Three different shapes that will make children smart; There will be no quarrels or quarrels in the house and prosperity will come. Three different ways, with which children will become smart, there will be no fights and quarrels in the house, and prosperity will come

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Ganesh Utsav will start from 31st August. Bappa will be with us for 10 days. Dainik Bhaskar organizes a campaign to make clay Ganesha idol every year. Through this we appeal to people to make mud Ganesha at home and worship him and take immersion at home.

Today in need news we will tell you how to make Ganesha out of clay and one such trick, after which even if you dip Ganesha, he will still be with you.

Learn how to make three different forms of Ganpati from Pratiksha Sharma, Founder of Shree Creation Art and Clay Artist…

First of all, let us know which three forms we will learn…

  • Ganesh ji child form (for educational purposes)
  • Ganesha to keep at home and office
  • Ganesha worshiped in the temple

where can i get all these things

  • Shadhu Mitti, Acrylic Colors, Paper Mash and Clay Art Tool Kits will all be available at stationery or craft stores.
  • Natural colors like turmeric, kumkum or rice powder and edible gum are always at home. If not, you can find it at the grocery store.

cost of making a statue
It will cost about 200 rupees to make 500 grams, that is half a kilo of Ganesha clay.

how long will it take to make a statue
If it is done for the first time, it may take 2-3 hours. If you are an artist or have already created, it can take anywhere from 30 minutes to 1 hour.

Ganesha will be with you even after immersion, with these measures it will be possible

  • When you are preparing the soil for making the idol, you can put basil seeds or any flower seeds in it.
  • You should immerse this idol in a pot.
  • When you submerge them in a pot, after a few days they will take the form of a plant.
  • This way Ganpati Bappa will be with you all the time.

Child Form Ganesh: What is its meaning?

From the educational purpose. In other words, children who do not want to study. On his study table, you should keep the child of Ganesha. The child’s memory will be good and he will be interested in studies.

Have the child form Ganesh like this
I need these things

  • Put shadhu mitti, newspaper and edible gum together in water and keep it for 7 days to melt.
  • If there is no shadhu mitti, dissolve the paper mache by adding water to the gum.

7 days later

  • Place a plastic one on the table, spread tissue paper over it.
  • Lightly wet the fabric for softness.
  • Now take some clay to make the base, give it an oval or round shape.
  • Take some water and give it the final touch with a light hand.

start building the base of the body

  • Take some clay and shape it into a circle. Stick it with the base made on the bottom by applying a little water.
  • Make a stomach with this clay, take some clay again and shape the chest.
  • Place the cross on the belly with the help of tools and fuse the chest to the belly.
  • Correct the shape of the stomach and chest and give a finish with light water.
  • With the help of tools, split the chest into two parts from the middle. Continue to finish with light water along with the front and back.
  • Now do the legs. Make two small balls of clay and shape them into carrots.
  • After shaping the carrot, bend the clay forward a bit for the legs.
  • Attach both feet to the body as if a child were sitting on the floor.
  • To make dhoti, apply extra soil from above. With the help of tools, shape the dhoti in circular motion on the dhoti. Do the same in reverse.
  • Now to make the hands also take two small balls, shape them into carrots.
  • Make a palm and now attach this hand with the help of water.
  • If you want to increase or decrease any part of the body, add or decrease the floor.
  • Now it’s time to make a face. To do this, take some clay, shape it into a ball and stick it around your neck.
  • Make baby Ganesh ji’s face fat like a baby.
  • To support the neck and face, apply additional clay to the back.
  • Make another large ball and shape the carrot into a log. Combine the log with your hand.
  • Make the trunk of Ganesh ji in the form of a child at the front.
  • Make two small balls for the ears. Shape the ear and attach it.
  • Now brush your teeth. One tooth is complete and one tooth is broken.
  • Make the shape of a crown and apply it on Ganesha’s forehead.
  • Make a modak and apply it as if you were holding it with your hand.
  • Finally, make a small mouse and attach it to the left side of Ganesha.
  • The child form of your Bappa i.e. Ganesha is prepared in this way.

some things to keep in mind

Do not use too much water to make the idol. Until the idol of Ganesh ji is dry, you cannot paint it.

So read the charts below to know how to dry them:

How to keep Ganesh idol at home or office
We have told you above how to make a Ganesha idol. All procedures are the same. It will only change the direction of the trunk. Make the trunk of Ganesha kept at home or office by turning the left side. Do small modaks on this idol. Make a mouse and stick it.

Now you will learn how to make the Ganesh idol worshiped in the temple
The above items will also be used in this. Also, the crafting process will remain the same, but for these, the base needs to be made a bit bigger and wider. That is, as a place to sit. Remember that Ganesha worshiped in the temple will not be submerged. Therefore, its trunk will also become the right side.

makeup tips and tricks

  • He wears a janeu in the shape of a snake.
  • Wear a garland of artificial or real flowers.
  • Decorate the crown with kundan and pearls.

Now it’s time to paint. Let’s learn it too…

  • Make the skin color by mixing 3 colors, white, red and yellow.
  • Take more white and red-yellow in less quantity.
  • Mix the three well, the skin color is ready.
  • Apply the skin color to the entire body except the teeth and hair.
  • Color the dhoti with yellow color.
  • Paint the teeth white and the eyes black.
  • Also apply tilak with red color.
  • Make a small swastika on the trunk.
  • Give the crown first red color and then gold color.
  • Give a slight shade to the skin color on the ears and hands.
  • Using dark shades and braids will give the look.
  • It would be better to ignore the pastel shade.
  • The choice of color is up to you.

how is the idol of ganesh ji

  • Ganesha is called Vakratunda. In other words, its trunk must be crooked. The direction of the trunk should be understood with the right and left hands.
  • An idol in which Ganesha’s vehicle is not a mouse should not be worshipped.
  • Ganesha’s name is Bhalchandra. So make the idol in such a way that the moon is on the forehead.
  • Set up an idol like Ganesha, in which they have a noose and an ankush in their hands. This form of Ganesha has been described in the scriptures.

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