Umbilical hernia can occur in children, disturbed periods in women. Umbilical hernia can occur in children, periods can be altered in women

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  • Umbilical hernia can occur in children, periods can be altered in women

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Navel displacement is also called sphere slip. There can be many reasons for this, such as lifting heavy weights, bending over, climbing stairs, etc. A former medical officer, Unani knows from Dr. Subas Rai what to do if the navel slips.

what is navel slip

Moving the wrist up or down is called navel displacement. This can also happen due to heavy lifting, eating spicy food or, in some cases, sexual activity. Standing with pressure on one leg for a long time can also cause the navel to slip. There are contractions in the navel and abdominal muscles. When this happens, the belly button moves up or down from its place.

Movement of the navel alters periods

If the navel moves down, there is diarrhea and disturbances in digestion. Instead, when sliding up, there is vomiting, nausea, nervousness or constipation. If you move back and forth, there is pain in the stomach. The period can be altered if the navel of women is displaced.

Know if the navel has moved or not

If the navel has slipped, you can somehow find out at home.

measurement from navel to feet

Measure the distance from the navel to the toe. Lie flat on your back and then have someone measure the distance from your navel to your toes with a string. The difference in the distance between the toes of the two feet indicates the displacement of the navel.

find the pulse in the navel

Lying on your back, place the thumb of your hand at the place of the navel. If there is a feeling of moving the navel to the thumb, it is the right place, otherwise the navel has slipped.

Massage can bring the belly button to the right place

It is brought to the right place by massaging the navel. By applying pressure to the acupressure points, the pain is greatly relieved. But this massage is not like a normal massage, it should only be done by an expert person. If this problem exists, avoid lifting heavy things, otherwise the problem may increase.

mustard oil

Mustard oil is very beneficial when navel slips. If the navel slips, put a few drops of mustard oil on the navel on an empty stomach for three to four days. You will soon see the difference and little by little the navel will go into place.

He sits down massaging his navel.  Pain is relieved by applying pressure on acupressure points.

He sits down massaging his navel. Pain is relieved by applying pressure on acupressure points.

Navel sliding treatment with light

With a lamp, you can bring the navel to the right place. Lie on the floor and hold a lighted lamp in the center of your navel. Place a glass in it and apply light pressure so that no air escapes. Due to the steam created inside the lamp, the glass will stick to the navel. The skin will also lift by lifting it with a light hand. The air will come out and the skin of the navel will become normal. By applying pressure on the navel, it will reach the right place.

slippage of the baby’s navel

Before birth, the nutrition needed for the child’s development is obtained from the placenta through the mother. This umbilical cord is attached to the navel area of ​​the baby’s belly. After birth, this umbilical cord also comes out with the baby. The placenta is cut after birth. Since there are no nerves in this placenta, the baby does not feel pain.

Care of baby’s protruding navel

Children’s navel sticks out or sticks out more than usual. This can be caused by an umbilical hernia. Usually in children this problem heals on its own. But even at the age of 3-4, if children’s navel protrudes and is large, it can be a sign of umbilical hernia.

Why does the umbilical hernia happen?

All the baby’s internal organs develop up to 3 years after birth. In this situation, if any internal organ presses on the weak part of the baby’s abdomen, that part emerges. In this case, an umbilical hernia can occur. This is normal in children, but adults can also have this problem. This problem occurs in 10 percent of children in the first few days, in most of them it gets better on its own.

to check

Find out about the umbilical hernia by looking at the baby’s belly button. In many cases, x-rays and ultrasound are done to check for discomfort or pressure in the body due to the umbilical hernia. Apart from this, blood tests are also done if there is a possibility of blood infection or ischemia.

this is the cure

If the baby’s protruding navel does not heal by 3-4 years, surgery is required. Sometimes the child has pain because of this or there are problems in blood circulation, even then surgery is necessary. Sometimes the cause of abdominal pain in children can also be due to a twist in the intestine.

Amla and Giloy

When the navel slips, mix lemon juice with a spoonful of amla powder, apply this paste around the navel and lie down for a while. Applying amla paste on the navel twice a day brings the navel into place. Apart from this, Giloy is also very beneficial in relieving pain when the navel slips.

tea leaves are beneficial

After moving the navel, diarrhea begins. In this situation, boil a spoonful of tea leaves in a glass of water and strain it and drink warm tea. This will reduce the pain and the navel will fall into place.

You can also get relief from yogasanas

Yoga expert Veena Gupta says that there can be many serious problems if the navel slips. Therefore, you can get rid of the practice of yogasanas.

The navel can be brought into place through yoga. Let us know about these yogasanas.


Lie on the yoga mat in a careful posture on your back and then close both eyes. Now, while inhaling, lift both legs together and bring them to a 30-degree angle. After staying in this position for a while, slowly open your eyes and then leave the pose while exhaling and resting for a few minutes. Repeat this process.


Sit on the yoga mat in the Vajrasana position and then make fists with both hands and keep them close to the navel. Now, as you exhale, bend forward so that there is maximum pressure from your fist on your navel. During this, keep your head and neck up. Hold this position as long as possible while slowly inhaling and exhaling. Release the pose slowly and relax.


Lie straight on the yoga mat. Now bring the toes of both feet together and raise them up to 45 degrees while inhaling. After that, keeping both hands in line with your shoulders, keep them straight towards your knees. In this position it also raises its head and back and takes the shape of a boat. After that, while exhaling, slowly release the yoga asana.


Lie on your yoga stomach and bend both hands and rest the tips of your elbows on the floor. Tilt your head slightly forward and place your chin in the palms of both hands. After that, while inhaling, bend your right leg and then straighten it while exhaling. Repeat this process with the other leg in the same way. After a few minutes, it’s back to normal.

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