MP: Understand how the Health Department is putting the life of the common man at risk

On August 1, a massive fire broke out at the New Life Multi-Specialty Hospital in Jabalpur, in which 8 people were burnt alive and 18 injured. After that, questions arose about fire safety in hospitals. The next day, three doctors, Dr LN Patel, Dr Dinesh Chaudhary and Dr Kamlesh Verma, who administered NOC at the hospital, were suspended with immediate effect.

After the suspension of the three doctors, on the same day, the then CMHO Dr. Ratnesh Kuraria, an hour later, included the names of these suspended doctors in the list to be examined by all the hospitals in the city. In other words, for the negligence for which these three doctors were suspended, they were given the responsibility to investigate other hospitals.

When it was heard in the High Court on August 18, the court was also surprised. The court said in its order that it is very shocking. When his suspension was proposed, he was also appointed a member of the Commission of Inquiry on the same day. Following this, the court has sought an affidavit from the Deputy Solicitor General in this matter.

When NDTV asked the Health Department about this matter, their response was even more surprising. Health Department Joint Director Dr Sanjay Mishra said that a team of 45 doctors was formed from the 3rd, they were given by other hospitals. The same hospital was not re-examined, the hospitals that had been examined by these three previously.

In Madhya Pradesh, ACS Mohammad Suleman of the Medical Department had last year ordered an inquiry into 13 points across all hospitals in the state. Surprisingly, the research team did not find any hospitals where the rules were kept in abeyance. However, as soon as information was sought under RTI, defects came out in 3 hospitals.

In this case, petitioner Vishal Baghel said, “This committee did not find any hospital against the norms. When we asked for the papers of 3 hospitals, their licenses were canceled as soon as the RTI was done , which shows that the research was done. 2021 was false. and the hospitals benefited from it. This happened when six major hospitals in the state burned down in one year.”

In August 2022, 8 people died at New Life Multi-Specialty Hospital in Jabalpur. January 2022: A fire breaks out in the ICU at Indore’s Medanta Hospital. A major fire broke out in Ashoknagar District Hospital in May 2021. June 2021: A fire broke out in the ICU of Khargone District Hospital, all three patients were rescued. But in November 2021, 12 children were burnt to death at Bhopal’s Kamala Nehru Hospital. The situation is such that in the fire NOC application sheet, more than 200 new hospitals were approved during the Corona period.

Now we tell you how the game happens. Last year, the government found no wrongdoing. In the inquiry order that came this year, there are 12 cut and pasted points, but one point where a building completion certificate was needed to open the hospital earlier was changed to permission from construction on August 3, 2022, that is, just passing the map. Only you can run a nursing home. Considering that in order to obtain the Certificate of Completion of the Building, apart from the completion of the building, the safety standards, which have been reviewed by the Corporation’s Building Sub-Directorate.

This is because the Municipal Corporations Act, 1956 says that any building can be brought into use only after getting the building completion certificate i.e. after death the rules were not strict but relaxed In 2021, we showed the image from the areas of Medical Education, Minister of Health. How are the boards of multicare and multispecialty hospitals installed? There are claims of many services like general surgery, internal medicine, gynaecology, but one bed, no machine, one doctor’s names are registered as resident doctors in 10-12 places in different district hospitals.

There are 503 hospitals in Bhopal, of which 212 were opened during the Corona period. There are 274 hospitals in Indore, of which 48 were opened during the Corona period. In Jabalpur, 34 out of 138 were opened during the Corona period. 116 out of 360 in Gwalior were opened during the Corona period. It was also magical that the government needed 5,000 doctors, 16,000 nursing staff, vacancies also came up but no doctors came, those who came also left. But these hospitals met all the conditions as an administration. According to the WHO, there should be one doctor for every 1000 people. On average, there is one government doctor for every 11,082 people in the country, one doctor for every 16,996 people in MP.

Well, the Bahadur administration has formed a new team for Jalabpur, in which apart from the doctors, there will be a fire safety officer and an officer from the electricity department. In this situation, it is hoped that the irregularities in the hospitals will come to the fore and the calamity on the lives of the common people will end.

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