Kamal Nath is working on his planning to deal with BJP, know the complete plan of Mission 2023 Kamal Nath is working on his planning to deal with BJP, know the complete plan of Mission 2023

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  • Kamal Nath is working on his planning to take on BJP, know the complete mission plan 2023

Bhopal2 minutes agoAuthor: Vijay Singh Baghel

The Assembly elections will be held in the deputy next year. In every Congress meeting, Kamal Nath says that we are not competing with the BJP but with the BJP organisation. To counter the BJP organisation, PCC chief Kamal Nath is now busy preparing the Congress organization accordingly. Like the BJP organizing ministers, the district organizing ministers will also be appointed in the Congress. This general secretary will execute the activities of the organization from the booth to the Mandalam sector and will report directly to the PCC chief. Along with this, names of such well-known leaders who know the local conditions are being considered. However, the BJP has said goodbye to departmental organization ministers and divisional organization ministers and adjusted them to power and the party.

planning to deal with defection

Ahead of the 2023 assembly elections, Kamal Nath is also working on a strategy to deal with defection. Instead of giving tickets to leaders who join the Congress from other parties, including the BJP, the onus will be given to the Congress candidate to win. A senior Congress leader said that if the elections were contested by giving tickets to BJP ideology leaders, after winning the elections, there are more chances of their defection, in such a situation, Nath’s strategy is to give tickets to Congress leaders. BJP joins Congress but should adjust after government formation.

The Kamal Nath government fell due to pro-Scindia MLAs joining the BJP

Leave the organization of leaders who want to stand for elections

Kamal Nath has clearly said in the meeting held in the past that those who want to contest the elections and have taken over the organization including the district president, the district in-charge should now tell them freeing them from the responsibility of the organization. and give the responsibility to other full-time workers Following this advice of Nath, four MLAs were relieved of the responsibility of the post of District President.

Main faces of the Mission Congress 2023

Main faces of the Mission Congress 2023

In 2018, Nath and Scindia were at the forefront, Diggi and Deepak were strategist

Before the last assembly elections, the then state in-charge of the Congress, Deepak Bavaria had changed the organization of the Congress. After the District Congress Committee, the organizational structure of the Congress was raised to the booth level by forming Mandalam and Sectoral Committees. Due to this, Congress was successful in forming the government to a large extent in the assembly elections 2018. Jyotiraditya Scindia and Kamal Nath were the electoral faces in this election. While Deepak Bavaria took over the organization’s expansion into booth management. Digvijay Singh, who knew the situation across the state, had made a strategy for the Congress to come back to power by staying behind the scenes.

These were the four main faces of the Congress in the 2018 elections.

These were the four main faces of the Congress in the 2018 elections.

Nath wants the Congress organization to be free of those who carry the leaders’ briefcase

The PCC chief has publicly stated in several meetings that the Congress does not have a grassroots organization in UP. Nath has many meanings in this statement. In MP too, Nath has started strategizing to develop independent leadership by taking the Congress organization out of the control of the individual. Instead of the election of leaders in the organization of the Congress, it has been said that it gives opportunities to workers who work at the ideological and grassroots level. The CCP chief has said that instead of taking away the briefcase from the leaders, the hardworking and fighting workers should be given a chance in the organization.

Scindia’s face will not be together this time

In the last assembly elections, Kamal Nath and Digvijay Singh campaigned with the leaders of the region. Jyotiraditya Scindia was the main face of the Congress in the assembly elections 2018. But now, after Scindia’s move to BJP, Nath, Diggi is again engaged in solving regional equations. After the victory in the elections to the urban bodies, the local leaders of the Congress are now dedicated to the return of the Congress to their areas. Former Leader of Opposition Ajay Singh ‘Rahul’ is busy rebuilding the Congress organization in Vindhya. Apart from Rewa Municipal Corporation, Congress has been successful in many urban bodies in Vindhyas. In Mahakaushal, Rajya Sabha MPs Vivek Tankha, Tarun Bhanot and Sanjay Yadav, apart from tribal leader Omkar Singh Markam, are working to strengthen the Congress’ roots. In Malwa Nimar, Arun Yadav, Sajjan Singh Verma, Umang Singhar, Surendra Singh Baghel are making efforts to return to power. In the Chambal region, all leaders, including Leader of the Opposition Dr. Govind Singh, Ashok Singh are working to strengthen the Congress. The challenge is to build leadership over the Congress in the Bundelkhand region.

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