Dastaan-Go: There was an Amrita (Pritam), who used to say, I will meet Tanu again

tell me Is there time to tell stories and listen? Maybe it would have happened. Or it wouldn’t happen. But one thing definitely happens. Tales, stories are interesting for everyone. It would be better if they were present on time. If not, it’s in the past, although it’s not a bad thing. Because they are always not only telling us something, but also teaching. It brings us memories of our times. Even after sweetening the serious spices, it is drunk smoothly. That is why ‘Dastaan-Go’ has started, the process of bringing interesting stories to your loved ones. It will try to continue this process. From Monday to Friday, every day…


Sir, One was Amrita. Amrita Pritam Big name in Hindi world, Punjabi adab. used to say…

,I will meet Tanu again. How, how, know new. Maybe tere takhiyal di chingari ban ke, tere canvas te uttarangi. Jaa Khore Tere Canvas De Utte, Ek Rahasamyi Leakari Ban Ke, Khamosh Tainu Takdi Ravangi. Ja khore suraj di flame ban ke, tere sounded that ghulangi. Ya rang diya bawan he sits down, tere canvas nu walangi. Know how again, how. But Tenu will definitely get it. Ja khore ek chashma bani ho, te jiven jharniya da pani udda. Main water diya boonda, tere pinde te malangi. Te ek coldak jehi ban ke, teri chest de naal langgi. I know something new. But ina janadi yes, that the time we will do, a janam mere naal turega. Eh the body is mukda so everything is silent. But bring awareness to the thread, Kayanati Hunde particle. Main ona kana nu chugangi, te tenu phir milagi.,

Sir, In other words, there will be no effort to understand. Because even a child with a good attitude knows the meaning of these words. There is a story behind them. Still, it’s usually explained, so say it a little. Amrita used to have a love interest, Imroz. He himself became a well-known writer. The paintings were also very well done. But what happened once in his life when he met Amrita Pritam. All his fun was limited around him. But all life. As many pictures of Amrita Pritam are seen today, it is said that all of them are taken by Imroz. And man, this is the age of Google. Anyone can try it in seconds, minutes if they want. Try searching something about Imrose on google. Everything will be confined around Amrita.

The meaning of the two together was such that it was not possible to see or understand them separately. Amrita Azad was a thoughtful person. By mixing love and freedom, the bright and shiny color that was made was desired in the life of all women along with her. She used to say, “When a man denies the existence of a woman, he denies her soul.” Because a man’s outer covering is a man. While his soul is feminine. Here we have the concept of Ardhanarishvara. This means that when both meet, equally, only then is the person complete. And Imroz? He became the person who gave meaning to these thoughts and words of Amrita. He was seven years younger than Amrita. But what is the difference? He knew that Amrita wanted someone before him and maybe even more.

One was Amrita…

Imroz was well aware of the love between Amrita and Sahir (famous poet Sahir Ludhianvi). But what is the difference? When Amrita fell in love, she stopped seeing or hearing anything. ‘It’s fantastic! It is said that whenever Imroz took Amrita somewhere on a scooter, he would often write something on the back with his fingers. Imroz knew that this word which was written on the back was ‘Sahir’. Don’t say anything yet. It’s fantastic! Amrita once explained, “Imroz, once you go around the whole world.” Still, if you choose me, I have no problem… I’ll find you waiting here. It is said that in response to this request of Amrita, Imroz made seven rounds of the room where this incident happened and then told Amrita, “It is done, now…”.

From childhood, Amrita was in search of this ‘prince of dreams’. This ‘prince’ was not found in the person named Pritam Singh, who got married at just 16 years old. He had to separate from them. Then I met Sahir. when how Amrita had once said, “I had seen and heard him for the first time in Preet Nagar (the town between Lahore-Amritsar). I don’t know whether it was the magic of his words or his silent eyes. He also writes in his autobiography ‘Reseedi Ticket’: “I used to sit with Sahir for hours. During this time he smoked a lot of cigarettes. After he left, he used to have those lit cigarettes handy. Touching it used to feel Sahir’s touch. But sir, even that love didn’t work.

