Gyan Ganga: When Kansa saw the girl on Devaki’s lap in the jail, what did he start thinking?

The water of Yamuna reached up to Vasudev’s throat. The Lord knew that the goddess had to touch his feet and that his father was drowning. He immediately hung his feet as soon as his feet touched the water Yamuna came up to Vasudeva’s knees.

Sachchidananda Rupay Vishwatpatyadihetve!

Taptarayvinashaya Srikrishnaya Vayanum:

Dear Prabhasakshi Readers! Let us immerse ourselves in the Bhagwat-Katha-Gyan-Ganges and get rid of the worldly movement and make this human life successful. In the last issue, we all heard the story of Lord Krishna’s birth. Mata Devaki and Vasudeva are amazed to see the divine and wonderful form of the child. God explains to them.

Come on! Let’s move on to the next story-

Mother Devaki says to God in the form of a child— I am just amazed, – Oh Lord!!

How the infinite universe, wandering through every pore, how such a huge Brahman was absorbed in my stomach?

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Maya Rom Rom Prati Bed is said to have created the body of the universe.

The mother is so stale, listen to this ridiculous, the patient husband is not standing.

When Gyana Prabhu smiles, the character is very evil.

Kahi Katha Suhai Matu goes out Jehi type Sut Prem Lahai.

Mata puni said so matti doli tajhu tat ya rupa.

Keejay Sisulila very dearsila This happiness is supreme Anupa.

Suni Bachan Suzana Rodan Thana ——————–

Mother Devaki praised her very beautifully. God said: Mother, you have done a lot of penance in the past, so I promised to be a son. First you became Aditi Kashyap, then I came as Vamana. Today I came as your son. As soon as I am a little boy, leave me with Nand Baba in Gokul and say nothing to anyone else. saying that-

Babhuva Prakrit: Shishu: The Lord appeared on Devaki Maiya’s lap as a child.

Say jai to Bal Krishna Lal.

Don’t cry at all. Why, when we cried at Ramavatar, the slaves and maids would run around congratulating each other and if we cried here, Mamaji would go down with a stick. That is why Tushni Baba” remained silent.

Lord is playing on mother’s lap. Vasudevji took it and applied it to his heart.

He took it in the soup and put it on his head. Vasudev’s handcuffs and shackles opened automatically as soon as he brought the Lord, the prison doors opened automatically, the guards snored and began to sleep. A beautiful message from Bhagwat: When the soul connects with God, then all the bonds of the world are automatically opened. All the gates of ignorance are removed. All enemies, lust, anger, greed, all fall asleep and the soul becomes “pure-buddha and free. Like Vasudeva.

When Krishna consciousness awakens within us, then the darkness in our heart dissipates. The chains of your-mine, the path of caste, rich-poor, religion-adharma and ego are broken. This is the message of Krishna’s birth.

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When Vasudev went with Lala, the clouds in the sky saw and thought, Wow! We too are dark, our Lord is also dark. We are also Ghanshyam and this is also Ghanshyam. Let us welcome them, as – God has given the exemption – Patram Pushpam Phal Toyam. Give what you have. Cloud said- We have water, we give water. Shukdev ji says—–

Ta: Krsna Vahe Vasudeva Agate, Swayam Vyavaryanta yatha Tamo Rave:

Varsha Parjanya Upanshugarjitah, Shaishonvagat Vari Nivarayana Fanai:.

The cloud circles began to release splashes of water slowly. Now Shesh Nag heard, he started raining this water on our little lord.

Taking off his thousands of hoods, he followed the Lord, stopping the rain. As soon as Yamuna Maharani saw the infant form of her beloved, she fell in love. If our loved ones come, I will not let them go without padprakshalan. Look at the image of a devotee-

Say-say-say-say wet-wet weather, I’m coming

Surat Aapki Subhan Allah————-

The water of Yamuna reached up to Vasudev’s throat. The Lord knew that the goddess had to touch his feet and that his father was drowning. He immediately hung his feet as soon as his feet touched the water Yamuna came up to Vasudeva’s knees. Say the jai of Yamuna Maharani. Saints have different opinions on this matter. A saint says – Yamuna went to meet her beloved. He saw his father-in-law’s beard and curled up. A saint believes that when he came to meet his beloved, leaving his shame, the Lord struck his foot and asked him to be modest. Thus crossing the Yamuna, Vasudev reached Nanda Bhavan where all the Brajwasis were snoring in a deep sleep under the influence of Yogamaya. Slowly making her way to the maternity ward, she put Lala to sleep and picked her up. As soon as he arrived at the prison with the girl, the girl broke down and cried. The handcuffs were in his hand. Kewars closed automatically. Hearing the girl’s scream, the guards woke up. Kansa was informed. Kansa came running but when he saw Lali instead of Lala on Devaki’s lap, he got very nervous. Kansa thought that the gods also seemed to have some deep trick in this. I will not leave anyone. Holding the girl’s leg, the girl ran away after releasing her hand and appeared as an octagon.

The rest in the next episode. ,

Shri Krishna Govind Hare Murare Hi Nath Narayan Vasudev ———–

Invocation and reverence to Lord Krishna.

– RN Tiwari

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