Modi government is creating hate and fear, only two have control over media – Rahul

New Delhi: Former Congress president Rahul Gandhi has launched a scathing attack on the Modi government, saying unemployment and inflation have reached their peak in the last eight years and instead of trying to stop it , the government has taken unpopular measures to spread. fear and loathing has worked.

Addressing the party’s ‘Drawing Par Halla Bol’ rally against government policies at Ramlila Maidan on Sunday, Mr. Gandhi said that the situation in the country has become very bad today. Ever since the Bharatiya Janata Party government came, hatred and anger are rising in the country.

He said that hatred is continuously spreading after the arrival of Modi government but the government is not stopping it. Similarly, there is an atmosphere of fear in the country and it is continuously increasing. He said that since the arrival of this government there has been not one but many fears. Due to the wrong policies of the government, people are afraid of their future, afraid of inflation and afraid of unemployment.

The Congress leader said, “The difficulty is that this fear is not diminishing, this fear is increasing, because of this hatred is increasing in India. People are divided by hatred, the country is divided, the country is weakness

He said, “Today inflation and unemployment have created more difficulties in the country. All the credit for the difficulties the country is going through goes to the irresponsible BJP government. Today the country will not be able to provide employment to its youth even though The unemployment you are seeing today will increase in the coming times.
Shri Gandhi said that Modi government is working to give pain to the poor and common people in every way. The pain of unemployment is being shared among the youth, the pain of inflation among the poor and the pain of hatred among others. Society is torn apart by hatred and unemployment is destroying the youth and family budget due to inflation.
He said that people are suffering because of unemployment on one hand and inflation on the other. In 2014, LPG cylinder was priced at Rs 410, which has now become Rs 1050. Similarly, then petrol was 70 per litre, which today is 100 per litre, then diesel was 55 per liter and today it is 90 rupees per litre. Mustard oil has increased from 90 per liter to 200 per liter today.
Attacking the government in a scathing tone, he said, “Modi ji, here are all the details of inflation, from flour, to the prices of oil, cylinders, milk, petrol, you have set fire to it. Leave the litre, take care of the public. The common citizens of India are in a lot of trouble, they are suffering a lot. If the opposition wants to raise these things in the Parliament, then the Modi government does not allow the opposition to speak in the Parliament.
Taking a scathing attack on the government over demonetisation, he questioned, “Narendra Modi did demonetisation, demonetisation benefited the poor. Taking money out of the pockets of the poor, the poor were told that this is a fight against black money.Then the government waived off the loans of the country’s big industrialists.
He said that this government can give benefits to the industrialists but it has nothing for the farmers and the poor. He said: “We will waive the loans of the industrialists, but they will not waive the loans of the farmers, they will introduce three black laws against the farmers. These three black laws were not for the farmers, these black laws were for the two industrialists themselves. The farmers had understood, so the farmers of India took to the streets and showed Narendra Modi the power of farmers.
The Congress leader said that the Modi government should understand that the two industrialists whose loans were waived off, these two industrialists do not provide employment to the country, small and medium industries, farmers provide employment to the country, but Modi government has helped these people. The spine is broken.”

Shri Gandhi said that he understands people’s problems and considers it his responsibility to try to solve them, so he will not shirk responsibilities, he will support the common people and raise his voice. How has the government benefited the poor, farmers, laborers and small shopkeepers of India in the last eight years?
The Congress leader said, “Only two industrialists in India are taking full advantage of the Modi government. Ask other industrialists also, they will also tell you that in the last eight years we have not benefited, only they have benefited two people.The media scares the peasants, breeds hatred.
He said, “BJP-Sangh leaders are dividing the country, deliberately creating fear in the country, creating hatred. Then BJP is giving full benefit to these two people. Hate is a form of fear, one who is afraid, only hatred arises in his heart. He who has no fear, hatred does not arise in his heart.”
The former Congress president said, “The Congress is fighting an ideological battle. The Congress party unites the country. Only the Congress workers can save the country. Only the Congress ideology can take the country on the path of progress .We will go directly to the public and tell them the truth, whatever is in our hearts, they will understand.
He said the Modi government has done all the work for two people. He said: “Television belongs to two industrialists, newspapers belong to two industrialists. These two industrialists are working 24 hours for Narendra Modi and Narendra Modi ji is working 24 hours for these industrialists. Here we have friends from the media, their job is to raise the problems of the citizens, but they are not doing their job either. How will they do their work, because this medium is also the medium of the same two industrialists.

