The Truth About Delhi Liquor Scam

Ajay Dixit

The Truth About Delhi Liquor Scam

The Truth About Delhi Liquor Scam If there is any scam under Delhi government’s excise policy, CBI is investigating. The CBI had conducted simultaneous raids at various places in seven states, including the residence of Deputy Chief Minister Manish Sisodia. The action in Delhi lasted about 15 hours.

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Whatever documents, equipment, evidence are in the hands of CBI, they have been seized. The Enforcement Directorate (ED) may also come into the matter as the FIR has been shared. Now the CBI will conduct a proper investigation, interrogate the accused and finally file the charge sheet in the court.

Whoever is found guilty in court will be punished. What is BJP’s role in this? Why is the BJP harassing elected public servants? Earlier news came that a vigilance circular had been issued against Sisodia. Sisodia is the elected public representative.

Like Nirav Modi, Lalit Modi, Mehul Choksi and Vijay Mallya, they are neither fugitives nor have they taken money out of banks. He cannot go anywhere outside the country without the permission of the Government of India. So circular gazebo? When this discussion turned serious, the CBI refuted the vigilance circular. was it a joke After all, who wrote this script to slander and defame?

Various BJP MPs and spokespersons kept estimating the amount of the scam differently, which turned out to be wrong continuously. In the CBI FIR, the scam amount has been written differently, but the BJP continued to make disclosures ranging from Rs 8,000 crore to Rs 1,100 crore. What kind of policy is this?

Why is the public misled? Of course BJP is the ruling party of the country but it is not the investigating agency. Our investigative agencies are autonomous and have different functions. Of course, even the Supreme Court continues to parrot the CBI, but the originality of its investigation into corruption cases is unquestionable. The CBI also works under the Prime Minister, so how can he avoid his gestures?

Is the investigation also done according to the Prime Minister’s will? Absolutely not, if that was the case, the opposition leaders in India would have been in jails. However, for a few days, the BJP has been bombarding questions as to why the liquor scam happened in Delhi? Why did the government implement the old excise policy leaving the new policy? It’s morning and the BJP rumble begins, while the CBI has been given the task of investigating.

In retaliation, the Aam Aadmi Party (AAP) is projecting its leader Arvind Kejriwal as a national alternative. AAP is continuously shouting that 2024 general election will be PM Modi vs Chief Minister Kejriwal.

However, Kejriwal has not been accepted by the entire opposition as a unanimous leader. Chief Minister Nitish Kumar of Patna and Chief Minister Mamata Banerjee of Kolkata have their own restrictions.

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The Truth About Delhi Liquor Scam In fact, the fundamental conflict is that the BJP under the leadership of PM Modi wants to crush the electoral prospects of Kejriwal and AAP. Assembly elections are due in a dozen states this year and in 2023. Ahead of the general elections, the BJP wants to strengthen its ground, so that challenges can be neutralized, but the opposition is trying to prepare his land

The Truth About Delhi Liquor Scam

Looking ahead to 2024 or so, we don’t even consider AAP as a dwarf challenge to BJP. The comparison between the two is incorrect: elephant vs piddi. Where is the party with a cadre of over 15 crores and about 400 MLAs and where is the semi-state of Delhi and AAP confined to a total of one and a half states of Punjab, which does not have a single MP in the Lok? Sabha. AAP has also lost Sangrur, the parliamentary seat of the Chief Minister. In Uttarakhand and Goa, deposits of party candidates have been lost.

The Truth About Delhi Liquor Scam The Congress remains the largest party on the opposition side, with which the AAP equations are not comfortable. If Modi and the BJP face a decisive contest in 2024, the opposition will have to decide on a face now and mobilize vigorously behind his leadership. This is not a strategy that can be played on the CBI and ED board. However, let the liquor scam reach its climax and the BJP should do its other work as it has to get the national mandate.

The Truth About Delhi Liquor Scam There is a contradiction in what the BJP is saying about the liquor scam or the Aam Aadmi Party side, and it is difficult for the common man to decide who is telling lies and who is telling the truth. Still, there is hope that soon the truth will come before the common man, that the investigation will be done.

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