34 characters of Musewala Murder…Know how many arrested so far, how many are out

In the case of the murder of Shubhajit Singh Sidhu i.e. Sidhu Musewala, the police have filed a charge sheet in the court. In this charge sheet, the police have named all those people who are somehow involved in the Moosewala murder case. In the charge sheet all the accused have been informed in a silvery manner. In fact, 34 people have been named in the charge sheet in this high-profile murder case.

The conspiracy to execute the assassination of famous Punjabi singer and Congress leader Sidhu Musewala was hatched on foreign soil. But many criminals and gangs participated to execute him. He was working on a large network to complete this murder incident. In which work was distributed to people as a company. The police have recorded the work of each accused named in the charge sheet and now their recent status. We will tell you the names of all the accused and their work…

01. Lawrence Bishnoi, the mastermind behind the Musewala massacre. Who achieved the massacre of Sidhu Musewala to avenge the killing of Vicky Meedukheda. He is now in prison.

02. Saraj Mintoo, the gangster Jaggu is considered a special man of Bhagwanpuria. Who had given shooters named Manpreet Manna and Jagroop Roopa for the Moosewala murder case. He is now in police custody.

03. Monu Dagar, who is from Sonipat. He helped Goldie Brar and Lawrence Bishnoi to give the shooter. The police have arrested him.

04. Sandeep Singh alias Kedra, who did a reconnaissance outside Musewala’s house on May 29 and informed the shooters about Musewala’s departure. He has been caught by the police.

05. Sukhjit Singh alias Sittu, this person also gave shooters to Goldie Brar and Lawrence Bishnoi. He is now in police custody.

06. Priya Vart Fauji, a sharp shooter who fired indiscriminately at Musewala’s vehicle and died. This ferocious thief is now in police custody.

07. Deepak Tinu is a conspirator in the Moosewala murder case. That the police have arrested.

08. Gangster Jagdeep Singh alias Jaggu Bhagwanpuria is a conspirator in the Musewala murder case. That is still beyond the reach of the police.

09. Anmol Bishnoi is the brother of gangster Lawrence Bishnoi, a conspirator in the Moosewala murder case. Which has recently been captured from Kenya.

10. Goldie Barad is the main conspirator of the Musewala massacre. Who currently lives in an unknown location in Canada.

11. Manpreet Mannu was a shooter involved in the killing of Khusa Musewala, who was killed in an encounter by the Punjab Police.

12. Jagroop Roopa was involved in this murder, he too was killed during a police encounter.

13. Ankit, a shooter involved in this murder, has been arrested by the police.

14. Sachin Choudhary is a conspirator in this Moosewala massacre. that still escapes.

15. Deepak Mundi is believed to be a sharp shooter, who was involved in Musewala’s murder. He is currently out of police custody.

16. Sandeep Kahlon is the person who provided weapons to the assassin shooters. He has been arrested by the police.

17. A person named Manpreet Manna had provided vehicles to the shooters involved in Moosewala’s murder.

18. Manpreet Bhau is the second vehicle supplier, who has now landed behind the bars of the law.

19. Parbhadeep Sidhu was also involved in conducting Reiki of Moosewala. The police have arrested him.

20. Pawan Bishnoi is the third vehicle dealer, who had arranged the vehicle for the shooters. The police have arrested him.

21. Charanjit Singh Chetan Musewala is the person involved in the murder, who provided weapons to the shooters. The police have arrested him.

22. A person named Manmohan Singh also participated in Moosewala Reiki. He is now in police custody.

23. Baldev Singh also engaged in the Reiki work of Moosewala. The police have also arrested him.

24. Kashish Musewala is the shooter involved in the murder. Which is now in the hands of the police.

25. Keshav is the person who helped the escape shooters after Musewala’s murder. The police have also arrested him.

26. Pawan Nehra is also the character of the Moosewala massacre, which he gave to the shooters for the murder. The police have arrested him.

27. Sachin Thapan Musewala murder case conspirator who was abroad. But he has been detained in Azerbaijan.

28. Joginder Joga is the person who participated in helping the accused. He is on the run since this murder.

29. Bittu Singh is the person who gave shelter to the shooters who killed Moosewala.

30. A man named Satbir Singh had handed over weapons to the shooters who carried out the murder. The police have arrested him.

31. Sachin Bishnoi is the nephew of gangster Lawrence Bishnoi, who operated the entire gang sitting abroad. He has been captured in Azerbaijan.

32. A suspect has been detained by local authorities in Azerbaijan on suspicion of involvement in the Musewala massacre. Indian agencies are in touch with the officials involved.

Apart from this, there are two other people, who are said to be involved in this murder. The police are looking for them.

We tell you that on May 29, 2022, Sidhu Musewala was shot dead in Jawaharke village, Mansa district, Punjab. The crime was carried out when Moosewala was on his way to the village in his Thar jeep. At the same time, the attackers surrounded them and started firing indiscriminately. Musewala died on the spot in this incident. While two of his personal security personnel were injured. In this case, the police have found the role of the Bishnoi gang to be important. For this, the leader of the band Lawrence Bishnoi, who is in prison, has also been questioned.

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