Some spent the money in installments on other jobs, some drank alcohol with the money from the house. Some spent the money in installments on other jobs, some drank alcohol with the money from the house

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In the Chanchoda area only the foundations have been built and left. The second installment didn’t work.

On the one hand, some needy people continue to roam around PM housing, on the other hand there are some cases where even after getting the money, the beneficiaries did not build the house. He spent that money on another job. At the same time, there are many who went to other states with the housing quota. The list of incomplete PM houses in the district is increasing. There are some cases where it has been more than three years, but the house has not been built.

before process to understand

Let us know that PM Modi’s ambitious Prime Minister Awas Yojana was started in 2016. Under this, Rs.2.50 lakh (in 3 installments) is given for construction of houses in urban areas and Rs.1.20 lakh (in 4 installments) in rural areas. In rural areas, the first installment of Rs 25,000 is given. With this money, the beneficiary must build a house. The size was set at about 280 square feet. 2.80 lakh rupees is spent to build a house of this size. This amount is spent combining wages and materials. Even in this, only one room, kitchen, late bathroom can be prepared. You can only make its frame and roof. Then if you have to put paint-paint, window doors, there is a separate expense.

they achieve Is PM Accommodation

A beneficiary can be husband, wife and unmarried daughters/sons.

A beneficiary should not own a pucca house, which means the house should not be in his name or in the name of any other family member in India.

Any adult can be treated as a fully independent household, regardless of their marital status.

this Come doing problems

More than 3,000 afternoon homes are incomplete in the district. There are many reasons behind which. The first reason is the rise in inflation, due to which it is not possible to build a house with such a small amount of money. The second reason that has come to the fore is surprising. The money arrives in the beneficiary’s account, but the beneficiary uses it remotely. Instead of building a house, he does other work. Many of these cases have come to the fore in which the beneficiary spent the money received to build a house on the purchase of a car, mobile. Someone took money and went to work in another state. Now the employees are looking for him, but they can’t find him. Learn about some similar cases where the beneficiary spent the money elsewhere.

Case-1: Liquor was drunk from the first delivery

In Mayan village of Manya Gram Panchayat of Guna district, one family was approved for the year 2021-22 PM. 25 thousand rupees of the first installment was deposited in his bank account for the construction of the house. Despite this, he did not start building the house. From this delivery the foundations of the house were to be laid, after which he would get the second delivery. When asked the reason for not building the house, the woman said that her husband got drunk with that money. So the house could not be built.

box,2, house to run In pennies expense

Similarly, in the same year 2021-22, an Air family from Myna got an approved accommodation. 25 thousand rupees were also received as first installment but they did not start building the house. When asked the reason, she was told that money was being spent on household chores. In this situation, he was now asked to start building houses by arranging money from anywhere.

Many houses are half dead.

box,3, pennies prey Gujarat Here we go Went

In Gomchikheda of Dungasara Panchayat, one family was approved for PM housing in 2019-20. The first installment of Rs 25,000 was also released to him. Instead of building a house, the family emigrated. He received information that he has gone to Gujarat. Now he doesn’t come back and can’t talk to him. In this situation, the construction of the house could not even begin now. The amount was also wasted.

box, 4: 80 thousands others To work In expense

In the year 2017-18, PM housing was approved at Barodia Khurd village of Singhadi Panchayat, 8 km from the city. He got the first share of 25 thousand. With this he made the foundation of the house. Geo-tagged after the completion of the first job and the second installment entered your account. This time 80 thousand rupees were received. After getting the second delivery, he did not continue with the housework. He spent this money on other jobs. Now the house work is incomplete for last 4 years. He’s not building the next house. That’s why it’s called incomplete. Even after talking to him many times, he doesn’t work.

These are just a few cases. There are hundreds of similar cases in the district, where the beneficiary took money but did not work. The Gram Panchayat Secretary, Employment Assistant is now going around their houses, but the work is not progressing. Officials say that until one delivery is made, the second is not released. Because of this, PM houses have been incomplete for years. Beneficiaries do not work even after being directed many times.

three thousands PM Accommodation incomplete

The target was to build 55 thousand PM houses in the district from 2016-17 to 2021-22. Most of these have been built, but about 3200 late houses are incomplete. All the same reasons are coming out behind their non-construction, in which many did not start the work even after taking the amount. Many beneficiaries did some work, but after getting the second installment, the work did not continue.

More than three thousand PM houses are incomplete in the district.

More than three thousand PM houses are incomplete in the district.

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