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Ambikapur (Representative of New Zealand). Rajmata Devendra Kumari Singh Deo Government Medical College, Ambikapur, has taken a high leap in the seven-year journey. The National Medical Commission (NMC) has issued a letter of permission to Ambikapur Medical College, which faced challenges to retain MBBS recognition till last year, to pursue postgraduate (PG) courses in six subjects. This is considered a great achievement for Medical College Ambikapur.

The management had submitted an application to the National Medical Commission for 48 posts in a total of 15 departments. The National Medical Commission team was continuously sending the team for inspection, the way Ambikapur Medical College was being inspected and the team members were excited after seeing the facilities, the resources available here. He was expected to get permission for PG studies from Medical College Ambikapur this year, his directions were received a few days ago, when the letter of intent was issued by the National Medical Commission. The management had to wait for the permission letter.

This wait is also over now, out of the total of 15 departments, the letter of authorization has been issued for six departments, their intention is clear that now after the completion of the procedures by the Management of the College of Doctors and the State Government, should be sent to the National Medical Commission. And Medical College Ambikapur will also be included in the post graduate admission process to be held from 1st September onwards. For Ambikapur Medical College, the post-graduation is even more important because it was established seven years ago. Only one batch left here last year. In the early years, the medical school had neither the building nor the resources. Due to lack of faculty management had to fight for recognition of MBBS but now MD and MS will also come out after studying from here. This will be a great gift for North Chhattisgarh. The availability of specialist doctors will be easy and quality health facilities will be available for the residents of the area.

He was not given permission to enter two sessions in seven years

The medical college was established in 2016. At that time there was nothing in the name of the facility. The district hospital itself was given the status of a medical college hospital. The old Sainik School building became the administrative building of the medical college. The medical college was declared year zero in 2017 and 2019 due to lack of facilities, the management was struggling to maintain MBBS recognition.

Walk to interview in other states

Challenges faced by Medical College Ambikapur to maintain its recognition. This situation has hardly arisen before any other medical school. To overcome the shortage of teachers here, the management of the medical college had organized face-to-face interview in states like Uttar Pradesh, Bihar, Maharashtra, Odisha so that doctors from other states would be ready to serve in Ambikapur Medical College and here the faculty has overcome this deficiency, the professors of the Colleges of Medicine displaced in the initial phase used to spend many days in other states, two or four doctors also participated in the interview, then even going to Surguja, dominated by tribes. they gave their services. Despite these challenges, the level that management has reached today is the result of the efforts of all doctors and staff.

the health minister changed power

After the Congress came to power in Chhattisgarh, Health Minister TS Singh Deo had made every effort to equip Ambikapur Medical College with all the facilities, and his effort was to meet the standards set by NMC. Along with approving about Rs 400 crore for the building of the medical college itself, he also performed the Bhoomi Pujan of it. Today the medical school building, hospital and staff quarters are nearing completion. He also made personal efforts to overcome the shortage of teachers. Medical professors posted in other medical colleges in the state were posted in Ambikapur. This is the reason that today there is no shortage of teachers, resources and facilities.

Application for 48 places in 15 departments

The Management of the Faculty of Medicine had applied for 48 seats in 15 departments for PG studies. These include General Medicine, Community Medicine, Anatomy, Physiology, Biochemistry, Pharmacology, Pathology, Microbiology, Paediatrics, General Surgery, Orthopedics, Nasal, Includes ear diseases, eye disease, obstetrics and gynecology, anesthesiology department. All these departments have been inspected by the National Medical Commission team.

Strong potential for PG studies in these departments

The National Medical Commission has issued permission letter to Medical College Ambikapur for three seats each in Microbiology, Pharmacology, Ophthalmology and Community Medicine departments, besides two seats in Pediatrics department and one seat in Biochemistry subjects. All these departments are provided with all the facilities, there is no shortage of faculty in these departments, facilities and resources have also been made available in the hospital. In a week, 10 days, there is every possibility of obtaining permission from the National Medical Commission for the rest of the departments.

now what next

Dr Ramnesh Murthy, Dean, Medical College Ambikapur, said that the PG studies will start after getting the permission letter from the National Medical Commission. Now the affidavit will be given by the state government to the National Medical Commission. Management should be affiliated to Ayush University. As soon as this process is completed, all India and state seats will also be allotted under the supervision of National Medical Commission. He said only permission letter is required for PG studies. The process that has survived now is at the governance and management level. He expressed the hope that in the next 10 days, a permission letter from the National Medical Commission for the study of PG will also be issued to the other departments.

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