Unfit teacher and infra- Mumbai has 239 unrecognized schools, if they close, the education of 5,000 children is at risk

Mumbai: For 200-250 students in a small school in Mumbai’s suburban Mankhurd area, they first had to walk down a narrow corridor and then climb an iron staircase to get to class. The name of the classroom is a small, unventilated room where 30 children in school uniform sit together. The asbestos sheet ceiling has heated the room, and even the air from the moving fan seems to be nothing less than a hot slap.

In each room of the school made the same, 30 children try to learn in the scorching heat. And at the same time, it has a small office with a different look from these rooms.

Shockingly, the school continues to function despite being deemed “unrecognised” by the Maharashtra government and the city’s civic body, the Brihanmumbai Municipal Corporation (BMC), which does not have permission to function.

Each year the state education department publishes a list of “unrecognized” schools. Which means that these schools do not have a license or government authority to run the school. Most of these schools do not meet the minimum standards of safe infrastructure, classroom size, student-teacher ratio, etc.

The department issued a government resolution this January. ThePrint has read this proposal. It claims that 674 schools in Maharashtra have been declared unauthorized in 2020-21.

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