Philosophy of Indian Jodo: They will break, we will connect

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What is the cycle of the new couples of India, move ji? Which India will you join? Unseen, the nation should unite on its own…

What is the cycle of the new couples of India, move ji? Which India will you join? Unseen, the nation unites itself. Why did you have to unite the country? These questions that arise through social media are often sharp, even cheeky. The yatra has been announced by the Congress party but now it has been welcomed and supported by a large section of the country’s mass movements and also the country’s leading intellectuals and dignitaries.

On the other hand, many people’s movements and people’s organizations supporting this yatra have also announced a parallel campaign ‘Quit Hate, Unite India’. It is no coincidence that these ideologically different voices are attractive to ‘Jodo India’. But everyone interprets it differently.

“You are traveling for Hindu-Muslim unity, aren’t you? It is very necessary,” was the message from a senior Gandhian. ‘No. It’s there, but that’s not the most important thing.’ I answered with some hesitation. Of course, today strengthening Hindu-Muslim unity is mother Bharati’s call. Since the tragedy of the partition of India, perhaps never before has there been such a large-scale, well-planned and authoritarian attempt to spread hatred and animosity between the Hindu and Muslim communities. Of course, inciting the two largest communities of the country against each other is treason and connecting them is the first religion of patriotism.

But today the first challenge is not to unite Hindus and Muslims. The first challenge is to connect Hindus with the spirit of Hinduism and Muslims with true Islam. According to Swami Vivekananda, the superiority of Hinduism is not that it considers its faith above other religions, but that it accepts the truth of all the world’s religions. The message of Quran Sharif is not to separate the head of the infidel from the body, but to unite the mind of every human being. Unless the followers of each religion free themselves from the narrow interpretation of their religion, the religious contractors and the peddlers of hate in the name of religion, the country cannot be united. So the first meaning of Bharat Jodo would be to connect religion to its core.

What is applicable to religion is also applicable to the distinctions of caste, region, language and land. Adding India would mean bridging the gap between region and language. But for this reason it will be fatal to insist on forgetting our regional identity and renouncing our linguistic culture. Especially when the Hindi-speaking people of northern India exhort the rest of the country to renounce regionalism and rise above linguistic narrowness, this supremacy is visible.

To connect India, Hindi speakers will first have to give up the feeling that they own the country and everyone else is the tenant. In this regard, it is a beautiful coincidence that this yatra is being conducted from Kanyakumari, paying tribute to the Tamil language and culture, which is much older and richer than Hindi. Similarly, bridging the gap of caste distinction will not mean that we turn a blind eye to caste, or simply stop putting caste words in front of our names.

In our country, the privilege of not knowing your caste is only for the upper caste urban people. Removing the caste name makes no difference. The only way to bridge the caste gap can be to remove all vestiges of taboo, deprivation and privilege on the basis of caste in our society even today, i.e. should destroy the high and low of the caste system. Jodo Bharat would mean breaking caste.

India Jodo cannot be just a movement of a cultural identity. Unless the life of the last person in the country is connected with happiness, India Jodo will remain just a slogan. To make India Jodo a reality, we need to face a bitter reality. In the last two years, the income of 97% of the population in the country has decreased, but in the same period, Mukesh Ambani’s wealth has increased 3 times and Adani’s empire has grown 14 times. It was recently discovered that the rich class of the country has started the Quit India movement. Thousands of Indians have renounced their citizenship in recent years. All the rich Indians are investing abroad these days. This country is being torn apart by the economic policies of this government. Without challenging it, even dreaming about the couples of India is futile.

The decision of the Indian couple cannot leave the country’s political system intact. The success of this yatra depends on the integration of political parties and mass movements. But he must also make a basic commitment to our republic. Since independence, our democracy has always been tilted, the system has always dominated the people. But in recent years people are disappearing completely, or rather just turning into a crowd. The fundamental rights guaranteed by the Constitution have become just a piece of paper.

Those who raise their voices against the government are in prison. The police administration and the CBI are now after the political opponents. Ed. And the income tax departments also lie. Leave the common man aside, now even prime ministers have no status. In which state, whose government will be formed, will survive, will be decided in the Delhi Durbar. Now the doors of the courts are also almost closed for the protection of Fundamental Rights. In this situation, connecting India would mean connecting the people with the system and connecting the hunger with the state.

Today there can be only one resolution of the Bharat Jodo Yatra: “He will be divided into segments, we will tie the rainbow.” The only slogan of this campaign can be ‘Woh Todenge, Hum Jodenge’, connecting India with a bright future can be the only meaningful culmination of India Jodo.– Yogendra Yadav

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