Missing girl not found in Guna even after 5 years; Dad said – YOU made him disappear. Missing girl not found even after 5 years; The father said: now I am sure I will die

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The Madhya Pradesh police had to face court reprimands for failing to investigate 12 cases in the last year. A case of Guna went even further. The police have not been able to find the child who disappeared 5 years ago. The Gwalior High Court reprimanded the police. Following this, 300 policemen and jawans were given special training in Gwalior on Saturday. Now the police team will investigate again in this case. However, the child’s father reports that the daughter has been disappeared by IT.

We tell you that in this case, the ADG recently appeared in the Gwalior High Court, where he was reprimanded. In a special training, 300 police officers have been instructed how to investigate the case, so that no aspect is left out. Read what has happened so far about the disappearance of a minor in Guna…

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First of all understand the whole case…

Aaron Tehsil of Guna District. A father lives here with his 17-year-old daughter. On July 30, 2017 at 11 am he had gone to the ration shop to get kerosene. When she had not returned for a long time, her father went out to look for her. He found the control shop closed. He asked the people around, but he didn’t know. He tried three times around the village, but there was no news anywhere. When he arrived at the police station the next day, he was chased away by the police.

The FIR was also registered after 10 days

On August 3, the father sat in the police station from the morning until 8 in the evening, when the police received the request. The police registered the FIR on August 9. However, no effort was made to locate the girl. Two suspects were later captured, who were released for lack of evidence. In this case it has been known that one said he had killed the minor after raping him and throwing him into the pond. After that 3 SITs were also formed for investigation but the girl could not be traced.

This bed box was bought by the father for the daughter. I haven’t used it since my daughter left. He is sad that the daughter asked for a smartphone, which he could not get. They will always be sad about it.

Pain of the father – The police lie, he is responsible

“From the day I wrote the report, the then IT Abhay Pratap Singh did not turn up at the police station. He used to go to the police station every day. He is suspected to have made the daughter disappear. They should be investigated. IT he has misled the officers and the court. The government had appointed the police to protect us but they became the canteens. It has been 5 years, the daughter is not known. If some senior officer investigates, the child may come. There there were many difficulties in the birth of the child. Her first 6 children died in the womb. The wife had epilepsy. When this child entered the womb, I did not let my wife work. I used to take care of her by staying- she was with him day and night. She didn’t let him hurt her.

Premature delivery occurred in the same month 7. The doctor asked her to take care of him. He always had his daughter with him. He brought goat’s milk and made him drink 54 thousand rupees. The daughter was my everything, my soul. Now only the body remains. My soul is gone. Since the daughter has gone, the kadhai has not been mounted on the stove. I am living a simple life. I have become weak. Weight loss of 10-15 kg. He sold 6 bighas of land to raise his daughter. He does not attend any of the society’s programs. I have been waiting for my daughter for 5 years and waiting for justice. If my daughter comes, I might live. Otherwise, death is certain.

Both father and daughter lived in this kutcha house.  The father said: everything is daughter to me.

Both father and daughter lived in this kutcha house. The father said: everything is daughter to me.

The case was then filed with the High Court

The father of the missing daughter filed a petition for habeas corpus in the High Court. Hearing the petition, the High Court became strict. From the station in charge, ASP TS Baghel, SP Nimish Agarwal, IG Srinivas Verma had to appear before the court. It was only after the court’s rigor that the road map was given through an affidavit in court last month. In this regard, training was requested for police officers on thorough investigation and police attitude in these cases. The court was asked to submit the status report after the training by August 29. So far no trace of the girl has been found.

Officers learned investigative skills at a two-day behavior and attitude change in police investigative skills organized by IIITM Institute, Gwalior.

Officers learned investigative skills at a two-day behavior and attitude change in police investigative skills organized by IIITM Institute, Gwalior.

Trained at Gwalior IIITM

Due to errors in the investigation, the criminal gets the benefit. The police also have to stand before the court again and again. On several occasions in recent months, the courts have encountered shortcomings in the police investigation. Questions were raised about the functioning of police officers in this regard. Especially after the case of the girl missing in Guna for five years, the police needed training of more than 300 sub-inspectors from 8 districts of Gwalior-Chambal zone in investigative skills. Officers learned the nuances of investigative skills at a two-day program on behavior and attitude change in police investigative skills that began on Saturday at the IIITM Institute, Gwalior. read the full news

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