Madhya Pradesh: Big scam in chief minister’s department, tampered food distribution!

Who can forget the time spent during the Corona period, there was a period of disaster all around, but actually someone has turned this disaster into an opportunity, then it is the ruling Bharatiya Janata it the choice of ‘Uttar Pradesh , the choice of Uttarakhand or Manipur… all the BJP leaders including the Prime Minister were saying this loudly that we are distributing free ration, we are distributing free ration….

It means how the government demonstrates its obligations to the public, it should be learned from the current government…

Well…there are many ration distribution schemes that are run by governments, one of them is “Take-home Portion Chart” or “Nutritional Diet Chart”.

According to the report of the Accountant General of Madhya Pradesh and a leaked CAG report, the identification, production, distribution of food grains and quality control of beneficiaries of the scheme have been tampered with on a large scale.

According to the alleged leaked report, under this scheme, around 49.5 lakh registered children and women were to be given nutritious food. Thousands of kilos of nutritious food worth millions were to be carried, but actually motorbikes, scooters and automobiles have been used for this. Apart from that, it has also been said that the number of beneficiaries is very inflated.

It is alleged that the Accountant General’s report says that by manipulating the figures, ration of more than Rs 110 crore was distributed only on paper.

The most important thing about this is that this game of corruption was happening in the ministry which is under the Chief Minister Shivraj Singh Chouhan himself. If all these reports are correct, then the result was that crores of public rupees went into the pockets of the corrupt system and children, women remained malnourished.

Why are we talking about a serious problem like malnutrition, what is the ‘Take Home Ration Scheme’ for it? It is important to understand.

The Union Ministry of Women and Child Development manages the ‘Take home ration plate’. Under this, a nutritious ration is provided to young children and pregnant women, so that children are freed from malnutrition and women get complete protein according to their needs. According to reports, 49.58 lakh children and women are registered in Madhya Pradesh under this scheme. This huge number includes 34.69 lakh children in the age group of 6 months to 3 years, while 14.25 lakh pregnant and lactating women are involved. Apart from this, 0.64 thousand girls who have dropped out of school, whose age is between 11 and 14 years, are also included.

The number of children and women enrolled in the Take Home Ration Scheme can be estimated how big a scam it can be, because not getting full nutrition is like playing with the lives of not only the women but also the finished children to be born

The scale of this scam can also be gauged from the fact that six companies claimed to have used trucks to transport 1,125.64 tonnes of ration worth Rs 6.94 crore, but when investigated, it checked that the trucks were The registration number is for scooter, motorcycle and automobile.

We are telling you that in April 2018, the Ministry of Women and Child Development had to complete this survey to know how many school dropout girls are eligible for the Take Home Ration Scheme. However, this survey was not conducted until 2021, and later the number was inflated.

This report is said to say that in the school education department around 2018-19, the number of these girls was said to be 9 thousand, but without any survey, the number of these girls is 36 .08 lakh.

According to this alleged leakage investigation report, a sample investigation was done in Anganwadis of Dhar, Jhabua, Rewa, Sagar, Satna, Mandla and Shivpuri districts of the state. It was found that out of the 97,000 metric tons of nutritional food stock, 87,000 metric tons were distributed, i.e. 10 thousand tons were missing. Its cost is around 62 million rupees. Similarly, it has been found that the transportation of rations worth 6.94 million by 6 companies is done by bicycle, automobile and tanker. The fake supply of 821.8 tonnes of ration worth 4.95 million is a matter of doubt.

Apart from this, six plants in Bari, Dhar, Mandla, Rewa, Sagar and Shivpuri claimed to have supplied 821 tonnes of ration worth Rs 4.95 crore, though this amount was not available with them.

Not only that, there is also a question mark over the quality of the meager ration that has been distributed. The state government had checked the quality of nutritional food, in which it was found that only 40 tonnes of substandard rations were distributed, instead about Rs 238 crores were also paid, but so far no no action taken against these companies happened.

After the allegation of such a big scam, now the government has come to their rescue, on the one hand the government calls it a clerical error, on the other it says that this cannot be the final report

At the same time, Leader of Opposition Kamal Nath has also raised questions on this issue. Kamal Nath has tweeted that corruption and scams are common in all schemes, in all works of the BJP government in Madhya Pradesh.

Now the question is, what is the reason to have such a huge scam in the ministry which is overseen by Chief Minister Shivraj Singh Chouhan himself. The question is also how do the government investigative agencies surround the opposition under pressure from the central government, do they conduct raids, will there be any CBI investigation in the Madhya Pradesh case, or is it to be assumed that all this is allowed in the BJP Govt.

It will also not be wrong to say that scam in the scheme related to children and pregnant women is not only playing with safety but also pushing the beneficiaries towards major diseases.

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