Referring to the Bharat Jodo Yatra of the Congress, which began on September 7, Mr. Gandhi said: “All roads are closed to us, only one road remains for us, that is to go among the people and tell the truth of the country to the people. Listen and understand public opinion. We will go directly to the public and tell them the true, whatever is in his heart, they will understand. That is why the Congress party will start the Bharat Jodo Yatra.”
He said that the Congress party unites the country. Only Congress workers can save the country. Only Congress ideology can take the country to the path of progress. He said that the enthusiasm and hope spread on the faces of the people who attended the rally is the result of the same faith given to them by the Congress. This belief, this hope is our strength. With this we will break the pride of unjust dictators, we will start a new and better tomorrow.
Gandhi said, “Congress is an ideology and the party fights for that ideology. I want to thank the Congress workers. Fight for our ideology, fight for India, fight for the Constitution. Just a party worker of the Congress can save the country.”
Describing the Congress as a party that unites the country, he said that hatred is eradicated and when hatred is eradicated, fear diminishes, then the country moves forward. In last 40 years highest unemployment is due to Modi government. He asked people if unemployment, inflation, hatred make the country strong.

At the ‘Miti Halla Bol’, 17 leaders, including former party president Rahul Gandhi, addressed the gathering and all criticized the Modi government while praising the leadership of Mr. Gandhi.

17 speakers, including Mr. Gandhi, on Sunday addressed Congress workers from different parts of the country who attended the ‘Rally Halla Bol’ organized at Ramlila Maidan here. People had reached the rally site before 10 o’clock, while Mr. Gandhi arrived at the rally site around 1 o’clock.

The rally was first addressed by Gaurav Gogoi, young MP from Assam and said that only one leader Shri Rahul Gandhi is fighting for the country. The crowd of people who came to the rally shows that this movement of the Congress against the government will not stop now.

Congress general secretary Tariq Anwar said that the Modi government is working to divide the society and through this rally a strong message will be sent to the government. Ashok Chavan said that the government is killing the poor with inflation and this rally has been organized to bring the voice of the country’s poor to the central government.

Rajasthan Congress youth leader Sachin Pilot said that this government will continue to wake up the government for the attack on the people by increasing inflation hugely. Mukul Wasnik said that the game played by the Modi government with the people of the country will not be tolerated. The war against the government has begun with this rally.

Congress leader in Lok Sabha Adhir Ranjan Chowdhury on his resignation from the party without naming senior leader Ghulam Nabi Azad said Congress is a river and people keep coming and going. He said that Congress leaders are connected with people and that is why Mr. Gandhi has organized the Bharat Jodo rally to connect with the people of the country and unite India.

Addressing the Congress rally, former Madhya Pradesh Chief Minister Kamal Nath said unemployment is the biggest challenge facing the country and Congress leader Rahul Gandhi carries the voice of farmers, poor and common to the government through this demonstration. Former Haryana Chief Minister Bhupendra Singh Hooda said the large crowd attending the rally says that a declaration of change is taking place in the country under the leadership of Mr. Gandhi.
Jammu and Kashmir Congress president Ghulam Rasool said the poor are in a bad state in this government and the poor are getting worse. Chhattisgarh Chief Minister Bhupesh Baghel said the surprising thing is that the Modi government can waive loans of ten billion rupees to industrialists but has no measures to control inflation.
Leader of Opposition in Rajya Sabha Mallikarjun Kharge said that the Modi government is very afraid of inflation. He is not ready to talk about it in Parliament. During the session of the Parliament, he was warned to hold a discussion, but he continued to adjourn but in the end he had to give permission. He said that this is a deaf mute government that does not listen to the voice of the opposition and the voice of the people.
Rajasthan Chief Minister Ashok Gehlot said the Modi government is proving itself incapable of dying. Delhi Pradesh Congress President Anil Chaudhary said that he is continuously making noise about inflation but this deaf and dumb government is not ready to listen.
Himachal Pradesh Congress leader Pratibha Singh said inflation and unemployment will naturally dominate the state assembly elections. He said that people are suffering from inflation but the government is not ready to take any step.

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