I went to Pakistan to work for the country.. I stayed in jail with Sarabjit, I returned home after 33 years of Kuldeep’s story

Ahmedabad: Kuldeep Yadav has returned home after spending 28 years in a Pakistani prison accused of espionage. He was lodged in the same Kot Lakhpat Jail in Pakistan where Sarabjit Singh was held. He met her every 15 days. After Sarabjit’s murder, the letter also stopped. He is very happy to go home but also sad that he has nothing today. The shirt he was wearing on his body was also found by the government of Pakistan. His family lives in Ahmedabad. Studied up to LLB. He started the business but it was unsuccessful. On meeting some people, he got an opportunity to work for the country and agreed to go to Pakistan. He currently lives at the younger brother’s house, but he tells me with a tremor that I didn’t help the family a single penny and that I don’t want to be a burden to them now. He has asked the government for help. Read more on our partner’s website i am gujarati Excerpts from Kuldeep Yadav’s interview-

My situation in Pakistan was critical…
I went to Pakistan in March 1991 and had the privilege of working for the country. I was there for about three and a half years and they arrested me. After that, they were held in army custody for about two and a half years, during which the interrogation and court martial took place. From 22 June 1994 to 26 October 1996 there was a period of interrogation and court martial. On October 27, 1996, I was transferred to Kot Lakhpat Central Jail, Lahore after serving a life sentence. My conditions there were very delicate. There were other Indians there, but I was new.

There was a lot of torture at first and during that time I had tuberculosis. He had an ulcer, hepatitis B and eventually a heart problem. It was at the mercy of the jailers that surgery was done, heart treatment was done, angioplasty was done. They thought about circumventing but I was not in the same physical condition. He continued to give me medicine continuously, it is his kindness.

On returning home, the family performed aarti.

When did you meet Sarabjit?
Sarabjit was my good friend. He also went for the work of the country and had to die for the country. He got the death sentence and I got the sentence. Our barracks used to be separate and at our request the prison administration had given permission to meet every 15 days. Anyone who wrote the name Sarabjit Singh, used to go and meet him after 15 days.

I often wrote my name. We were good friends. He lived like a brother. His thinking was very good. Whenever we met, we talked about what else we can contribute for the betterment of the country and the country. It is sad that he is not with us today.

What was the food like in Pakistani prisons?
Earlier the condition was bad but after 2012 our food and drink became very good from Pakistan government and prison administration.

how much torture there was
See, when a man is arrested, torture ensues. There is no country in the world where there is no torture in interrogations after arrest. This is not possible. It’s hard for me to say what kind of torture it is, but I’ve had a really hard time.

He received the letter from the family after 3 years
In the year 1996, when I was transferred to the civil prison, namely Kot Lakhpat Central Jail, Lahore, I wrote a letter there which was received by the family members between January and February. Then parents came to know that I am in a prison in Pakistan. As long as Sarabjit was alive, the letters kept coming. After Sarabjit’s murder, these letters also stopped coming. After that there was no correspondence from home. A letter was written from here in 2003 or 2004 that I got there after three years. Not all letters were received. If 5-7, 10 cards are written, only 2-3 were available. It was God’s grace that the happy happiness of the family members was known.

what did you do in prison
There was no official obligation. We used to work for our fitness. They used to clean huts, talk and make beads. They used to make necklaces, etc. Because of this, the SSP sahib used to deposit the money which used to be 100-200 or one thousand rupees in the sale of goods in our name in the jail bank. Whenever something was needed, the goods were available from there.

This is at the mercy of the governments of India and Pakistan.
My sentence ended on October 26, 2021 and after 8 months on June 24, 2022, I was produced in the Supreme Court of Pakistan. There the judges ordered my freedom. It is by the mercy of the Governments of India and Pakistan that the Government of India has accepted me and that Pakistan has released me. I would like to appeal to both governments that as many prisoners as there are, whose sentences have expired, either in India or in Pakistan, to release them soon. Because the happiness I have received must also be given to them. His parents, brothers and sisters have been separated for years. In the same way that I was out of touch with home, in the same way that they are not.

appeal to the PM
I appeal to PM Modi, CM of Gujarat to help me in my rehabilitation because I went to the government and lost my life in the name of the country. The colleagues I had now are a lawyer, a judge, a magistrate, an accountant, a manager. When they will come after retirement, the government gives them a lot of money. I will have a salary, a pension but I have worked for the country, what does the government give me? I am totally dependent on the government. I appeal to the government to help me because if you don’t help what will be the message to the world. No one is ready to work in India today. Those who came have not received any compensation.

This clothes is also from Pakistan
I want a house to live in. Need food and drink. You need a car, you need a bank balance. The clothes I am wearing today are also not mine because I have no money. These are given by the government of Pakistan.

I currently live with my brother and sister. But how long will I be with them? They have their own life. If I didn’t bear them a penny in life, I wish I wasn’t a burden to them. My age is not such that I can do business or any work at this time. At that age, people retire and come back.

I appeal to the government to release even those who are abnormal because they belong to India and went to India. They had gone to sell chickpeas or to sell peanuts. If they had gone through the country, then it is the duty of the country to get them released.

Brother said, we played 90s Holi together
Younger brother Dilip Kumar Yadav said elder brother is four years older than him. He said, “When we got the news on August 21, I went to pick her up on August 22. She was released on August 24 and came here on August 25 with Bhai. I recognized the my brother as soon as I saw him. I have no words to express the joy I felt at that moment. I have met my brother after 32 1/2 years. We played Holi together in 90. Bhai has returned to his home after spending almost 33 years in pakistan.my appeal to govt is that brother deserves what he has sacrificed his time life and youth for the country.we hope govt will help him.

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