Use potatoes this way, follow these tips

Public Relations Webdesk. Who doesn’t like potatoes, everyone likes to eat potatoes in the form of potato parathas or potato curry or any other form. The potato is found in all corners of the world. You may not know about the foolproof benefits of potatoes. By eating potatoes, the blood vessels remain flexible for a long time. Therefore, eating them also increases your age. Its best use is roasting in ashes, peeling and eating.

According to scientists, the benefits of potatoes –

When the skin is removed from the potato, its nutrients also disappear with it. The vitamins remain in the water that remains after boiling the potatoes. Instead of throwing this water away, it should be eaten mixed with vegetables or legumes.

Potatoes are rich in protein, carbohydrates, phosphorus, potassium, sulphur, copper and iron. Vitamins “A” and “C” are also found in small amounts.

Treatment of diseases with potatoes

Arthritis- After roasting four to five potatoes in hot ashes, remove the skin, apply salt and chillies to taste, eat it daily cures gout.

If there is pain in the joints, swelling in the knees or any kind of disease in the joints, then crushing raw potato and applying it is very beneficial.

Dried potatoes have 8.5% protein. Potatoes contain protein like eggs. Protein is essential for the elderly. The protein in potatoes is very beneficial for the elderly and removes the weakness of old age.

Acidity: If your digestive system is not good and sour belches keep coming, take it after roasting potatoes, salt and black pepper in ash (bhumal) or sand. Eliminates constipation and intestinal odor. The element potassium present in the potato prevents astipitis. Roasted potato is digested faster than roti. It provides more nutrients to the body than wheat bread.

Beri-Beri- Extract the juice by crushing or pressing potatoes, drink 4 times a day according to the amount of a spoon. This benefit can also be obtained by chewing raw potatoes and swallowing the juice.

Wrinkles of the skin: Mashing raw potatoes and rubbing them on the hands is beneficial in case of wrinkles on the skin of the hands due to cold wind in winter. Lemon juice is also equally beneficial for this. Ringworm, pimples, gas and muscle diseases are cured by drinking the juice of raw potatoes.

Gaurvarna: Mashing the potato and rubbing it with the skin makes it light in color.

Eye webbing and puffiness: Rub raw potato on shilbatte and apply as a kajal on eyes in the morning and evening, 5-6 years web and up to 4 years puffiness is removed in 3 months.

Obesity: We think potatoes cause obesity, but potatoes do not increase obesity. After frying potatoes and eating hot spices, ghee, etc., the fat that enters the stomach increases obesity. Boiling potatoes or roasting them in hot sand or hot ash is beneficial and safe.

Nutritious food for children: By giving potato juice to young children who drink milk and older children, they become cool. You can also drink potato juice mixed with honey.

Potato juice extracted in this way – Wash the potatoes well in fresh water, grate them along with the peel and press this pulp with a cloth and extract the juice. Keep this juice covered for 1 hour. When all the trash, the pulp settles to the bottom, separate the clean juice from the top and use it.

Swelling: Injury to the body often occurs due to swelling. For this remedy, cut raw potatoes like a vegetable. Boil them in water one and a half times the weight of the potatoes. When only 1 part of the water remains, washing the swollen part caused by the injury with water, cooking will be beneficial.

Kidney stones: If you have kidney stones, eating only potatoes is also very beneficial. By giving only potatoes to the stone patient and giving more quantity of water frequently, kidney stones are easily removed. Magnesium is found in abundance in potatoes. That removes stones and prevents the formation of stones.

Blue discoloration of the skin: sometimes turns blue with lesions. Mashing raw potato in the blue stay zone is beneficial.

Skin burn- Many times hands burn while working. Mash the raw potato and apply it on the burnt area and if the skin can get burnt due to strong sunlight then heat it, applying the juice of raw potato on the burnt skin improves the beauty.

Heartburn (heartburn): If there is a burning sensation in the heart, drink potato juice. If it is difficult to extract the juice, chew the raw potato with your mouth and drink the juice and spit out the pulp. By drinking potato juice, the burning sensation in the heart is removed and it seems to cool down immediately.

Vata rakta- Mash raw potato and apply on thumb in vata rakta, it ends pain. Apply it to the painful area as well.

Erysipelas – This is such an infectious disease, in which there are small swollen granules, the skin appears red along with fever, in this disease, it is also beneficial to grind potato on the affected area.

Rheumatism: If you constantly have a small potato in both pockets of your pants or pajamas, this experiment protects against rheumatism. Eating potatoes is also very beneficial.

Cutting pain- Apply poultice of raw potato on the waist.

Swelling and pain in knees- If there is swelling of the mucous membrane of the knee and any kind of disease in this joint, then crushing raw potato and applying it is beneficial.

Disadvantages of eating potatoes

Do not use the potato if it has become soft or if the water has a bad smell.

Eating potatoes can be harmful for people who suffer from heartburn, gas or diabetes.

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