This wealth is costing the country dearly

In our childhood, I used to play an exhortation song about Akashvani almost every morning: He became rich overnight, which is a traitor to him, do not respect him., At that time people had not completely forgotten Bapu’s saying that this land can satisfy everyone’s needs, but the land cannot satisfy man’s greed. Therefore, if one’s wealth was not his crime, then it was definitely a matter of shame and his action was considered dishonest. But now not only the time has changed, but the rulers of the country have replaced the dream of equality in the constitution with the dream of wealth and made it very respectable.

So, on the Bloomberg Billionaires Index, there is no guilt in celebrating India’s Adani Group chairman Gautam Adani becoming the third richest person in the world. Giving this news to most of the media, it has been said that he is the first person in Asia to achieve this ‘department’. He has passed French businessman Bernard Arnault and now Tesla CEO Elon Musk and Amazon founder Jeff Bezos are ahead of him.

Even a newspaper has written that Adani’s wealth is increasing at rocket speed and it is quite possible that it will continue to grow even after becoming number one. Just in February, he became Asia’s richest man by overtaking Mukesh Ambani. His net worth topped $100 billion in April and last month he overtook Microsoft’s Bill Gates to match fourth-ranked Mukesh Ambani at some point in the index. And now he has gone one step ahead of him and reached where not even Jack Ma of China could reach.

The details of his total net worth and his rival riches given by the media after that don’t make much sense because we already know how much of the world’s total wealth and resources are held by the rich and their wealth The non-rich population has to survive on the small portion of them.

No doubt his description would have been very meaningful if he had explained how much we are paying as a country for the increased wealth of Adani and others like him. Thus, who does not know how the rich get richer by making the poor and the poor poorer, and how mercilessly the dream of equality must suffer because of it?

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