One was Amrita…

This was the period, when on the one hand a boundary line in the land of Hindustan was cut into two pieces and on the other hand the heart of Amrita used to be divided into two pieces. It finally broke. But then came a painter named Imroz. Connecting the pieces of this broken heart. Filling the colors of true love in Amrita’s life. After coming from his village, Imroz had come to live in the same Delhi colony where Amrita lived. They met and Imroz started taking Amrita to Akashvani’s office on a scooter. Back then, Amrita used to be an announcer at Akashvani Delhi. Right now the closeness between them was increasing that it is said that one day, famous filmmaker Guru Dutt from Bombay called Imroz. Amrita did not stop him. He never stopped anyone.

But it is said that when Imroz told Amrita that she had to go to Bombay, she wrote under her breath, “It seemed to me that I was missing something… Once this Bombay had taken my Sahir. Now the same Bombay for the second time. No one can see it so that day’s paper was kept in eyes. But sir this time Bombay couldn’t take Imroz from Amrita. Imroz didn’t feel like go to Bombay and returned to Delhi in three days. Now was the time that the closeness between the two became an inexplicable relationship. The khat-o-kitab continued between them. Then one day they both decided that now they will live together. That tells the story of the year 1964. Around that, those “seven rounds inside the room” also happened.

But sir, at that time both of them were together as if there was a direct challenge to the society. Because there was no social relationship between them. He had not married. It was just love. Such, in which no one wanted anything in return from each other. It is possible that for this love, Gulzar wrote: ‘We have seen the smell of these eyes. Don’t accuse her of relations by touching her with your hand, just feel her, feel her with your soul. Let love be love, don’t give it any name. Yes, because there is also a Gulzar among those who witness Amrita and Imroz’s love. Like Amrita, Gulzar also seems to be torn between India and Pakistan. Like Amrita, the rift between India and Pakistan often emerges in her chest.

However, there was no break between Amrita and Imroz’s love. Both played it with gusto. Imroz may have done a bit more. Amrita says, “When I used to write quietly at night, then Imroz used to keep the tea by my side slowly.” Not only this, it is also said that when Amrita was appointed to the Rajya Sabha, Imroz accompanied her to the Parliament. I used to sit outside and wait for his return. Then people often considered him the driver of Amrita. But what is the difference? Imroz, who had no ‘Uzr’ (objection) to write the name of his previous love with the fingers of his beloved (Amrita) on his back, how could he care what anyone said about him? understand what

Amrita and Imroz’s love…

Imroz once said, “We live that we know how to love.” We love that we come to live’. Then they also showed that they know how to love. And live too. So now why can’t anyone feel this power? Amrita also did it every time. He said, “Imuva, if a human being can be someone’s Independence Day, then my Independence Day is you…” and also, “Unknown, why did you meet me in the evening of life ?We had to meet, we would have met in the afternoon. Even after that, Amrita didn’t agree, so she wrote Imroz’s name, which till today, as a prayer of love , “Main tanu phir milagi”. How, how, saber nous’. In 2002, this was his last poem to come from the pen of Amrita Pritam.

Then came the year 2005. The date is October 31, when Amrita’s pen stopped. Breathing stopped. But she went, nowhere. I couldn’t even go. That is why at that time Imroz had said, ‘Amrita has left the body, not with her’. Truthfully said. Because when a woman rises above the conservatives of society, she seems to be ‘Amrita’. When a woman leads a free life, she appears to be ‘Amrita’. When a woman lives love freely, feels it awake and makes others feel it, she is known as “Amrita”. And when a woman fills the colors of free thoughts in love, unites these two different ends, then she becomes “Amrita”. This “Amrita” does not die. He is only born. As did Amrita Pritam. This day, August 31, 1919. in Gujranwala, Punjab.

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