The reasons for sweaty hands, feet, nose and head, know it from experts. The reasons for sweaty hands, feet, nose and head, know it from experts

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Some people can’t tolerate even the slightest sweat, but many experts agree that it’s good to sweat normally, except in some circumstances. Why sweat leaves the body, is it good or bad for health, what is the reason for sweating, know by Unani Dr. Subas Rai why does the sweat come-

what is sweat

Dr. Rai says before you understand anything, know what happens when you sweat. Sweat is actually small drops of water that leave the body that contain ammonia, urea, salt and sugar. Whenever the body temperature rises above normal, the sweat gland is activated to control the body temperature. This water that comes out of the body protects us from heatstroke. This water is what we call normal sweat.

sweating after a workout or in the summer

It’s good to sweat after a workout or in the summer. People used to sweat by working hard, so they were always in shape. But today people do not do physical activity correctly. In the heat, sitting in air conditioning all day is spent sitting. He could not tolerate even a little sweat. While sweating is necessary. It’s important to sweat when you exercise because exercise raises your body temperature and makes your heart beat faster. In this situation, sweating balances the body temperature and prevents fainting.

It's important to sweat while working out, because exercise raises your body temperature.

It’s important to sweat while working out, because exercise raises your body temperature.

Toxic substances leaving the body

Sweat removes toxic substances from the body. In addition to salt, sugar, sweat also contains substances such as cholesterol and alcohol. In this situation, the body is cleansed and all the organs work better.

strengthen the immune system

With daily exercise, sweating strengthens the immune system. This makes the body ready to fight diseases.

Sweat brightens the skin

Sweat makes the skin glow. In fact, sweat opens the pores of the skin. In this situation, the toxic substances deposited on the skin also leave through the sweat. This makes the skin healthy and all the problems disappear.

Why do hands and feet sweat?

If your hands or soles sweat more than normal, then you have a condition called hyperhidrosis. The sweat gland is very active in people suffering from this disease.

There are two types of hyperhidrosis

  • primary hyperhidrosis
  • secondary hyperhidrosis

There is excessive sweating in primary hyperhidrosis. Which causes no problem.

There are many causes of sweating in secondary hyperhidrosis. Like sugar, menopause, low glucose or hyperhidrosis can occur.

ways to control sweating

Baking soda: Mix some baking soda in warm water and soak your hands and soles in it for 2-3 minutes. Using this solution will not cause sweating for several hours.

talcum powder If there is slight sweating on the palms, apply talcum powder.

tea bag Put water in a bowl, put 4-5 tea bags in it and soak your palms in it. It will control the sweating of the hands.

meditation- Diseases are cured by meditation. Excessive sweating only occurs when you are under stress. With yoga and meditation, you can stop sweating by reducing your stress levels.

Improvement in diet Diet modification is necessary to stop sweating. Eating garlic, onions and spices causes excessive sweating, so consume them in moderation. Drinking tomato juice daily also relieves this.

Why do you sweat while eating?

Many people like spicy food, hence sweat occurs. Many people sweat even while eating normal food. People often ignore this, but this problem can become a big problem. Sweating while eating puts you at risk of developing hyperhidrosis. If you are also concerned about this serious problem, see a doctor.

Sweat comes even in extreme cold, so don’t take it lightly

If you suddenly sweat in winter too, what could be the reason for this. know here

Why sweat comes in winter?

If you are sweating even without exercise in the cold winter, you need to be careful. Let us know that if you sweat even in winter, what disease can it be a sign.

low blood pressure Winter sweat is a sign of high blood pressure. Which can lead to a heart attack. Due to the low blood pressure in winter, due to the large amount of calcium in the arteries that bring blood to the heart, it begins to close. In this case, sweating occurs and the heart rate increases. In this situation, a doctor must be seen, otherwise there is a risk of a heart attack.

low sugar level The reason for cold sweat is the low level of sugar in the body. A person’s normal sugar level should be about 70 to 100 mg in 1 deciliter of blood on an empty stomach. But less than that, sweating starts, which indicates a low level of sugar in the body. This condition is dangerous for the patient with diabetes.

menopause-If women in their fifties sweat in winter, it is a sign of menopause. In fact, at the onset of menopause there is more sweating due to hormonal activities.

obesity- Obesity is one of the main reasons why people sweat even in winter. Excess cholesterol in the body can also be a reason for this.

If women sweat in winter, it is a sign of menopause.

If women sweat in winter, it is a sign of menopause.

Are you worried about the problem of excessive sweating at night?

If you sweat excessively while sleeping at night, be aware, it is not good for your health. Excessive sweating at night is also seen as a symptom of infection with the Omicron variant of the crown. The problem of sweating while sleeping at night is not normal. This may be due to a change in body temperature during sleep.

due to excessive sweating at night

Due to excess stress, blood pressure rises, which can be the reason for excessive night sweats. Excessive sweating can also occur due to the use of medications, some medications affect the parts of the brain that control body temperature. These medications can cause excessive night sweats.

Do not ignore if the baby sweats excessively

Some children stay sweaty even when it’s cold. Sweating in winter is not normal and is even more worrying in children.

Why do babies sweat?

There is very light sweat in the winter season. Toddlers sweat because they sleep on their side for hours. This is the reason why their nose, forehead and head sweat. This happens more at night while you sleep.

dress too much

In the winter season, the mother makes the children warmer clothes. It can also cause sweating. If the child is fed with hot things, it can also cause sweating.

The child is sweating even when he has a cold, cough. Such as hormonal changes, allergies, accumulation of phlegm in the chest. Due to phlegm, there is pain in the child’s chest. He has trouble breathing. All this can make the child sweat.

symptoms of serious illness

If the baby’s palms are wet, the soles of the feet sweat and the hair also becomes sticky due to sweat, then you need to be alert.

sweat test in children

Starch Iodine Test- The test is done by applying the solution to the child who sweats a lot. This explains why the child is sweating so much.

paper test – Paper is also applied to that part of the child where there is excessive sweating. Sweat is absorbed through the paper. His weight is known as why the child is sweating so much.

Sweating is caused by a genetic mutation.

Sweating is caused by a genetic mutation.

Why does sweat smell?

“Fish odor syndrome” is responsible for the bad smell of sweat in the nose. In medical parlance, it’s called “trimethylaminuria” (TMA). It is caused by a mutation in the gene. TMA is formed due to dietary choline. Like soy, beans, eggs, there is a good amount of choline.

In the American Journal of Medicine, researcher Paul Wise wrote: “Despite being healthy, many people have body odor due to metabolic disorders and trimethyl aminuria.

Treatment of TMA

It is not possible to treat TMA without any tests. It is caused by a mutation in a gene called FMO3. TMA has a strong odor of its own. But only 10 to 15 percent of people can smell it. That is why it is difficult to treat. But whether you have this type of bad breath or not, make changes to your eating habits.

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