Bihar: Future of thousands of children buried due to schools ruined by Kosi floods – Ground Report

  • Faisal Muhammad Ali
  • BBC Correspondent, Belagote (Supaul), Bihar

In just 48 hours, dozens of Belagote houses, a wide unpaved road and hundreds of adjacent bamboo trees, were submerged in Kosi, as well as the school where the village from one to the other. The children studied up to the fifth grade. .

There was an atmosphere of strange chaos at Belagote (on the first Saturday of August), about seven to eight kilometers from Supaul town.

The river reached the roadside with boats, platforms attached to banana trees, and sometimes men, women, and children carrying goats, goods, chickens, and huts on their heads.

People cutting down bamboo and other trees with axes and scythes, pulling them with ropes after they fell, to transport them to a dry place.

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