Taking the child from her lap, the woman jumped into the overflowing stream from the flood and saved the young man.

Rabina said- I jumped on my self-confidence in the drain, I knew I could save him and I could save myself too.

special things

  • she fled leaving her 10-month-old son to save the young man
  • The police rewarded Rabina with a cash reward
  • On the second day, the body of another young man was found in the drain


In the Nazirabad police station area of ​​Bhopal, Madhya Pradesh, two youths returning home from work were swept into the overflowing drain on Thursday evening. Seeing this spectacle, a woman who lived nearby took the child from her lap and jumped into the drain herself and saved a young man by playing with his life. She also tried to save the other young man, but was unable to save him. The body of another young man was recovered on Friday morning. The police have handed over the dead body to the relatives after establishing a road and getting the dead body PM.

For saving the young man’s life, the police rewarded the woman with a cash reward. You are kind, not weak, you are the name of Shakti, a woman has proved this fact by a woman who comes from the Kanjar society. The company accused of participating in criminal activities. Not only did this woman save one of the two drowning youths by jumping into the water, without taking care of herself or her 10-month-old son, but she also called the police. For the courage of the woman who saved the young man’s life, she has been rewarded with a cash prize.

The matter is from Nazirabad police station area of ​​Bhopal. Police station in-charge BP Singh said Raju Ahirwar (25) lived in Kadhaiyakala village and used to engage in agriculture. On Thursday, he along with his partner Jitendra Ahirwar had reached the farm located in Khajuria village to spray insecticide. After working all day, they both returned home around six in the evening. In the afternoon, there was heavy rain in the area due to which the drain located between Kadhaiyakala and Khajuria got waterlogged.

When the two young men started to cross the ditch, other fellow villagers present on the other side forbade them to do so. Tying the bike key with a T-shirt, he threw it to the other side saying that he would return home after taking the bike to Nazirabad. However, the key and shirt fell down the drain and washed away. On this, the friends told Raju and Jitendra that they are coming the other way, till then stay on the coast. However, without listening to the friends, Raju and Jitendra started crossing the drain. They had only advanced for a few minutes, then they were swept away by the strong current.

During which the two youths were trying to cross the drain and chatting with friends, during which time Rabina, who lives in Kanjar Tapre, was watching the whole scene. Rabina had a 10-month-old baby on her lap. He also forbade both of them from crossing the drain. As soon as Rabina saw that they were both flowing in the water, she made the boy sit on the ground and jumped into the ditch. During this, he grabbed Jitendra and dragged him, but could not get Raju out.

Raju’s brother Suresh Ahirwar informed the Nazirabad police about the incident. The police, who arrived at the scene, searched the drain for a while, but when nothing was found, the action was stopped. The search resumed on Friday morning with the help of Local Guard personnel and divers. Raju’s body was found in the drain around ten in the morning, about fifteen meters deep.

The woman’s husband is dedicated to improving his society
The society from which Rabina comes is accused of being involved in criminal activities. But Rabina’s husband Vijay Ram and his family are constantly committed to improving their society. Hence, it is devoted to connect the people of the society with the mainstream of the society of their village, tehsil and city. Vijayram is constantly trying to get the benefits of various government schemes in the Kanjar society.

Rabina Kanjar said that: “I went to fill water to the tap with the child on my lap, I have a 10-month-old baby. When the tap was filling with water, a young man was drowning. When he saw me he said save didi let’s save me so i thought he is drowning he is a boy from his village so i thought he should be saved sitting boy i jumped into the water, I jumped without delay. Because I know how to swim. I jumped in my self-confidence. Because I knew that I could save myself and save him too, with the experience of swimming. So I saved him and went take out. I also tried to save the other one but I couldn’t.

During the police rescue operation, Rajan Kanjar, brother of Rabina Kanjar, was also present with the team. The head of the station has also honored him.

A policewoman saved an unconscious person from the flood by lifting him on her shoulder

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