The girl said to the ocean: she married, called with ornaments, then did not return; He was raped twice The girl told the ocean: He got married, called with ornaments, then did not return; violated twice

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  • The girl said that in the ocean she got married, called herself with ornaments and then did not return; Raped twice

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A minor girl got off the train to go to her aunt’s house in Sagar. Life was ruined before he could get to his aunt’s house. Basanti, who ruined his life, is in jail. The police treat it as human trafficking. Police recovered another 15-year-old girl from Basanti’s mother Sharda’s house on Sunday night. The minor is a resident of Maihar. Basanti had bought it for 30 thousand rupees from a woman who sold peanuts on the train. Later, in the name of marriage, he sold her for one lakh rupees. After marriage, the girl was called from her in-laws’ house along with the jewels. He did it not once, but three times. The girl was also raped. This made her pregnant. She has a three-month-old daughter.

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The minor told this story of Basanti and her mother…

‘I’m from Maihar. About 4 years ago I left alone by train to my aunt’s house in Sagar. He got down at Sagar station. But he didn’t go to his aunt’s house. Mamta Ghoshi, a groundnut seller, was found at the station. Mamta took me to her house asking to sit in Maihar’s train. Here Mamta kept me hostage for about 3 months. After that Mamta did my deal. He sold me to Basanti’s mother Sharda for 30 thousand rupees. Basanti and his mother used to beat me. Both were kept hostage for a few days and then sold to Rahatgarh in the name of marriage for around Rs 1 lakh. So I was sold twice.

Even this did not fill Basanti’s life. He called me again with jewelry and money from my in-laws’ house. After that the in-laws did not send. When the boys contacted Basanti, she silenced him by threatening to implicate him in the case. I’m underage so even guys didn’t complain. Since then he lived in Basanti’s house. Meanwhile, Biscuits aka Deepesh had come to Basanti’s house to fetch liquor. He raped me. Basanti’s brother Dhan Singh also physically abused me. This got me pregnant. I have given birth to a baby girl. My daughter is three months old.

Human trafficking accused Basanti and Kolkata resident Antur Rai. Basanti had made a deal with Antur for the marriage of a minor. He had come to get married when the police caught him.

all the accused arrested
Women’s station in-charge Sangeeta Singh said that based on information, the house of Basanti’s mother Sharda was raided. A 15-year-old girl has been recovered from the house. In the case, accused Sharda, groundnut seller Mamta, who raped a minor, Dipesh and Dhan Singh have been arrested.

Basanti's mother Sharda and peanut seller Mamta Ghoshi.  Both held the minor hostage and also beat him.

Basanti’s mother Sharda and peanut seller Mamta Ghoshi. Both held the minor hostage and also beat him.

Character arrested in human trafficking…

master mind basanti: Used to keep minor girls hostage in the house. I used to sell them liquor. After that, he married money. After marriage, she used to call her in-laws with jewels and money.

Sharda, Basati’s mother: Along with Basanti, Maihar’s minor was bought for 30 thousand rupees. held hostage in the house. There was also physical abuse.

Mamta Ghoshi: Mamta, who sold peanuts at the railway station, kept the girl hostage in the house for three months. Basanti’s mother was sold to Sharda for 30 thousand rupees.

Cookies also known as Dipesh: Basanti works as a liquor seller from home. Accused Dipesh came to fetch liquor. he raped the girl.

Basanti’s brother Dhan Singh: The victim was raped at home.

Antur Rai: Accused Antur, a resident of Calcutta, had come to Sagar’s house from Basanti for marriage. He has been arrested by the police before.

Accused Dhan Singh and Biscuits alias Dipesh.  Both had raped a 15-year-old girl.

Accused Dhan Singh and Biscuits alias Dipesh. Both had raped a 15-year-old girl.

Two missing girls had exposed Basanti’s stick
On July 30, two girls, aged 14 and 8, went missing from Veerpura village in Sagar’s Jaisi Nagar police station area. The relatives arrived at the police station and filed a complaint. The police registered the case and started investigation. During the investigation, it came to light that an 8-year-old girl had gone with a 14-year-old girl. While searching, the police arrived in the Karila area. Where the police recovered the two minors from the house of the accused Basanti. In action, the police arrested the accused Basanti. The police arrested the accused Antur Rai, a resident of Calcutta, from the house of Basanti, who had come from Calcutta to marry Sagar.

During interrogation, a 14-year-old girl had explained that Basanti started selling liquor. He married in three different places. Call back after marriage. As soon as the matter came to light, the police had registered a case against accused Basanti and accused Antur Rai, who were arrested from their house, under other sections like human trafficking. Cases of prostitution and liquor trafficking are registered against the accused Basanti in the past.

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