The Rajasthani family had fixed the relationship in Rewa for one and a half lakh, now no one gets it. The family had come to Rewa from Rajasthan; The victims did not get the address of the girl’s house or the temple

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  • The family had come to Rewa from Rajasthan; The victims did not have the address of the girl’s house, nor the temple

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The family, who came from Rajasthan’s Sikar district to get married in Rewa, were victims of a fraud of one and a half lakh rupees. The victim’s family claims that the stolen bride escaped from Rewa railway station by dodging. After getting married in the temple, the go-between, including the girl’s parents and Pandit, is missing. Everyone’s cell phones are also off.

The guys said we only know the girl’s name and phone number. It is not even known in which temple the marriage was celebrated. The girl’s name is Shivani. Her mother was real as they both had similar faces. Everything else was misunderstood. Presently, Chorhata police has sent a complaint request and a photo of the temple and the girl to the respective police stations. So that the FIR can be registered after ascertaining the spot.

Thus began the issue of marriage
Kailash Chandra Verma, brother of a woman from Rajasthan, did not marry. About 6 months ago, the woman befriended a young man from Rewa. He also mingled with the woman’s relatives making excuses. One day the lady said everything is fine but my brother will not marry. If there is a girl next to you, get married. From there the young man made a plan to cheat.

The marriage took place with complete rituals at the Rewa temple. Within 4 hours after that, the bride escaped.

marry in a temple
The young man showed the woman the photo of 5 girls. When the woman liked a girl, the young man said that the girl belonged to a poor family. The girl’s name was Shivani. He said, one lakh rupees will be required. The woman agreed. He explained everything to his brother and his family. The wedding date was set for September 7. The Rajasthani family said that the marriage should take place from the girl’s house, but the middleman said that the girl’s family was against the marriage. In this situation, the marriage will take place in the temple. You don’t need to panic.

Bride ran away after four hours of marriage
Before the marriage, the middleman took an amount of Rs 1.5 lakh in cash and said that the girl’s family members have also agreed to the marriage. After that, the girl’s parents came to the temple with the Pandit. After the marriage was over in the afternoon, there was a farewell. In the evening, in the same car, the bride, groom, brother-in-law and didi left for the railway station with the bride’s mother. The bride’s mother got off at the bus stop. After that, within four hours, the bride slipped out of the train station and ran away.

The girl's parents had taken Pandit to the temple.  who married

The girl’s parents had taken Pandit to the temple. who married

reached the Chorhata police station with a complaint
The family of the fraud victim reached the Chorhata police station on September 7 in the evening to register the complaint of the stolen bride. He told the police station that we are residents of Sikar district of Rajasthan. On September 7, Kailash Chandra had come to Rewa to marry Verma. The marriage took place in a canal-side temple in Rewa district as per Hindu customs. But the bride escaped from the train station. Along with this, the victim’s family also said that we do not know where this temple is located.

FIR family of victim wandering
The victim’s family went to the GRP police station to report after the incident. After that, on September 8, he went to the Chorhata police station. But the FIR has not been registered as the place seems to be Gurd and Govindgarh area. Getting help from the cyber cell. So far, no charges have been filed in this case.

Cases of vicious thief brides have already reached Madhya Pradesh. some other similar cases

The ‘thief bride’ ran away before getting married in Bhind

In Bhind, the procession was still waiting at the mandap, but the bride did not reach the mandap.  After that, the bride and groom returned.

In Bhind, the procession was still waiting at the mandap, but the bride did not reach the mandap. After that, the bride and groom returned.

At Bhind, the groom arrived at the pavilion with the procession, but the bride did not. The middleman had also taken Rs 5 lakh for the marriage. When they both didn’t make it to the pavilion, then he realized he was tricked. With the help of an intermediary, the marriage of 32-year-old Satish Birthare was arranged on May 2 with a girl from Tikamgarh district. The marriage was to be celebrated under duress. I’ve been waiting here all day. Even after calling several times, the brokers kept talking about coming in a while. Stopped taking phone calls after 2pm. After that, the bride and groom returned. After that, Satish realized that he was cheated. When Satish reached the police station, the Daboh police returned him without registering any complaint. After political interference, the police registered a case in the matter.‘the thief bride’ ran away before getting married

In Ujjain, the bride ran away after giving alcohol to her in-laws

In Ujjain, the Tiwari family had married their son to a girl named Nakita on March 19.

In Ujjain, the Tiwari family had married their son to a girl named Nakita on March 19.

The bride, who arrived at the house of the Tiwari family living in Ujjain’s Kartik Chowk, ran away with jewelery worth thousands of rupees after 3 days of marriage. On waking up in the morning, when the family members did not see the bride and found the jewelery missing, they received a written report at the Mahakal police station. The accused bride is being said to be part of a gang operating from Maharashtra and working to cheat people in the name of marriage. From the day the bride arrived at her in-laws’ house, advising everyone to drink milk at night, she began to expound on its virtues. For the past two days, she was giving milk to all the family members to drink while sleeping. Even on the night of March 22 she gave everyone milk before going to bed, after which they all fell asleep in a state of unconsciousness and she ran away with the jewels.escape from such a thief girlfriend

Bride ran away after 7 days of marriage in Indore

The bride ran away just a week after marrying a young man from the Brahmin community in Indore. He took away with his three thousand in cash, two gold bangles, mangalsutra, anklets and gold and silver jewelery kept in the house. He talked about getting married for 90 thousand rupees. Both also showed pictures of many girls. He was then introduced to a woman named Lalita. After that, both of them received Lalita 25 thousand rupees in their hands as an omen, after that, 90 thousand rupees were taken in the name of marriage expenses. On 11 July 2021, Lalita and Rahul got married. After a week of marriage, Lalita ran away from the house with the amount of gold and silver and three lakh rupees kept in the house. Dalit girl married as a Brahmin in Indore

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