see what a man wants to see

Good and bad things happen in the country, in the world and in society. The good also happens, the bad also continues to happen. Where there is no good, there is no good, nowhere there is no bad. Along with the good comes the bad. Not everything is bad in any country, society, not everything is good. Everything happens simultaneously. This is because man is good and man is bad. Whatever happens in this country and in this society, whoever does it, only the man does it. Man himself is guilty of all good and bad, he cannot blame anyone else. The world is here, man blames man, man calls himself good and others bad. One thing is said, this world looks bad because it is another. It is the other who is to blame for all evils. Everyone thinks that if this other one doesn’t stay, the world will turn into heaven. But this other has always been, always is, always will be. Be it man, political party, where there is any difference in their thinking. Even in political parties there are men. That is why the good and the bad that happens in man are also there in political parties. If someone wants to see the good in a man, he sees the good, but if someone wants to see the bad in the same man, he sees the bad. A man can say that man or political party is bad, a man can say that man or political party is good. What it means, it means that there is both good and bad in man and in political parties, it depends on who sees what they see. A man and a political party see empty inflation and unemployment in the country. A man and a political party see that great decisions are being made, great works are being done, facilities are being increased in the country. It doesn’t mean one is wrong, one is right. It is also true that inflation and unemployment have increased in the country. That’s why it appears. People have problems too. People are also angry, it is also true that decisions of this kind have been made in the country that had never been made before, great works have been done, which will be remembered for centuries. It makes people feel good. When it comes time to choose, a man chooses what he likes, he doesn’t choose what inflation and unemployment say, he chooses what does a great job, he thinks inflation and unemployment won’t last forever. It is temporary, if the leader is strong, one day he will reduce inflation and unemployment. Who does the public trust? Public trust is not so much in who speaks as in who does it. At the rally in Delhi, Rahul Gandhi has spoken the truth that hatred and anger are rising in the country. No one benefits from this. These incidents are happening in the country, which shows that there is hatred and anger among the people of this country, which is increasing. It needs to be reduced. How can it be reduced? Uniting the whole town. Rahul Gandhi will travel only to connect people, this trip will last for many months. During this he will meet people from many states, he will give a message of love. He will tell the people that for the country it is necessary for the people to stay united, it is necessary to live with love and harmony. This is a good effort by Rahul Gandhi, it may benefit the country, but there is no telling how much political benefit it will give to Congress. Because it is not necessary that what Rahul Gandhi and the Congress leaders see in the country should be visible to all the people of the country, it is not that the people of the whole country should see the country in the same way as Rahul Gandhi. voice There was a time when the majority of the country’s population thought like the Congress, looked like the Congress, so whatever the Congress said, the large population of the country would accept it. Then the Congress trusted that whatever it does, the Congress will do it. do well For many reasons, the influence of the Congress over the people has declined and is becoming less and less. The reason for this is that the Congress is no longer in power and the one in power demonstrates by doing a lot, the one not in power is unable to demonstrate by doing anything. He only criticizes, he only speaks, the one in power speaks and also shows. Therefore, its influence is more on the public. Congress is going through its worst phase right now. It is losing its influence due to great and effective leaders leaving the party. People always choose a strong party and a strong leader. Congress is not able to prove that it has a strong leader and so is the party. What difference does it make if a great leader leaves the party, one can understand when Ghulamnabi Azad leaves the party. Its loss is happening to Congress in Jammu and Kashmir, from there Congress leaders are leaving the party. In politics, when leaders and workers join the party, the party is believed to be strong, when they leave the party, the party is believed to be weakening, so people leave. It has the biggest impact on the audience.

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