Knowing what technique the twin towers are being demolished, it would have taken 2 years if they had to be demolished otherwise

Demolition of Noida Supertech Twin Towers: There were only two options for the safe demolition of the illegal twin towers of Supertech in Noida, the first with explosives within seconds or demolition, which would have taken one and a half to two years. Here’s what the experts said. This building is about 100 meters tall, which is more than the height of Qutub Minar. An official from Edphis Engineering, which was working on the demolition of the building, said it will be safely demolished on August 28 using “waterfall implosion” technology. He said that the Apex Tower (32 floors) and Cyan (29 floors) would be knocked down like a pack of cards in less than 15 seconds. At the same time, it will ensure that no damage occurs to the surrounding buildings, one of which is only nine meters away, he said.Also Read: War of words between builder and RWA after twin tower collapse, Supertech answered what will be built on the land

Edphis partner Utkarsh Mehta said he was “150 percent” sure the twin towers would be safe and demolished in the direction they planned. He assured people living in nearby buildings that apart from a “slight crack” in the paint and plaster, there would be no damage to their homes. When asked how many options he had to bring down the Twin Towers, Mehta said he had three options: diamond cutters, use of robots and “implosion” – to bring down any structure. “The method of demolishing the building was chosen for three reasons: cost, time and safety. Mehta said that the complete demolition of the building using the ‘diamond cutter’ technique would have taken about two years and cost five times more than the ‘implantation’ technique. Also Read – Twin Towers Demolition: Sufferers Shouldn’t Forget To Walk Through Debris, Doctors Warn

He said: “According to this technique, with the help of the crane from top to bottom, each pillar, wall and beam should be cut and separated.” Mehta said that about a year and a half to two years after using the robotic technology. they have taken time and during this there would be a loud noise due to which the residents of Emerald Court and ATS Village would have suffered. He said that demolishing the building in this way would have cost less than a diamond cutter but more than an ‘implementation’. The head of Edfis has said that since the Supreme Court had ordered the demolition of the twin towers as soon as possible without disturbing the neighbors, the ‘implantation’ technique has been chosen. Also Read – See the latest images of the Twin Towers reduced to rubble, society’s people return

Mehta said, “Edphis and our specialist South African partner Jet Demolitions had the experience of demolishing the Maradu complex in Kochi, Kerala in the past, which is why we chose this technique.” The order was given to demolish the tower. In view of the demolition of the twin towers on Sunday and in view of this, around five thousand residents of two nearby societies Emerald Court and ATS Village have been ordered to vacate their homes at 7 am on Sunday. Residents will also have to take about 2,700 vehicles and pets. No person or animal is allowed within 500 meters of the Twin Towers. 3,700 kg of explosives will be used to bring down the two towers.

According to an estimate, between 55 and 80 thousand tons of debris will be released from the demolition of the twin tower, which will take at least three months to remove. Anand Sharma, director of Executed Private Limited, a consulting firm on the project, said the building is very strong and steel has been used in its construction, so the company responsible for the demolition of the building faces a great challenge. He said deep holes would have to be made in the walls to put explosives in the building. However, these challenges did not deter the authorities from using the implosion technique for demolition, as there were many other aspects that favored this technique.

Sudip Paul, managing director of Structural Engineering India Ltd, described the technique as effective “for bringing down tall buildings”. He assured that because of this, the environment and traffic, as well as other day-to-day activities, are less affected. Paul stressed: “It is a quick process compared to the traditional demolition method, due to which the people involved are exposed to debris, dust, sound and vibration for a short time.” It falls in the designated place, which is another positive aspect, especially considering the population density in the area. However, there are some dangers in building demolition. Amaresh Kumar, structural engineer and senior director, EIL, said, “If not detonated properly, debris can fall outwards at a very high speed and endanger human life.” side and damage other useful structures.

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