Bihar: Woman who stole Madhepura SP’s phone turned out to be a vicious mind, the story the girl was carrying was fake

Jagran Correspondent, Saharsa: After the video of Madhepura SP’s mobile theft and Kalgirl hookup went viral, the investigation conducted on the orders of DIG Shivdeep Lande failed to confirm Kalgirl’s hookup. The video went viral to defame Madhepura DSP headquarters. The Sadar SDPO of Madhepura has tarnished the image of the police by making the video viral. In addition to the recommendation for suspension of SDPO, a recommendation has been sent to Headquarters for removal of DSP from the post and departmental action.

Kosi Range DIG Shivdeep Lande said that on August 4 news related to Kalgirl was aired and published in internet media and newspapers about Madhepura DSP headquarters Amarkant Choubey. Given the seriousness of the allegation, a team was formed under the leadership of SP Supaul D. Amarkesh from DSP Saharsa Ejaz Hafiz Mani, Madhepura Inspector Prashant Kumar, Premlata Bhupashree, Mahila Police Station of Saharsa and the case was investigated. .

To escape, the woman made a false statement

The DIG had ordered the team constituted within 36 hours to investigate the matter and submit a report. The team took the statement of Reena Devi, the woman seen in the viral video, in the course of the investigation. The woman said in her statement that she had taken a woman named Rekha Kumari (fictitious name) to Madhepura four or five times in a car. When the team members interrogated the alleged Rekha Kumari (fictitious name), it was found that the mobile was stolen by Reena Devi from Rekha Kumari’s house about three to four months ago. The said Reena Devi was caught by the alleged Rekha and handed over to the local police station of Sadar, Saharsa and three to four mobiles of Reena were also recovered. But Rekha’s mobile was not recovered. Reena Devi was very angry with alleged Rekha for this incident.

Auto drivers were also questioned

Car driver Mr. said by Reena by the research team. Raju and Mr. Miraj was interrogated. During interrogation, the two auto drivers above said that they had never taken a rickshaw from Navhta. It has nothing to do with the woman. After bringing the two drivers of the auto before Reena, the woman who made the statement in the viral video, the said woman refused to be identified.

Woman interrogated after recovering mobile phone

The DIG said the SP’s stolen mobile phone was recovered from a woman’s house. When the team members questioned the woman, she said that Reena Devi used to live in her rented house a year ago and used to call herself a nurse from Sadar Madhepura Hospital. It was said that his duty is kept only at night. But they were evicted for not paying the rent. On August 23, 2022, when asking for money, he took a mobile phone. Bharti said they basically do the job of stealing mobiles. This work was done by Reena to trap Bharti. In the course of investigation, the team found that Reena Devi only does the work of robbery. In the city of Madhepura, three days ago they had a mobile stolen, the video of which is also there. In this context, a case has also been registered at Madhepura Sadar police station.

Technical verification of the mobile number

When the investigation team got the CDR of Reena Devi’s mobile number and analyzed it, it was found that she had gone to Madhepura three times in the month of July and three times in August. The woman was going to Sadar Madhepura Hospital and the issue of collusion with the private security guard working there has come to light. When the investigation team analyzed the three mobile numbers of Deputy Superintendent of Police, Madhepura, after obtaining the CDR of the mobile numbers of the bodyguard, driver, aadeshpal etc., it was found that they and his staff had never held a conversation. with this woman

photo identification

Showing the picture of Assistant Superintendent of Police (M.), Madhepura along with three other persons of the investigation team, Assistant Superintendent of Police Mr. When asked to identify Madhepura, the said woman was not identified by Reena. Reena told him that on that day she had gone to Madhepura in a passenger train and at the behest of Ajay (fictitious name) a security staff at Sadar Hospital, Madhepura, Deputy Superintendent of Police, Mu. K’s residence, the front door of which was previously tied with a rope was opened and he entered his residence and caused the mobile phone theft incident. For the identification of Ajay by the team, the DSP cook along with two other members took Reena, then Reena told the cook as Ajay and told her that they live in Sadar Hospital , Madhepura. He wears Aami’s uniform and works as a guard. His residence is in the guard room located in the Sadar Hospital. While working as a cook for the Deputy Superintendent of Police (M.). Cook was wrongly identified by Reena Devi.

woman commits a robbery

The DIG has assured that based on the analysis of the facts and the report of the investigation team, it has been established that the aforementioned woman was basically committing a robbery. After stealing the cell phone, he made baseless and fabricated accusations to save himself. After mobile recovery, without verification by Madhepura and Saharsa technical team and Sadar Saharsa police station staff/officer, without permission from senior officer, the statement of the said woman was leaked to the media to defame DSP Madhepura and it went viral.

Edited by: Shivam Bajpai

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