‘Insistence’ to bring education to every child, a teacher turned the whole town into a school

Professor Dinesh Mishra says that when he started mohalla classes during the Corona period, all the children could not come together to study. The main reason for this was that there are maximum working class people in the village.

Professor Dinesh Mishra became an example.

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When the Corona crisis hit India, at that time the education system was completely derailed. They were sitting at home for fear of corona infection. Then there were some people who torch of education They had left home to awaken the light of knowledge and to complete the education of children even in confinement. With this resolution, a teacher from Jabalpur fulfilled his duty and went from village to village and taught the children. So much so that the teacher turned an entire town into a school. TV9 has brought Bharatvarsh on Teacher’s Day, the story of Dinesh Mishra, the teacher from Jabalpur.

The condition of education in the schools located in the village is not hidden from anyone. Except for a few towns, the story is the same everywhere. But there is also a village in Jabalpur, Madhya Pradesh, which has been given a valuable gift of education by a teacher. Which became a blessing for the whole town.

The whole village is a school in itself

In fact, this entire town has now become a school in itself. In any street in the town you go out, you will see only images and atmosphere full of education. This village is Dharampura, which is 40 km from Sanskardhani Jabalpur, where every wall awakens the light of education.

There were locks on the schools

Please say that because of the Corona, the schools were closed for two years. In urban areas, students somehow completed their studies, but the problem was in rural areas, where due to lack of adequate resources, students’ education was almost complete. The School Education Department arranged for online teaching of school children with the help of DG-Lap app when schools were closed, but in tribal-dominated Shahpura block of Jabalpur, children or their parents they didn’t have smart phones.

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Professor Dinesh Mishra became an example

During this, government teacher Dinesh Mishra came up with a plan to keep the kids involved in the lockdown. To fulfill his duty, Dinesh goes to the villages adjacent to Dharampura Primary School two to three days a week and teaches children keeping social distancing in mind. When the government started the education of children through radio, then Professor Dinesh bought the radio on his own and distributed it to the village children. Even those who have smartphones in the village were identified and persuaded to allow the children to use their mobile phones for online studies for a while.

Changed the image of Dharampura village

Professor Dinesh Mishra says that during the Corona crisis, he does this to keep children engaged in studies and following their religion, which gives them inner happiness and satisfaction. Dinesh Mishra has changed the image of Dharampura village. He made every wall instructive. Everyone is praising this unique initiative of the Govt teacher. This thought of Master ji catches the attention of young children especially.

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No child should be deprived of education: Dinesh

Professor Dinesh Mishra says that when he started mohalla classes during the Corona period, all the children could not come together to study. The main reason for this was that there are maximum working class people in the village. Those who leave early in the morning to work in the brick kiln fields and also take children with them to work. Faced with this, the idea came to the teacher’s mind that no child in the village should be deprived of education, so he thought of making all the walls of the village educational.

teacher needed

Now Professor Dinesh Mishra’s work is being appreciated all over Jabalpur. Everyone says that such a teacher is needed in every school today. People believe that if these teachers are made all over the country, the government schools will be transformed. This work of Professor Dinesh Kumar Mishra has increased the prestige of the Guru along with the future of the country.

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happy teachers day

Teacher’s Day is celebrated every year in the country on September 5. On this day, students congratulate their teachers and thank them for guiding them in life. Because in India the teacher also has the same place as the parents. In every student’s life, the role of his teacher is very important, so it is said that even without a good teacher with good education, a student’s life is incomplete.

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