We think outside the box, don’t pressure students to choose any subject. Don’t pressure students to take the subject, let them think outside the box

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The style is different in my thinking, everyone is a fan of fate and I want the right paths.

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Message to all teachers and students at school: We can learn good things from good movies, right? Well come on, today I’m going to tell you about a moving movie.

Dead Poets’ Society, directed by Peter Weir, is an inspirational film from 1989 about a conservative school (Welton Academy) and a new English teacher: Mr. Keating. It is a fictional film set in the period of 1959. The film has also won the BAFTA Award for Best Film and the Academy Award for Best Original Screenplay, among many other awards.

Excessive discipline versus individual freedom

Mr. Keating wants to experiment with unconventional teaching methods with the goal of making his students independent thinkers, which the school’s tough headmistress Gail Nolan doesn’t like. In this effort, Professor Keating encourages one of his students (Neil Perry) who really wants to be an actor – but his father wants him to go to the best university in the country – to become an actor. On this issue, Neil Perry’s father pulls him out of Welton Academy and has him admitted to a military academy. Frustrated by this, Neel commits suicide with his father’s revolver. The school’s tough headmaster tries to blame Mr. Keating for Neil’s suicide.

Five important lessons from the movie Dead Poet Society

1) Importance of “Humanities” as a subject: For schools, parents and students crazy about science and maths, this film explains the importance of humanities subjects (language, history, political science). In the film, Professor Keating explains this to his students Industry, banking, the military, etc. they make life easy, comfortable and safe, but “Poetry, beauty, romance, love…these are the things we want to live for.”If these things are removed from our life, then the meaning of life will be lost.

2) Force students into a certain professional career: Life is too short not to act on our dreams: Many of us wait for the right moment to make our dreams come true. But life is not that big. Schools and parents need to understand that lifestyle is more important than financial security to be happy doing the work they chooseThe middle ground can be found in how we live a good, safe and respectful life while doing the work we choose.

3) Communication with children: Conversation is the key to understanding: Neil Perry, a student and ideal son, discovers that his passion lies elsewhere and that it is not quite what his father expected. But when his father disobeyed, it had dire consequences. Neil makes a decision that leaves everyone devastated. This happened because of the lack of intelligent communication, Students should not hesitate to stand their ground in front of their parents and the school. Students will only be able to do this when they have a supportive environment.

4) think outside the box,Change of attitude: Sometimes, no matter how hard we try, we find that life isn’t going the way we wanted it to. To change his attitude, Mr. John Keating asks his students to stand on the table and look around., A change in attitude can change your whole life. Try to look at the same things in the world from a different perspective. Because sometimes the change we seek is not a new job, a new city or a new person; Sometimes that change is what we have to introduce that how we see the world.

5) Action must be taken: Professor Keating tells his students ‘Seize the day’, that is, today it is all that it is. Talking, dreaming is fine, but in the end you will only succeed with action. Unless you implement the ideas, talking, planning and strategizing will stop producing results. Schools and parents must encourage action among students.

Other lessons like being loyal to your friends, learning to have more self-confidence and having high self-esteem, politics and the pitfalls of guilt can also be learned from watching the movie.

So today’s race bottom line is that it’s foolish to run after a money race in a blind race. And yes, read a lot of poetry.

It will show!

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