Mental illness is being treated abroad with the help of an Indian cow, the fee to hug it is $200

There is a lot of recognition of the cow in India. Many people speak of it as a mother. Even today, people in rural areas keep cows as a symbol of happiness, peace and prosperity of the house instead of getting milk. And now, even in foreign countries, Indian breed cows are being used in the treatment of mental illnesses.

Indian cow is treating mental illness


In such a situation, it will be really surprising to know that where the cow is considered to be just an animal, the people of that place are being influenced by a miraculous quality of that animal. In a country like Australia, it is believed that the cow not only gives milk and food, but also cures the mentally ill.

What is Cow Therapy?

Cow hug therapy
Cow hug therapy

The mentally ill are being treated in a country like Australia with the help of an Indian cow. That’s why cow-hugging centers have been set up in North Queensland, where people come to hug cows for reassurance. The amazing thing is that people are also paying fees to hug these cows. People have accepted that they get relief from spending time with cows. That is why it is also at the service of those without a voice.

According to media reports, as of this year, 4 National Disability Insurance Scheme (NDIS) companies are trying to incorporate it as part of their new scheme. For this scheme, Indian breed cow has been chosen instead of foreign cow, because they are calm.

many patients recovered

Lawrence Fox
Lawrence Fox

Many people suffering from mental problems work in these institutions. Despite being mentally ill, I would have gotten a job here. These include patients suffering from personality disorders, anxiety and depression. The amazing thing is that while they are working here they are also doing cow service and they are slowly recovering. Some say the Indian cow has saved their lives.

Lawrence Fox, 34, started this organization here. He says he is seeing people recovering here with the help of an Indian cow. People who suffer from many types of mental illness come here. He also talked about equine therapy. In this therapy, people take help from the horses, embrace them. But Fox says he has spent a lot of time with racehorses and has found that the horses tend to be aggressive. can attack at any time. Spending time with a cow gives peace and happiness compared to horses.

The idea for the cow therapy business came while Lawrence Fox was doing his MBA at Central Queensland University. After that he bought these Indian cows using cryptocurrency. Although Fox did not say how much he earns from this business and how much he has saved for it.

Cow hugging is also on the rise in other countries

We explain to you that this practice of treating mental patients by embracing cow and cow therapy has been adopted in countries such as Holland and America before Australia. In America, people pay $200 an hour to have peace of mind hugging a cow.

According to a report in News18, the trend of this therapy has started from Rouer, a rural area in the Netherlands, a country known as Holland. From here the trend of this trend is being adopted all over the world. According to the media, the practice of ‘Ko Nuffelen’ (which means hugging the cow) started in Ruvar and people all over the world started adopting it.

How does cow therapy work?


We tell you that a study has also been done on the benefits of hugging a cow. In this study conducted in 2007, it was found that if you stroke certain soft parts of the cow’s neck and back, then the cow gets great comfort and becomes very friendly to you. This is the reason why in rural areas the cow is loved in this way before milking.

At the same time, doctors say that the feeling of hugging a cow is like raising a child or a pet at home. When a cow is hugged, it activates the happiness hormones oxytocin, serotonin and dopamine, which reduce cortisol (the stress hormone), reducing stress levels, symptoms of anxiety and depression.

We tell you that the practice of hugging foreign cows started in countries like America and Holland, but in Australia Lawrence Fox has started the trend of hugging Indian cows.

If you suffer from a mental illness or know someone who suffers from depression and other mental illnesses, get help. You can contact these numbers
ASRA Foundation: 022 2754 6669 Samaritans Mumbai: +91 84229 84528 / +91 84229 84529 / +91 84229 84530 Sanjivini Society for Mental Health: +911124311918

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