Dastaan-Go: Mehboob Khan… The One Who Showed ‘Mother India’ Power To ‘White Americans’

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Sir, Very few people would know this story. This is the year 1927. That is, the period when under the leadership of Mahatma Gandhi, India had made a plan to fight a decisive battle to get freedom from the slavery of the British. Efforts had been started to bring him to Sarranjam. On the other hand, the “White British” were leaving no stone unturned to humiliate Hindustan and Indians. And their efforts didn’t stop at India’s borders alone. Rather, they used to make similar efforts with foreign countries under their influence. Because in his mind for centuries the presumption of “white skin superiority” (racism) remained stagnant. It’s possible, it still does. So sir, probably under the influence of this guru, then there was an attack on the honor-e-nafs (self-respect) of the Indians of America. Adabi (Literary) in Surat.

Actually, there used to be a Musanifa (writer) in America then, Katherine Mayo. In particular Tithi (history) he used to write books. It is used to advocate for treating light-skinned people as a first class person. It is said that apart from this race, there should be no other people. So he wrote a book. He called her “Mother India”. But that was just the name of this book because in every word it was trying to belittle “Bharat Mata” i.e. “Woman of Hindustan”. If anyone wants to read, this book will be available even today. This book has bestseller status on Amazon. In other words, it is one of the best-selling books. When this book first came out in 1927, there was anger against it in India. The Indians burned copies and effigies of Catherine.

Mahatma Gandhi is said to have described this book as a ‘Drainage Inspector’s Report’. It was very important for Bapu to say so much sir. After this, the blood of all the young men of India began to boil over Catherine’s exploits. Among them was undoubtedly a youth aged between 21 and 22, who used to work as a shoemaker at the stall of Gujarati businessman Noor Mohammad Ali Mohammad Shipra. Horses used to go to Noor Mohammad’s huts to shoot films when needed. And the boy who used to tie these horses, himself was also trying to enter the world of cinema. Because he liked movies from an early age. But he must have thought somewhere in his mind that films might be the only means by which he could give an effective answer to the white British.

Sir this boy name was Mehboob Khan Ramzan Khan. People in the film world call him Mehboob Khan. Mehboob Khan, who showed the power of “Mother India” to “white Americans” by walking to her door. He told her that the image Catherine presented through her words was a lie. In fact, “Mother India” used to be something else. They are made of different clays. This ‘Mother India’ teaches her children from childhood, she teaches that ‘we came into the world, we must live, if life is poison, we must drink poison’. In other words, whatever the circumstances, despite the many contrasts, don’t give up in front of them. Don’t kneel down. This “Mother India” gives birth to the children of bravery, “She will continue in trouble after falling, she will burn but she will still walk in the fire.” This “Mother India” does not bow to the unreasonable terms of a greedy usurer.

This “Mother India” prefers to plow on her shoulders like a bull instead of taking advantage of her treatment of Aabru. Hard work takes precedence over hard work. Follow the path of struggle and self-respect. This ‘Mother India’ does not bow to injustice and does not even allow anyone to follow the path of injustice, atrocities. Even if it’s not his own child. This ‘Mother India’ first explains, extinguishes the tyrant, the unjust. She protests, and when it doesn’t work, she takes the gun herself and throws the wrongdoer out of the way. Then this ‘Mother India’ does not even think that the one who has pointed a gun, shot, has never fed milk by putting it on her breast. Foster foster. So, apparently, when this ‘Mother India’ steps on the threshold of the same ‘white Americans’, they bow before her punishment.

Yes sir, this niche picture of ‘Mother India’ (1957 film) was born from Mehboob Khan himself, who in his childhood had decided to speak through films. Bilimora is a town in Navsari district of Gujarat. Mehboob Khan was born there. On September 9, 1907. Walid used to be in his police force. But Mehboob Khan fell in love with movies. The ability to watch movies while running away from home had arrived at a very young age. Not even studies could be done in this matter. On the contrary, there was definitely a beating. But they don’t care. Keep it up. In the middle of this series, he got the Bombay address again. Believe me the movies these crazies are after, they make them in Bombay. So, when he was 15-16 years old, one day he ran away from home to go to Bombay.

But now Walid properly met his feet in Bombay and brought them back to the village holding his ears. I got married here. Thinking maybe the guy will get better after this. But sir, not even his wife could stop him. After two or three years, he again escaped from the house and that too with all the preparation. By now they had heard about Noor Mohammad Ali Mohammad. Noor Mohammad himself, the rider, who used to arrange horses for film shooting. Noor Mohammad Sahab belonged to the village of Mehboob Khan, the city itself. Thus, the two met and brought Mehboob Khan to work with them. From there, Mehboob Khan gave way to films and gradually started working as an additional artist in ‘Imperial Film Company’. This company was formed by the famous filmmaker Ardeshir Irani in 1926.

So sir the monthly salary of Mehboob Khan in ‘Imperial Film Company’ was 30 rupees. This era used to be of Bay-Awaaz movies. Mehboob Khan was fond of acting till this time. So, to make way for the same, he started working as an extra in the 1927 film ‘Ali Baba Aur 40 Chor’. After that, he also got a job as a lead actor in the 1929 film ‘Shireen Khusro’. Back then, when Ardeshir Irani was gearing up to make India’s first talkie film ‘Alam-Ara’, he is said to have decided to cast Mehboob Khan as an actor. But those who knew him advised that there is a risk in making a talking film, a new actor from above. It would not be right to do so. Thus, in ‘Alam Ara’ Maestro Vithal, who had made a name for himself in acting at that time, was taken back.

Sir, after these three or four years and Mehboob Khan acted in films. But he soon realized that he could do much better directing films than acting. So he came to direct the films. He made the first film, in 1935, ‘Al-Hilal’ i.e. Justice of Allah. In this first film, the vision of the Hollywood film ‘The Sign of the Cross’, which he showed, was highly praised. After that, Mehboob fully devoted himself to film direction. In the late 1930s, he began working with the National Studio. Here he directed the first film ‘Aurat’. It is the year 1940. This was the film, sir, which arrived at your doorstep after 17 years in the form of ‘Mother-India’ in front of the ‘white Americans’ to make them realize their mistake.

The Academy Award, which is given to selected films from around the world in America, is called the biggest award in the world of cinema. People know it as “Oscar Award”. The film that was sent from India for the first time was Mehboob Khan’s Mother India. It is only the year 1957. The film was entered for the award as the best film in a foreign language. Although he did not get the prize. It is said that ‘Mother India’ lost by one vote and an Italian film got the award. Although ‘Mother India’ did not lose its purpose at all. This film has given the status of ‘Mother India’ which was to be established in the world. And with that Mehboob Khan was also immortalized, forever. Although he had physically left this world a long time ago (May 28, 1964).

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