At the dam site, now just the torrent like drains, watch the destruction scene with the drone. MP Dhar Water Leakage Dam Failure Condition Video Images | Dhar Karam Dam

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And Dhar ka karam dam. Before settling in, everyone heard the tales of my ruin, they saw it. A lot of news was published, turned into VIDEO. Eight engineers were fired. In the blacklist of the contractor. The government made promises, made demands and that’s it?
Yes, it’s true. enough…. alone now I am struggling for existence. Where there was a gathering of machines day and night, they have all stopped. The sound of the waves used to reverberate, this is also silent. The images of my dismemberment are horrifying. Everyone went back leaving me alone.

The $301 million Karam Dam, which exploded before it was even built, might have meant the same thing. Know what’s left now, first read Dainik Bhaskar’s ground report of Karam Dam. Also know what Water Resources Minister Tulsi Silavat will do next, who himself said…

Water flowing like drains in a dam
Now the water here has been allowed to flow completely. The water flows through the channel through three drains. The leak points along the sails of the dam have also been left in the same state. There is no one on the company campus anymore. All the machinery has been set up. No work has been done. Neighbors say the dam burst on August 11, they were informed later. After that it worked. No one is coming now. More than two hundred and fifty employees, laborers, drivers and other workers have migrated.

The state he was in had left the house and gone…

Nearby towns were evacuated due to fear of the dam bursting. The panicked villagers, in the same conditions they were in, started for the relief camps.

The people of 18 villages returned to their homes
People of 18 villages of Dhar, Khargone have returned to their homes in the affected submerged areas. They live as before, since there is no water in the dam. They fear that whenever the water fills the dam again, the same fear will arise again. Ajay Bhamar, a laborer who was found wandering at the site, said water from river Janapav, Sarai and Nalchi comes in this dam. In front of the place from where the dam burst, there are villages like Bhatpura, Tathapani, Piplavad, Imalipura, Bhandaphod, Jangirpura, Gujri, Simrali etc. There would be devastation here. Manoj of Bhatpura said that after vacating the dam, the work has stopped here.

Where there was a flow of water, there was no waste wear.
The special thing is that on the side where the west weir of the dam is built (under construction) the water flow was lower. This was the reason that in the opposite direction to the West Wear the sail of the dam had to be broken and a channel made. The amount of water that still arrives, flows this way.

Water Resources Minister Tulsiram Silavat told Dainik Bhaskar: No goat was allowed to flow…

  • Bhaskar: What will happen next to Karam Dam?
  • Minister: Dam works will resume. The work will be done on a war footing after the rain.
  • Bhaskar: Eight officers suspended, the company blacklisted, was that the only action to be taken?
  • Minister: The investigation is not over yet. We have taken steps in everything from CE to AC and from SDO to Engineer. The company has also been banned. I will also take action against the culprits in future. It won’t save like that.
  • Bhaskar: Were you at the site, where it failed, the dam itself burst?
  • Minister: Too much water arrived. The doors of our West Wear could not be opened. There was a mistake, I accept it. But we took immediate action and did not allow even one goat to flow in such a big disaster.
  • Bhaskar: You mean the vest was not made well?
  • Minister: We did our best. The first task was to protect and protect. Any help that can be done will be done.

Ministers are calling for even more action, you know which 8 engineers have taken action so far.

  • CS Ghatole, Chief Engineer: Complaining about the rigging in the dam, he replied to the complainant Lokesh Solanki that if you know more, get the dam built yourself. Ghatole was also given a full video of the riots.
  • Purushottam Joshi, Superintending Engineer: Whistleblower Lokesh Solanki also met him, but also failed to pay attention to the evidence of rigging and continued poor construction.
  • Waqar Ahmed Siddiqui, SDO The first complaint was made to him on September 23, 2020. He was told that the land work is not going well. The quality of the concrete is also poor. They did not take the complaint seriously.
  • BL Ninama, Executive Engineer: They had also received complaints that quality is not taken care of in the work of the dam, but no attention was paid.
  • Vijay Kumar Jathap, Ashok Kumar, Dashabanta Sisodia and RK Srivastava: It was the duty of all these four engineers to supervise the work of the dam daily, but they ignored the responsibilities even after they were posted in the field.

From building the dam to blacklisting the company…

The construction of the dam was done by ANS Construction Pvt. Ltd., a Delhi based company. I was doing it. This dam, built from October 10, 2018, was supposed to be completed in 36 months. However, due to the period of the Crown, his work was stopped for two years. The dam’s water storage area is 183.83 square kilometers. The length is 564 meters and the width is 6 meters. The water filling capacity will remain at 43.98 cubic meters, but due to leakage in the dam, water has started leaking from one place to another.

After the construction of the dam, water will have to be available for irrigation in about 8 to 11 thousand hectares. From the beginning, the villagers have been agitating for the compensation amount and hunger strike, but even after that, no hearing was held and the land of 8 villages was submerged due to this project The company was later blacklisted due to the dam bust.

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