Noida Twin Towers demolition caused damage to nearby buildings, who will repair them? Know the answer to every question: Noida twin towers demolition caused minor damage to nearby ats ntc society

On August 28, Supertech’s 32-storey twin towers located in Noida’s Sector-93A entered the pages of history. The two unfinished towers, which were built at a cost of around 300 million, were found in the blink of an eye. Before the blast, the Noida Authority and the police had made several special arrangements. People living in nearby societies were kicked out in the morning itself. At the same time, the buildings of these societies were covered with large curtains in order to prevent the dust from spreading. The agents held their breath. Because, for the first time in the country, such large buildings were being demolished and the safety of hundreds of floors built in adjacent societies was a big challenge. The siren sounded at 14.30 and seeing the building was collapsing. After that, officials breathed a sigh of relief. The demolition of the building went according to plan. However, during this time there has also been some damage to the surrounding societies.

Noida Authority Director General Ritu Maheshwari said the demolition work was completed as per the plan that was made. In all this process, about 10 meters of boundary wall of ATS Village has been damaged. The windows of some flats next to the Twin Towers have also been broken. Emerald Court has suffered no losses in this entire demolition process. The broken wall and glass at ATS Village will soon be repaired by blasting company Edifice Engineering. Therefore, the residents of the society will not have to pay any expenses.

The company will compensate if there is a loss of the flats for three months

According to a report, the Mumbai-based firm Edifice Engineering, which demolished the twin towers, had already secured Rs 100 crore as a precaution. Its term will be valid for three months. A company official said this insurance was made keeping in mind the apprehension of risk during the demolition process. For this, an agreement has been signed with Tata Insurance. If any damage occurs to a flat due to this demolition even within the next three months, it will be rectified through this insurance.

The authority and firefighters removed the dust with a water cannon

We report that after the demolition of the towers, the surroundings were completely covered in dust. However, the Noida Authority and the administration had already made preparations to deal with it. 15 minutes after the building collapsed, Edifice Engineering announced that the demolition had been safely completed. Soon after the Noida Authority team and the Fire Brigade got involved in dust removal tasks. Water cannons were used for this. According to the Noida Authority, 100 water tankers, 22 anti-smog guns, 6 sweepers, 20 cart-tractors and about 500 employees of the Health and Horticulture Department were already deployed in the vicinity and societies. Together they worked to remove the dust from society’s walls to trees and plants and roads.

twin tower

These towers, which were built at a cost of 300 million in a few seconds, were found in the fire, one after the other, around half past two in the afternoon. During this, first the siren sounded, then with a loud bang, a huge dust cloud rose and seeing Noida, ‘Dust Mushroom’ covered Noida. The sound of the explosion of 3,700 kilograms of gunpowder was heard from many kilometers away. People felt the threat of these explosions as far as sector-137 and sector-142. At the same time, people living in sectors several kilometers away saw a cloud of dust flying into the sky.

Air quality monitoring stations were installed

Keeping in view the air pollution caused by dust, the Uttar Pradesh Pollution Control Board had established manual ambient air quality monitoring stations at 6 locations. Through which the air quality was controlled. After the demolition, the CEO of the Authority said that on Sunday, at 14 and 15 hours, the same figures of PM-10 and PM 2.5 were received in the Quality Index of the air However, as a precaution, people around were also called upon to wear masks for a while.

twin tower

Had they been completed, these twin towers would have looked something like this

Significantly, these twin towers were included in the dream project of the country’s renowned builder Supertech. In these 3, 4 and 5 BHK flats were to be built. There was a project to build both 40-story towers, but half way through the matter went to the Court and the works were stopped. There were 950 floors in these 32-story towers, which have now been demolished. According to the information, when the construction company launched this project, it had a lot of publicity. Launched in 2006, this project was the first most luxurious project in Noida. This includes swimming pool, market, gym, club and other facilities. If experts are to be believed, if these twin towers were ready, it would currently be the most luxurious residential building in NCR, not just Noida.

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