Santosh is turning soil into gold after melting gold, friends along with Akash earn more than 2 lakhs every month

If you go to any village in the country, you will find thousands of youngsters who dream of becoming a doctor, engineer or IAS officer. There are very few such youths in the village who want to make agriculture their career. Most of the youth do farming only because they had no other option. But 28-year-old Santosh Jadhav left the family business and made farming his career. His family business is a gold refinery, but he dreamed of leaving gold smelting and turning the land into gold. Today he is not only a successful farmer, but also a hero who has awakened the hope of agriculture in many young people.

Santosh would never have reached where he is today, had it not been for his friend Akash Jadhav. You must have heard that behind every human being’s success is the hand of a woman, but Akash Jadhav became his partner in Santosh’s success. Akash thought of pursuing a career in filmmaking or YouTube after engineering and finally chose YouTube. He was always thinking of doing something new with a friend of his. Akash’s search ended with Santosh and the two friends together”Indian farmerHe started a YouTube channel called ‘. Today Akash and Santosh have become role models for millions of youngsters.

Thus began the journey to YouTube

Akash and Santosh together started the YouTube channel Indian Farmer in 2018. This was the period when the internet had become very cheap due to the entry of Reliance Jio in the market and people were using YouTube more and more. During this time, when the Indian Farmer Channel came out, for the first time people got a channel that gives very good information about agriculture. At that time there were very few YouTube channels related to agriculture. Both made the first video from the cell phone that was of paper mulching placement. People liked it a lot and after that little by little the journey of both of them progressed. Today there are about 30 thousand subscribers to his channel.

Santosh and Akash, both initially faced opposition from the family

Whether we talk about Santosh or Akash, both of them initially faced opposition from the family. Sangli, who lives in Maharashtra’s Sangli district, lived in Prayagraj, UP for about 4-5 years because of his family business of Gold Refinery. When he returned to Sangli in 2015, he decided to make agriculture his career. He wanted new experiments to be done in agriculture and technology to be used. First he had to face the opposition of his family in this matter. The people in the house even said that why do you leave the vehicle running and get a new car. Well, Santosh had full faith in himself and one day it proved itself. His farming methods won the hearts of the family. Today he not only earns from YouTube but also raises flags in agriculture.

When Akash finished his engineering and thought of making YouTube a career, he also had to face opposition. People in the house were worried about what would happen to YouTube, how they could move forward. In this also the question arose about the concept of making agriculture videos, which after all can be done only for a few years, what will happen after that. Well, everyone kept talking, but Akash had seen and understood the growth of the Internet over the years. In such a situation, he knew that if not today or tomorrow he would succeed and people will understand his work. Today, though the Indian Farmer YouTube channel has a happy face, but Akash does the technical part that makes every video and reaches out to people. Without him, the Indian Farmer YouTube channel would not have reached where it is today. He is assisted in all tasks by the team of Akash and Santosh, which includes Ashutosh, Sanju and Ashish. These three team members are also from Akash and Santosh’s village.

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What is the business model, how much does it earn?

Speaking of starting a YouTube channel, which was the biggest concern of family members, it’s gone. His concern was that after all, how much money could kids make making videos. Today Indian Farmer YouTube channel earns up to Rs 2 lakh per month. Not only that, an average of 60 thousand subscribers are added every month, which means that in the coming days, this income will increase even faster. Indian Farmer YouTube channel earns in two ways, first is Google Adsense ads and second is influencer marketing. Santosh markets the products or services of some agritech companies, but is also responsible for helping farmers.

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The journey was not easy, he faced many challenges

The journey to get here was not easy for Santosh and Akash. Not only did he have to face family opposition, but he also had many challenges to work through. Making agriculture videos is not easy. Sun, dust, water in the field, it’s hard to make videos in the middle of all that. Initially, the camera he had was not capable of filming in the sun, so he had to shoot videos in the morning and evening. I used to go to the field to make irrigation videos and suddenly the light would go out, that was also a problem. After putting the video on the Internet, it was also a challenge to reach as many people as possible. At the same time, due to not having a lot of money, he found it difficult to buy a lot of equipment, but as the channel got bigger, his earnings increased and the challenges decreased.

The bus won’t stop until the video, know the future plans

Santosh and Akash may have started with a YouTube channel, but they don’t want to stop at just videos. Their goal is to create this ecosystem, which can better help people in the agricultural sector. Akash says he wants more people to make these videos, make YouTube channels, become agricultural engineers. He believes that only with the help of an Indian farmer, the information about agriculture cannot be spread across the country. In such a situation, more people should come in this field. Santosh also does a lot of jugaad so farmers can save time in farming and help them. Santosh’s jugaad has become so popular that now one person in his team works just to do jugaad throughout the day. Right now Santosh and Akash have no plans to start any farming business but in the future if needed to help the farmers they can open the business as well.