Cases of dry eye increase in children, parents will not pay attention, then tears can dry up. Dry eye cases increase in children, parents will not pay attention, so tears can dry up

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There are many coaching classes in MP Nagar Zone-2 Bhopal where many kids join the coaching to prepare for the competitive exams. We found a lady named Kamini whose daughter is studying more in mobile and laptop since few years. He recently had a dry eye problem, so it’s hard for him to study. He is being treated by the doctor.

Dry eyes have become a common problem in the fast and polluted lifestyle. Along with adults, small children also face this problem.

Let us know the answers to important questions about dry eye in children.

Today’s expert is Dr. Kamran Aqeel, Senior Consultant, Sharp Sight Eye Hospitals.

Question- What does dry eye mean?
There is a layer of tear film in our eyes, which acts as a moisture-proof and protective shield for the eyes. Due to its alteration, the problem of dry eye occurs. For example, not being able to make enough tears, the tears dry up quickly or their quality deteriorates.

According to Dr. Rajesh Sinha, an eye specialist at AIIMS, when we use mobile or laptop more and are attentive. Then there is a lot of strain on the eyes. Hence the water in the eyes, which comes out in the form of tears. It starts to dry. It has a direct effect on the retina of the eyes and there is a problem of dry eyes.

You also know what the report says

  • According to a 2018 report by the Indian Journal of Ophthalmology, 32% of people in North India suffered from dry eyes.
  • According to Dr. Shrikant Kelkar, director of the National Institute of Ophthalmology, 3% of children before the crown were victims of dry eye, but after the crown, this problem has occurred in 67% of the children

Parents should take care of these things

Children are not able to properly explain the problem related to the eyes. If they have a problem like dry eye, they often rub their eyes. In this situation, parents should pay attention to their children. Do not ignore them under any circumstances. By some symptoms in children, you can identify whether they have a dry eye problem or not. For this read the charts below

urgent matter- According to the US health agency CDC, the eyes blink 66% less when looking at a computer or mobile screen. According to a report, due to the lockdown of the last two years, i.e. 2020-2021, children in the country spend an average of 4 hours a day on the screen.

Question- After seeing the symptoms, what tests should be done to know whether the child has a dry eye problem or not?
Whether or not the child suffers from dry eye is determined by the Scrimmer test. The doctor places strips of blotting paper under the eyelid. After 5 minutes, dry eye is diagnosed based on the absorbed tear.

If your child shows these symptoms, take him to the doctor immediately. Get him treated. However, along with treatment, taking some precautions or home remedies, the child can recover quickly.

If dry eye is a problem, follow these home remedies

  • If your child is studying on a cell phone or computer, ask them to take a break from time to time.
  • If your child is watching TV or cell phone at home, ask him to go outside and play.
  • Avoid fumes or other substances that irritate the eyes.
  • Many people smoke cigarettes in front of children at home. If a child has a dry eye problem, smoking a cigarette in front of them can damage their eyes.
  • Have the child wear sunglasses while going out. Also use a hat or an umbrella. So that your eyes can be protected from the sun or dirt.
  • Place a humidifier around the child’s bed and keep cleaning it. This will help increase the moisture in the eyes.
  • Give the medicine to the child exactly as the doctor has told you. If any medication bothers your child, contact your doctor immediately.
  • Notice if your child uses artificial tears from time to time.
  • Place a warm or wet washcloth on your baby’s eyelids for 5 minutes every morning. Then lightly massage your eyelids. It helps to increase the natural moisture of the eyes.

If the child has serious eye problems, take him to the doctor immediately. Do not use home remedies.

Question- If the child is stubborn and uses more devices such as the mobile phone or the computer, what to do?
Keep these 7 things in mind:

  • Hold your computer screen at a distance of 20 inches slightly below eye level, or at arm’s length.
  • If the child’s eyesight is already weak, definitely get glasses while using the computer or cell phone.
  • Don’t forget to blink while looking at the screen. With this, you can avoid the problem of dryness and spots.
  • There should be enough light in and around the screen. Also, keep the brightness of the gadget so that it is not too low or too bright.
  • Avoid rubbing your eyes when you are tired. Because it can increase the risk of eye infection.
  • Keep font size larger on mobile/computer. Use a clear font. Like Arial it is considered a good font.
  • Ask children to get enough sleep and drink plenty of water. Drinking less water can increase dry eye symptoms.

while going

You can include these things in your diet to keep your eyes or children’s eyes healthy.

  • Leafy vegetables: contain vitamin C. Prevents eye damage. They also contain folate, which reduces vision loss.
  • Nuts: This means walnuts, cashews, peanuts, etc. They contain omega-3 and vitamin E. Vitamin E improves tear production.
  • Seeds – Omega-3 is found in chia and flax seeds. Apart from the eyes, it is also beneficial for the heart.
  • Legumes: contains fiber, protein, folate and zinc. Zinc contains melanin, which protects the eyes from damage.

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