hindi remake of Tom Hanks’ 1994 film Forrest Gump, which won six Academy Awards at the time.

For now, we were talking about the wanted heroes of Hindi cinema. In contrast to film heroes who got the love of film heroines, who were killed by real-life girls, who fell in love, unlike the movie ‘Lal Singh Chaddha’, how is the movie ‘Lal Singh Chaddha’, in which no girl, no woman is being sacrificed.

The following 10 points in this article are just the character sketch of Lal Singh. Now it’s up to the girls to decide whether Lal is worthy of their love or not.

1. Lal Singh will not live up to worldly standards of anything, intelligence, intelligence, intelligence and success. A guy of average intelligence, but his heart is in the right place.

2. In childhood, the girl in his class, Roopa, whom he considers his best friend, doesn’t save him everywhere by becoming a hero himself, instead he gets overwhelmed by that girl. She thinks she really knows magic, that she can contain an airplane and keep it in her pocket.

3. Where the rest of the boys in the class tease the girls, pull their braids, bully, fight with each other, bully other weak kids, Lal Singh looks very straight, very cowardly among these raging kids. He is so weak that he can’t even save anyone. Fearing himself, he saves her life, but if it’s Rupa, then he doesn’t look at it, he just jumps with his life in the palm of his hand.

4. Lal Singh was not intelligent in the worldly sense, but there are many worldly achievements as well. Much more than Roopa, but still he always feels that Roopa is smarter, smarter and more capable than him. There is more respect in Lal Singh’s heart than the love he has for Roopa. He always says, “How much you tell me, how much you tell me.” While boys tend to remain immersed in the ego of teaching and imparting knowledge only to girls, Lal Singh always listens to Roopa with great humility, curiosity and respect.

5. Lal Singh loves Roopa, but seeing Roopa in love with other people is neither possessive nor angry. Many times he asks, “Will you marry me,” and she refuses. Each time his heart breaks, but his love does not diminish.

He is not a lover, whose stories we see every day from cinema to society. On the bride’s refusal, the groom MMSed her, the groom threw acid, the groom killed her. He is not Kabir Singh. He is not even the hero of Hindi films for the song “Pathar Ke Sanam Tujhe Humne Mohabbat Ka Khuda Jaana”. It is that green grass that pours forth from the dew of simplicity, simplicity, and humanity, on which it does not prick even if a foot falls on it. It gives pleasure to the eyes and peace to the mind.

6. As many times as Lal Singh mentions his mother, he doesn’t talk about her love, sacrifice, sacrifice. It speaks of his courage, courage, wisdom. Mom can do it all. Mother is not afraid of anyone.

7. In the last scene of the film, when Lal Singh, sitting in front of Roopa’s grave, is talking to her, he tells her, “If you were there, how much you would have told me.” This phrase is the essence of his whole personality.

8. Lal Singh’s love is as delicate as dew, as beautiful as a flower. He is the kind of man who will love you forever. you love it or you don’t. He will always be with you in every problem, every difficulty, every crisis, don’t stay. He won’t ask you any questions, he won’t ask you for clarification, he won’t demand answers, he won’t consider you, he will just love you. He will respect you: your personality, life, decisions.

He will be with you as one man should be with another.

9. It’s not just about love. The truth is that the big, larger-than-life heroes of Hindi cinema never considered women as equal human beings. Really loving them is a long way off.

10. Lal Singh of average intelligence knows that to love is really to be a good person. Well, I don’t know if it’s because he knows. Is it like that. Beyond all definitions, rules, meanings.

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